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Good Article - Is Hindraf overreaching itself ?


There has been some suggestions that Hindraf has been overreaching itself. Hindraf is an outlawed organization. Its leaders are detained or are out of the country. Their mouths have been gagged, their hands are tied. And they are overreaching?

Hindraf, though they get their support from the Indians, have not only served the Indian cause but have been instrumental in raising many issues of national significance. Issue which had been festering and been in the making for a long time, only to be precipitated by Hindraf. Will anyone deny that?

The most significant of the issues raised is the issue of the continuing violations of the Malaysian Federal Constitution by the UMNO led government for the last fifty some years. This certainly is an issue of total significance to the people of this country regardless of race, religion or colour. Hindraf continues to be instrumental in raising fundamental issues significant to all of our nation. Yes, they get there by asking the hard questions. These questions are framed in the context of the Indian problem.

Problems and issues in our society will always show themselves up in specifics. But the causes are most often not specific to particular issues, they very often are general to a host of other issues . So, when Hindraf picks up an issue that affects the Indians in the country and raises them, they are also raising issues which are truly national in essence because the causes of these problems are general to a host of problems faced by the other races as well.

Take the case of the Bukit Selambau by elections. As someone said, even if the candidate were a cow, they would vote for it. Be that as it may. The issue being raised is not the cow that was chosen, but HOW that cow was chosen. When the decision making process within PKR is not democratic and the voice of the people are ignored because of some powerful individual within the party, we can see cronyism creeping back. Now, we believe that is an issue of National Significance. Is cronyism in a party that is at the leading edge a parochial issue or is it an issue of National significance. This issue of cronyism is coming up in a seat to be contested by an Indian candidate there. So, it takes on an Indian form. Very easy to pass of as the same old nonsense whenever it comes to these ungrateful Indians. Think again. Cronyism is what got the country in the mess in the first place.. So, now because it is happening in the PKR , we have to accept it?. It is spilling out because you cannot keep things closed in a multiethnic party environment.

We are all putting our eggs in the Pakatan basket. They tell us no more of the nonsense of the past 50 years. Will it get us all, what we are seeking? This is the fundamental issue being raised here. Yes, we are told, give it to the wisdom of the supreme leader, Anwar, he knows what is best.

OK, but will we get what we seek.

Take another example. Again set in the context of the Indian problem.
74 percent of the Indians (1,295,775 out of a total population of all races of 23,135,685 – year 2000 census) live in the 5 states and the Federal Territory of KL. The 5 states are controlled by the Pakatan Government. There are critical problems faced by a large section of the Indian community as everyone acknowledges – problems largely relating to marginalization and deprivation – problems of crime, unemployment, faltering education system, high suicide rates, inadequate urban housing, increasing incidence of single mothers and threatened places of worship to name a few critical ones.

Let me ask a few questions pertaining to these issues:
1) Do the State governments not have any jurisdiction at all over these issues
2) What is the policy position of the Pakatan State Governements to the Indian marginalization problem after one year in power.

The moment I lay these questions out in the Indian context there will be many who will be quick to point out that there are poor among all the other races in the country.They also face similar problems. Undeniably so. In effect therefore, raising the issues of poverty and marginalization in its Indian form also touches on the issues of poverty and marginalization among all the other races in the country .This is my earlier point that the issues raised by Hindraf though Indian in form really relates to all other races as well and therefore is national in essence.

Another objection that will be raised will be that the State Governments do not have much authority to address these issues. I disagree strongly on this matter. The State Governments do have, within their limited resources, many avenues to address these problems. That is if these issues are considered important enough for them. If there is a political will there are many things that can be done. If the party in power is truly there to promote the interests of all those that they purport to represent, they will be able to find the resources needed to address the issues. This is the substance of political will.

Let me suggest a few things they can do even with the limited resources that they possess:

1) Knowing that primary education is Primary, the State Governments in all these states can draw up a comprehensive plan of allocating land to all the Primary schools in the state that are not on their own land or are in very confined spaces. This is well within the authority of the Pakatan Governments. They can prepare the way for a revamp of the Primary School system for the marginalized Indians.
2) They can begin setting up appropriate Citizens groups (NGOs) to begin understanding the many social issues that invariably exist within marginalized groups to determine what needs to be done and then to draw up plans to address them . They can fund and resource these groups with this express purpose.
3) There are significant issues of citizenship documentation within large numbers of this marginalized groups. Resources can be applied to locate and to resolve the problems. The marginalized people are simply overwhelmed by the insensitive bureaucaracy and their mindless procedures.
4) Attempt can be made to improve urban housing for those in dire need of assistance. The NGOs can be assigned to identify and work with the respective Government Administrative units to appropriately allocate to those in true need.
5) Small business help can be provided to create employment opportunities for the poor and marginalized. These could include training programs in the conduct of business. Again NGO assistance can be used.
6) Training programs to develop employable skills can be initiated for the 18 – 25 group as special programs for the groups at risk.

If the State governments are not pursuing these as part of a clear agenda in substance, then we have to conclude that there is no political will to promote the interests of the people and that they are only interested in winning the next election/s. . Then how do we understand ”the wisdom of the supreme leader, Anwar, he knows what is best. “ Is all of what is promised then mere illusions and it is back to Cronyism Part 2. Where is the delivery.

It is this again that is being raised, that promises made are not being fulfilled.Now, is this an Indian question or is this a National question. Be patient , look at the big picture, time and again the people are told. All of this crap should be cut out and action should be initiated to begin walking the talk. The skepticism will take care of itself automatically. Then we can trust the wisdom of the supreme leader . But where is the delivery.

In raising all this, and in this manner is Hindraf overreaching? Is it parochial and insensitive to the needs of any our brothers and sisters of other races in the country. Hindraf serves the whole of the nation with the ability to ask hard questions, no matter which side and to be a check and balance to the processes of governance in our country.

So, is Hindraf overreaching?

P.Uthaya's report on KEMTA for serving beef in his food



For lunch on 22/3/2009 I was served chicken sambal with rice. I realized what looked like beef pieces in the said chicken sambal. When I checked with the detainees working at the kitchen namely Sarjon (a Sri Lankan national) and Mohamad (a Pakistan/Thailand national) they both confirmed with me that the beef sambal and the chicken sambal were cooked together in the same pot and then dished out and put into separate trays and served on me.

The Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had made media statements that the cooking for the Hindraf lawyers are done separately when he had visited this Kemta Prison, but I had refused to meet him despite the prison authorities persuading me to do so. Syed Hamid last lied in the headlines in Utusan Malaysia last month about my health. But up to date this UMNO Home Minister has refused to send me to a private hospital because he knows he and the police special branch will find it more difficult to cover up and manipulate my diabetic, heart and especially my left leg toe fracture etc. Today he is lying about the food in Kemta Prison.

I repeat I have been denied my medical reports from the KL and Taiping General Hospitals, Pusat Perubatan Taiping and the Prison clinic at Kemta. Still thinking how best of doing a cover up like in the A. Kugan’s case? I demand for this my Medical Reports to be given to me within 48 hours from the date hereof. I want to be sent to Gleaneagles Hospital urgently.

From today onwards I do not wish to eat any more food cooked from the Kemta Prison kitchen. Under protest I will only eat the bread they supply. Incidentally even this bread has no label and details of the producer and contents. Nothing has been done about it since I lodged a police report about this two weeks ago.

Up to date UMNO and Syed Hamid has refused to serve me a diabetic diet as per my previous four police reports since 5/2/2009. I now lodge this police report against UMNO, Syed Hamid and the Kemta Prison, Kamunting, Taiping for the violation of Hindu Rights and my religious rights and religious freedom in violation of Article 11 of the Federal Constitution. They have insulted the Hindu religion yet again.

On 23/3/2009 I had returned my food tray to Corporal Ibrahim and did so again today and will continue to do so. On 23/3/2009 at about 7.40 a.m. I had showed my swallen and darkening left leg to Inspector Zaki. ZERO ACTION.

24/3/2009 @ 12.50 PM

4th Police Report by P.Uthaya on urgency of treatment for him


Fourth Police Report by P. Uthayakumar. I want Urgent Medical Treatment at Gleaneagles Hospital

This is my fourth police report since my left leg toe injury on 31/1/2009. On 3/2/2009 I was taken to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital but was refused to be admitted despite confirming a fracture, my leg blackening and swallen. On 12/2/2009 at about 11.30pm I was taken to the Emergency Department of Taiping General Hospital when my leg suddenly swelled more. Only after a police report was lodged I was taken to see a specialist at the Taiping General Hospital on 17/2/2009 who merely also repeated what the earlier two doctors had said that my leg would heal on its own.

Up to date I have never been given any medication or medical aids. But the Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar diverted the whole issue by saying that I had refused to go to hospital. From day one ie from 31/1/2009 I have insisted that I want to be treated at the Gleaneagles Private Hospital as the Government doctors independence have been compromised by the police Special Branch as is evident from these doctors and government servants tens of affidavits filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court last year.

On 16/3/2009 when my leg swelled up and became painful again I had put up a request form officially asking to make a police report and to be sent to the said Gleaneagles Hospital but to no avail. I was only allowed to make a police report today 18/3/2009 that too only after numerous reminders.

On 16/3/2009 at about 3.05pm one Chief Inspector Sobri came with another prison cameraman Constable Sobri who took five shots of my swallen and blackened leg. They together with Sargeant Sulmi also saw my leg condition.

On 16/3/2009 the Prison Warden game me my one month of Diabetes and Cholestrol medication. I am putting this on record as I do not want Syed Hamid to play politics with my health and say that I am not taking my medication.

On 17/3/2009 there is nor a new sharp pain on my left foot toe and I walk the most minimum possible.

On 18/3/2009 I showed Corporal Razali my swallen and blackened leg and said it was painful – sharp pain. I again insisted that I want to lodge a police report for the records. This is the only thing I can do as a prisoner. I still believe that the UMNO controlled Malaysian government is trying to kill me in prison for political reasons.

I repeat for the twentieth time that I want to be treated urgently at the Gleaneagles Hospital I did not ask to be in prison. I also ask urgently for all my medical reports from 13/12/2007 to date from the Taiping General Hospital, Pusat Perubatan Taiping and Klinik Kemta (Prison Clinic) and also the prison taken five photographs aforesaid.

Earlier on 16/3/2009 at 11.30 a.m. I had showed Constable Mushas my swallen leg and told the duty Corporal that the old plastic chair given to me to use broke and almost seriously injured my backbone.


P.Uthaya got a beef his food served by Malaysian Prison Dept (KEMTA)

Uthaya got a beef with his chicken sambal
Malaysiakini- Syed Jaymal Zahiid Mar 30, 09 3:59pm

Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leader P Uthayakumar has lodged a police report against Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar for ignoring Hindu sensitivities after allegedly being served beef at the Kamunting Detention Camp where he is being held.

In the report made last Wednesday, he accused Syed Hamid (Home Minister ) of lying in saying that Hindraf leaders, being Hindus, are not served dishes containing beef in deference to their religion.The minister had made the statement to rubbish previous claims by Uthayakumar that the camp authorities had insulted Hindus by allegedly serving dishes with beef.

Uthayakumar alleged that, despite the minister’s statement, he had found “pieces of beef” in the chicken sambal served for lunch on March 22.“I was served chicken sambal with rice. I (saw) what looked like beef pieces in the chicken sambal,” he said in the report, a copy of which was made available to Malaysiakini.“When I checked with detainees working in the kitchen, they confirmed that the beef sambal and chicken sambal were cooked in the same pot. (The chicken was) dished out and put on separate tray and served to me,” he said in the report.

He also claimed that the authorities has yet to serve him meals appropriate for a diabetic, despite knowing about his health condition.Uthayakumar said he will now eat only bread and will not touch any food cooked in the camp kitchen, in protest of the “violation of my religious rights” as a Hindu and of his constitutional rights.

‘No medical reports yet’

Uthayakumar further claimed he has yet to receive his medical reports after undergoing a check-up at the Taiping Hospital for a fractured toe.“The home minister has refused to send me to a private hospital because he knows that he and the police special branch will find it more difficult to cover up and manipulate (my health condition).

“I demand my medical reports within 48 hours (of the date of his police report). I want to be sent to the Gleneagles Hospital (in Kuala Lumpur for treatment).”Uthayakumar’s fiance, S Indradevi, told Malaysiakini that the medical reports have not been made available to either of them to date.

The fracture is still bad despite the treatment and he is in pain. I’m very worried,” she said.

Uthayakumar is one of five Hindraf leaders who have been detained under the Internal Security Act since late December 2007.

PRESS STATEMENT. RE: Prime Minister’s one last good deed for the entire Malaysian society


RE: Prime Minister’s one last good deed for the entire Malaysian society

There are currently over 65 ISA detainees with some being there for more than 6 years. Some are even advised to be released by the Advisory Board but not done so without any particular reason except for National Security.

All the ISA detainees were incarcerated without trial and just cause during the era of the current Prime Minister when he was the Home Minister (under Mahathir’s premiership) and later when he became the Prime Minister.

In his speech at the 59th UMNO general assembly he statedIn my years of public service, there have been times that I have erred. I too have not been able to fulfill my promises," He further stated, that “I seek your forgiveness. I have tried to carry out my responsibilities with sincerity and honesty," In acknowledging his shortcomings, the Prime Minister is magnanimous.

HINDRAF appreciates the Prime Minister’s statement and urges the unconditionally release all the detainees held under ISA as his one last good deed before his leaves the public office. In doing so, the Prime Minister can be assured that the Malaysian society that he served would forgive him for his errors made at the expense of the society.

Thank you.

P.Waytha Moorthy

Hindraf –Chairman


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hindraf Human Right Defender, Veeramorgan passed away

Veeramorgan the great activist passed away today at Selayang hospital due to a heart attack.

The late Veeramorgan is among 18 who were arrested recently in brickfields police station during a peaceful protest march to demand medical treatment for P. Uthayakumar.
Veeramorgan is also among those ardent HINDRAF supporter in demanding the freedom in m'sia for the ethnic indian community.

Last year he also took part in hunger strike with 12 other people demanding the government to accept HINDRAF's 18 demands.

What I can say is late brother Veeramorgan's contribution to HINDRAF's struggle for M'sian Indian's freedom is uncountable.

Dear all,
let us pray for god to bless his soul so that it rest in peace.
His struggle to indian freedom will be remembered forever.
Also pls pass the msg around and attend to offer a last "anjali" for his "athma shanti"
Raj(son) h/p 0146332484 (pls forward your condolence to him and indicate "makkal sakthi" as it could ease their lost)

"aum namasivaya"
aum shanti.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Uthayakumar police report on the false report by KEMTA

I have been saying from day one (31/1/09) to send me to Gleaneagles Private Hospital because the police special branch interferes with Government hospital doctors and doctors medical reports to cover up

I Uthayakumar A/l Ponusammy am making this my third police report in one month. On 3/3/09 I made an official request form to lodge another police report and handed the same to constable Azmi 14178 at 11.30 a.m.

From day one of my left leg injury. I had asked to be taken to Glean eagles private hospital as I had lost confidence in the government hospital doctors whose medical independence are being interfered with by the police special branch to cover up the true and accurate state of my health. The numerous affidavits by these doctors in my High Court case and my two previous police reports dated 4/2/09 and 6/2/09 made through my family and myself is evidence.

This government hospital doctors independence being compromised have happened to scores of my clients over my nineteen years of legal practice. The latest and clearest example being that of A. Kugan who was beaten to death in a police lock up. The first post mortem report states the cause of death as lung congestion but a more independent and after public pressure post mortem report states injuries as beaten to death and acknowledging the badly bruised body. But to divert attention away from my Gleaneagles Hospital request, the Home minister directs the Kemta Prison Director to lodge a false police report against my family, instead if at all against me.

The New Straits Times sub head lines “ Uthayakumar refused treatment, medicine 18 times” (NST 3/3/09 at page 22) I believe is based on the false police report of the Kemta Prison director and/or the false media statement by the Prison Department.

I wish to state here that from the day I was arrested and detained here on 13/12/07 up to the day of this my police report, I have been taking my diabetic tablets and the other medication expect when the same was denied to me by the Kemta Prison authorities in early 2008 to prove this I invite the police to come to my prison block in Kemta Prison @ Malaysia’s Guantanamo Bay to check for themselves, verify, and confirm the hundreds of diabetic and other medicine empty shells. The police must also check and verify the Prison station diary of my requesting for my medicine supply every week. In fact as late as 3/2/09 my random blood sugar (nonfasting) taken at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital was 9.3 which only confirms that I have been taking my diabetes medication.

Since July 2008, I have refused to be treated by a government hospital for the aforesaid reasons except when there was an emergency on three occasions last month.

In any event I could not have refused medical treatment 18 times as stated in the aforesaid newsreport because my follow up check ups are only once in about three months.

Despite five weeks of my sustaining this my leg injury, the uneven road surface and potholes which caused my injuries has never been repaired. The uneven pavement in the convicted prisoners block I have been thrown in from the ISA block has never been leveled up and neither have I been taken out of this convicted prisoners block and returned to the ISA block.

The sugar added bread supplied to me is without a label, the contents name and address of the maker not stated. AN offence committed daily in the heart of Kemta Prison? I am sure all these atrocities committed here does not even happen in Guantanamo Bay. I urgently invite the police to move in and confiscate these packets of bread before the evidence is wiped out.

Up to this day I once again report that sugar is added to my food as part of the bulk Malay food where sugar is added as a matter of course. Up to date I am still not given a diabetic diet and the Home Minister does not care. I can’t help but to think that the Home Minister and the Government of Malaysia is trying to kill me in Prison for political reasons.

On 2/3/2009 I had showed DSP Marzuki, Sargeant Nashirudidn and UKP Aswad my still swollen and blackening left leg and they all agreed that the same is still swollen and blackening. I did not even speak to Dr. Wong who was standing around because of the aforesaid reasons.

At Gleaneagles, provided the police and government authorities do not interfere, I also want my new found silent heart attack condition (hypokinetic) while in prison to be checked. I also need Specialist, Cardiologist and Consultant Physician opinion whether I need to start taking also aspirin and high blood pressure medication arising out of the depressive prison conditions.

Despite numerous police reports and letters to the Home Minister and government hospitals, I have been denied my medical reports clinical notes and test results. Still thinking how best to cover up?

On the fifth week of my injury my left foot is still swollen, blackening and has lost most of its sense of touch. I feel almost numb on this injured toe.

I urgently need my heart check up as I seem to have symptoms of indigestion and discomfort in my chest.

At Gleaneagles I want the daily medical reports and clinical notes given to me to prove that the government has not interfered with their independence.

Should anything happen to me in prison the Home Minister and the Government of Malaysia is responsible.

Uthayakumar A/L Ponnusamy
Kamunting Report No. 969/09
Dated 4/3/2009

Attached are the handwritten report of the above, personnal made by Hindraf Lawyer P. Uthayakumar.

As usual the Home Minister and Umno lead govt official will lie through the teeth.

Let us pass this message across on the real truth and seek justice for the leader whom sacrifes life for the betterment of community.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi



Resolution for the Bar Council's AGM (in Tamil)

Hi all,
This the plan resolution that will be brought in by Lawyer Manogar during the next Bar Council AGM planned next week.
It is a clear resolution align with law and constituition.
Do click the picture attached for larger view.
Ps.. spread this to all blogs and groups.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Syed Albar lies through his teeth again !!!

It is so unbecoming of a Home Minister who has no account of accountability and transparency in the interest of public by claiming that P.Waythamoorthy had returned his passport to the High Commission in London.

It is a well known fact that based on a written instruction from the Malaysian authorities on March 14, 2008, the British government had retained P.Waythamoorthy’s passport on his return from Geneva on April 21, 2008.

It is also another fact that the Malaysian authorities had written to the UK government on July 2, 2008 to return the retained passport to them. Please see attached the letter from UK Border Agency.

These are factual events, not some unsubstantiated story telling to hoodwink the public. HINDRAF challenges the Home Minister to produce evidence to substantiate his claims rather than spinning the truth of the matter to the public.

Further, the Home Minister insinuates that "Despite returning his passport, he is still the citizen although he claims otherwise”

P.Waythamoorthy has never claimed to be otherwise, and has always maintained to be a loyal Malaysian but forcefully prevented from returning to Malaysia for fear of unlawful persecution by the Malaysian authorities.

These lies are blatant arrogance of the Home Minister against a Malaysian citizen.

Bearing his precarious medical condition, the Malaysian government should show their humanitarian side for once in allowing him to recuperate with his family and love ones under the following conditions;

1. The Malaysian government to issue a new Malaysian passport to replace the revoked passport to P.Waythamoorthy and this to be made available for him or his representative to collect from the Malaysian High Commission in London.
2. The Malaysian government guarantees the safe return of P.Waythamoorthy to allow him to recuperate with his family members and loved ones.
3. The Malaysian government guarantees that P.Waythamoorthy will not be subjected to any arrest, harassment or charges upon his return including under those under ISA.
4. The Malaysian government’s assurance and guarantee that he will be allowed to return to London for follow up checks and possible further operations.
5. Lastly, the Malaysian government’s unconditional guarantee that his life will be protected from any form of persecution upon his return and no harm shall befall him.

Thank you

R. Shan
(Hindraf – New York)
ps.. pls enlarge the attached letter to see details.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nationwide Paurnami Prayers for P.Waytha and P.Uthaya health recovery

Hi all,

As most of knew by now, both the key Hindraf leaders are sick and need urgent medical attention.

These 2 souls have sacrified life for the betterment of Malaysian Indians all these while and been living in a very disturbing condition now.

P.Uthaya suffers in the detention under draconian ISA and added with less medical attention and with "silent killing" methodology approach by UMNO lead government.

Whereas Hindraf Chairman whom self exile in London is currently bed ridden due to his heart complication. His heart condition worsen from the day he left the nation and been extermely stressing himself alone while doing the international lobby to highlight and pledge by the minority Malaysian Indians.

Let us all join in the prayers or do a simple pooja at every home for these souls whom fighting their life to ensure our life and next generation's life goes better.

Below are some of the temples that conducting prayers on 10th March 2009, 7.00 pm onwards:-

1. Kuil Sri Karpaga Vinayagar

Sg Gandis, Kg Jawa, Klang, Selangor

2. Kuil Sri Durga Ambal

Kuala Lukut, Port Dickson, Ng. Sembilan

Contact Person - Mr Sivam 019 662 1948

3. Kuil Subramaniar

Jalan Kerling, Kerling, Perak

Other temples and prayers are;

1. Kuil Sri Maha Mariamman

Kamunting, Taiping, Perak

13 March 2009, 7 pm

Pls do arrange more prayers and light up the agal vilaku.

Do contact to post the details.



Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

ps. read more news at our websites on the latest health condition of both leaders.


Kugan's case : Stop manipulation and get the "killers" now !!

Kugan : Stop Manipulation Get to Root Issue

Malaysiakini: Syed Hamid, want to offer your office?…”Kapar MP S Manickavasagam who was also present, responded to Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar’s statement questioning why the Kugan case was politicised.“The minister asked why we used the PKR headquarters to hold the press conference. Well, if Syed Hamid can offer his office to us, we are willing to use it to meet the press. Kugan’s family cannot afford to book a hotel ballroom, so we offered our party office.”

The Key issue here is MURDER of car Theft Accused A . Kugan while under Police Custody. He has no prior criminal record and he had cooperated with police investigation which lead to some cars recovered. So, why he was murdered and POLICE knows the culprits whom caused his life.

Instead of arresting or remanding them, POLICE with support of Home Minister still let them mingling around public.
Why, planning to KILL few more?
The Police and Home Minister trying all their level best to manipulate MURDER committed by some unscrupulous Police personnel whom may not necessarily low ranking.
Looking at the involvement of a Cabinet Minister , IGP and a State Police chief in trying to protect their own act I can strongly feel possible conspiracy involve in Kugan’s Murder.

Why until today Police never arrest the Warehouse Owner whom stored stolen cars?

What’s the link between them and Police?

Instead to finding the root cause, look what they had done for far :

1) Asking why held press conference at PKR HQ. Public wanted to come to Parliament to submit memo , their arrest. We go to police station to report, they arrest. Even if we group together, they call it illegal gathering . It’s merely act of Home Minister try to divert public attention.

2) Incomplete Government Hospital autospy report , never touch death body below waist. Hospital administation claim pathologist afraid family will barge into when conducting authsopy.
What’s a silly excuse?
So they think, the family member all terrorist or what?
Or, he afraid of giving false report to police? The Police already at Mortuary before autospy commence, so what made his to worry?

3) When death occurred, the police gave us lies and tried to cover up by telling us that he died while he was drinking water. And when the (first) post-mortem report came out, they said he died of water in his lungs.

4) The police came out with weak excuses and what I call a diversion tactic by saying that we barged into the (Serdang Hospital) mortuary. This was an act to divert the public’s focus from the murder.

5) They tried their very best to prevent us from getting a second post-mortem report. The IGP (Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan) today in the news said that he can’t wait to read the report, but they used all the obstacles to prevents us from getting a second post-mortem.

6) Up to this day, no one was arrested or remanded for the murder.So what’s next …. argue the finding of Second Post Mortem?Check on the First Autospy report page 4 the ,conclusion.

The Doctor can’t identify the true cause ” SEMBAP PARU-PARU” or Bloated Lungs.The same report also conclude Kugan’s died due to “Pulmonary Oedema” , which Wikipedia says due to direct damage to the tissue or a result of inadequate functioning of the heart or circulatory system.

So, why the doctor made a hanging report. Though I’m not medical doctors, this questions easily arise in our mind when we involve into the issue.When it come to their Cronies all kind of excuses Given, when it involves opposition they search for faults or reasons to charge them.

Let’s Wait for Attorney General’s professional reaction.

The Other Press

TheStar : Federal Court throws out Uthayakumar’s appeal on technicality

Published: Tuesday March 10, 2009 MYT 2:30:00 PM

PUTRAJAYA: Hindraf leader P. Uthayakumar’s appeal on his second habeas corpus application to secure his release from detention under the Internal Security Act was thrown out by the Federal Court here on Tuesday on technical grounds.

Justices Datuk Nik Hashim Nik Ab. Rahman, Datuk S.Augustine Paul and
Datuk Hashim Yusoff unanimously dismissed his appeal after he failed to fulfil the requirement under Section 95 of the Rules of the Federal Court to file a petition of appeal within the stipulated 10 days after receiving the record of appeal from the court. They also rejected his application for extension of time to file the petition of appeal.
Uthayakumar, 47, a diabetic, appealed against the High Court’s decision disallowing his second habeas corpus bid for freedom on grounds of medical negligence.
On Sept 17 last year, High Court judge Suraya Othman held that Uthayakumar’s claim that he was denied proper medication, treatment and proper diet by the Taiping Hospital and officials of the Kamunting detention camp was not true and without merit.
Outside the court, one of Uthayakumar’s lawyers, N.Surendran, said he would consider filing a fresh a habeas corpus application following Tuesday’s decision.
Uthayakumar and four other Hindraf leaders lawyer R.Kengadharan, 42, M. Manoharan, 48, V. Ganabatirau, 36, and Hindraf coordinator K. Vasantha Kumar, 36 filed their first application on Dec 26 last year after they were arrested. Their application was subsequently dismissed by the High Court and the Federal Court.

In Tuesday’s proceedings, senior federal counsel Datuk Abdul Wahab Mohamad notified the court of the absence of the petition of appeal.
He said that Section 95 requiring the petition of appeal to be filed should be strictly followed but Uthayakumar’s counsel S.Y.Chew argued that habeas corpus cases, which go directly to the Federal Court bypassing the Court of Appeal, were exempted from that procedure.
There was a lacuna in that section of the Rules of the Federal Court, she said, adding that that section only applied to criminal cases coming from the Court of Appeal to the Federal Court.

At this juncture, Justice Paul questioned Chew on the failure to file the petition, saying: “You people do everything and finally throw everything to the Federal Court”.
He said he had never seen a single habeas corpus case without a petition being filed. The quorum then ruled that Section 95 applies to Uthayakumar’s case and ordered Chew to submit on the issue of extension of time to file the document.
Chew contended that the court should grant extension of time for her to file the document because the matter was an important one, affecting the liberty of a person under the Federal Constitution.

She asked the court to exercise compassion and leniency to grant her time to file, saying that Uthayakumar was suffering from lack of proper treatment and lack of diabetic diet in detention. - Bernama

Letter from Waytha from hospital bed..still thinks about Malaysian Indian's justice

The article below was dictated by P.Waytha Moorthy from his bedside at a hospital in London to his wife on March 5, 2009.

After 6 days in the critical coronary care unit I was taken to the ccu ward yesterday evening under anaesthesia. I didn’t even realise where my new bed was. However the next morning when I was woken up about 8am for breakfast by hospital staff, I suddenly realised there were brightness all over. It was only then did I realised that it was the morning sun shining into the ward and I suddenly became excited at the thought of seeing the Sun “again”.

I slowly got out of my bed and dragged myself towards the window. It was a painful walk (my groin area was painful as a result of the procedure) BUT IT WAS WORTH THE AGONY. I SAW THE SUNLIGHT AFTER 6 DAYS. I felt thrilled and missed the outside world but within minutes my conscious thoughts swinged to our Lawyers who are unlawfully incarcerated at Kamunting and their lost of freedom.

A new strength and vigor enthralled me for I am now more than ever keen to get better and get out of this place to continue my work for them and the marginalized Indian community.

My thoughts then went to the 6 Human Beings who were brutally shot dead by our own Royal Malaysian Police Force in Kulim recently. How inhumane has our Police Force become? Many questions crosses my mind especially having read on the witness account that the Police had instructed the neighbour who returned home to get into his house and not come out until instructed.
The account of the neighbour clearly shows that the Police had premeditated intention to kill all the Kulim 6 inside the house but thank god they spared the life of the 4 women.

Who the 4 are and what they have to say remains a mystery and believe me it would be kept away from the public forever. By now I believe the Police would have obtained their “under duress confession” that they are “aware” of the involvement of the Kulim 6 in “armed” robberies.

My memory goes back to the incident many years ago when the Al – Maunah gang stormed into an army camp and robbed them of firearms and grenades and eventually they landed in Bukit Jenalik. Imagine after days of siege of the hill all the culprits were apprehended alive. When that was possible, why not for the Kulim 6?

What prevented the Police from calling for back up and apprehending them alive? I for one do not believe that the Kulim 6 were armed and I sincerely believe the two firearms were planted in the premises. But of course the Police say that they had to shoot in self-defence but why the needs to shoot 6 when only 2 were “allegedly armed”.

Apparently they were involved in the smelting of gold that were obtained by unlawful means. What was the amount that was recovered at the scene and where is the complainant?

By the time our very “Learned” Attorney General instructs an inquest into the case many years would have passed by and the Police would have had all the opportunity to cover their asses’ by then. I say this from my own personal experience of handling many cases involving death in police custody and the unofficial shoot to kill policy.

Believe me during the said inquest the magistrate who would conduct the inquest would collude with the Police. Believe me that the DPP’s appearing at the inquest purportedly representing the Public interest would end up representing the interest of the Police and in one occasion the DPP who was present even openly said that she was representing the Police when she should have been acting in the interest of the Public.

I have even staged a walkout from an inquest in a particular case when an STPM student was shot dead for being “suspected criminal who is an expert in firearms” because it was blatantly clear that the Magistrate was colluding with the Police and Attorney General’s chambers to hide crucial evidence.

Upon my appeal to the High Court for revision of the magistrate’s refusal to follow proper proceedings, The Learned High Court judge, after almost more than 6 months instead of hearing the matter (which is a public interest matter), turned down my application for revision by merely writing a “2 line” reply.

As a result the family had lost confidence that the truth would ever come out of the inquest and had instructed me to withdraw from representing her family. I had no choice but to walk out and the “public inquiry” was happily concluded within the fraternity of the police, Attorney General’s Chambers and the Magistrate.

I know the truth on the brutal murder of the Kulim 6 would never come out and the whole system would conspire to cover the Police who are “RAJA DI MALAYSIA”. I realise the above words are seditious and are not going to help me return to Malaysia but what choice do I have. This is the truth and I have to speak the truth.

With a heavy heart I said my Surya Namaskaram prayers and slowly walked back to my 7x3 bed.

When will ever the truth and justice be upheld in the Malaysian system in the interest of the public???

Can someone please pass my condolences to the families of the Kulim 6 who were killed by the police? I am unsure when this note would reach you guys but I am ever more determined to fully commit myself for the cause of TRUTH and JUSTICE IN


HINDRAF – Chairman

Friday, March 6, 2009

Uthayakumar: I have never refused medication

Gabrielle Chong Mar 6, 09 5:38pm

Hindraf leader and ISA detainee P Uthayakumar has made a hand-written report at the Kamunting police station refuting a press report that he did not take his medicines while in detention.

In the report, he dismissed the news report in the New Straits Times titled "Refused Treatment, Medicine 18 Times" published on March 3 as based on 'a false police report or false media statement'."I wish to state here that from the day I was arrested and detained here on December 13, 2007 up to the day of this police report, I have been taking my diabetic tablets and other medication except when the same was denied to me by the Kemta Prison authorities in early 2008.
“To prove this, I invite the police to come to my prison block in Kemta Prison @ Malaysia's Guantanamo Bay to check for themselves, verify and confirm the hundreds of empty diabetic and other medicine shells."
He also dared the police to check and verify the prison diary for his requests for medicine every week.According to Uthayakumar, he has been requesting for private medical treatment at Gleneagles Hospital because he had lost confidence in government hospitals.
Citing A Kugan's suspicious post-mortem as an example, he remarked that he was fearful of the Special Branch interfering with government hospital doctors and medical reports to cover up the true and accurate state of his health. "The numerous affidavits by these doctors in my High Court case and my two previous police reports dated Feb 2 and Feb 6 made through my family and myself are evidence."He also said that despite his complaints about the uneven road surface and potholes which have caused his injuries, nothing had been done to repair the conditions in his prison block or shift him to a better location.

'They're trying to kill me'
In addition, he alleged that he was served sugar added bread everyday, and urged the police to confiscate them before evidence is wiped out, saying, "I can't help but think that the home minister and government of Malaysia are trying to kill me in prison for political reasons."I also want my new found silent heart condition (hypnokinetic) to be checked. I also need to consult a specialist cardiologist on whether I need to start taking aspirin and high blood pressure medication arising out of these depressive prison conditions."Should anything happen to me in prison, the home minister and the government of Malaysia are responsible."
In another letter, directed to Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar from Uthayakumar's lawyers Edwin Lim and N Surendran, the lawyers alleged that he had received different reports from two doctors for the same condition.The letter was written to appeal for Uthayakumar's release so that he could seek independent medical treatment.
According to the letter, the lawyers stated that Uthayakumar was finally allowed to seek treatment at Taiping General Hospital where he took an X-Ray on his left toe after 18 days of police reports, public protests and numerous requests made to the Kemta Prison authorities..
The X-Ray results showed that he had three toe fractures, compared to an earlier report prepared at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital which showed only one toe fracture.Unfortunately, the doctor at Taiping General Hospital could not verify if his toe had healed in 18 days as he did not have the original X-Ray taken at Kuala Lumpur Hospital.
links that report otherwise (the Umno controlled newspapers);

Comments in Mkini on Kugan's death: Probe police 'cover up'

On Kugan's death: Probe police 'cover-up'

Paul Warren: Since reading the news on the second autopsy report that has been released now which so contradicts the first, Kugan's family should do all it can to sue both the pathologist of the first report as well as Selangor CPO Khalid for causing them so much agony and distress.I cannot expect these two officers of the government to be criminally charged for a cover-up as I have long given up on the government's ability and capacity for doing the right thing.Unless the pathologist was blind and with no sense of touch, he could not surely have missed all those bruises and burn marks and cuts. The pathologist, being a trained doctor, knew full well the implication of his post-mortem report on the family members of the deceased. I would also like to know from the Malaysian Medical Association as well as council as to what they want to do with this pathologist.

It is pathetic to think that Malaysian doctors on their list are capable of alleged gross lies and fabrications.How on earth are we going to be able to rely on Malaysian doctors for their diagnoses and treatment especially now when there is a lot of profit to be made in the medical sector?It is imperative that this pathologist be immediately investigated by the MMA and the results of their findings published. What was his motive? It is important for us to know how his autopsy report was devoid of some of the basic findings which any layman could deduce just looking at the pictures.We must also, more importantly, if this pathologist expects any sympathy at all, be told what the motivation was is that made all of his learning to be a doctor come to naught.

Kimren: The home minister has accused the opposition of taking advantage of Kugan's death but he has made no mention of what is happening to the progress of any internal inquiry by the police into the many cases deaths in police custody.There's no record of condolence from the home minister or the IGP to the family members affected.I think we have enough evidence of wrongdoing by Malaysian police for wrongful detention, starvation, torture, bribery etc.It is not only Indians who are aghast at Kugan's death but also all Malaysians.

Prema Durairaj: The second post-mortem clearly proves the highhandedness of the Malaysian police and the home minister.The lies, fabrication of evidence and threatening to charge Kugan's family and those who had converged at the mortuary all denote that the Selangor police chief and the home minister were blind to the facts.The police chief and the home minister should take responsibility for the murder of Kugan. They should tender their resignations and seek an apology from the rakyat for their lies and misdeeds.

Jr Lee: Malaysians are appalled to be finally told the truth that Kugan was murdered by our local police force while under their custody.The second post-mortem report states that Kugan died from being repeatedly beaten. Is this how our police force interrogates their suspects? This is not interrogation but torture akin to the Gestapo.Words can hardly describe the shocking truth of police brutality and how inhumane our police force can be with such brutal acts committed in a location where there can be no witnesses.We wonder is this the tip of the iceberg as there are many more so-called ‘sudden deaths' while in police custody.As a parent, my heart goes to Kugan's mother and his relatives who have suffered terribly in losing a loved one and now being that their loved one died at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us from such brutality.Like any mother, Kugan's mother can only cry out, ‘Justice for my son'.
We are now living under great stress and fear, fearing the dreadful day if our loved ones are called to the police station let alone be detained.The fear that there is no one to hear their cries when beaten, their pleadings of mercy falling on deaf ears, their bodies going through such excruciating pain that they had never experienced before and the uncertainty that they will ever be seen again.

Churchill: I read that the AG will decide by the end of March if the 11 policemen will be charged for the murder of Kugan. Why wait until the end of the month?
This is pure hypocrisy and double standard. Doesn't he know the severity of the alleged crime committed by this 11 policemen and the mental anguish that Kugan's family has been subjected to?
He should act immediately and charge these 11 including the first pathologist without any further delay.
Unless he needs these additional few weeks to do some bargaining with the IGP or home minister.

The way things are being played out by the AG's chambers, MACC, PDRM, the judiciary and the icing being our soon-to-be PM coming with an uncleared name, I have totally lost faith in the present BN government.

This is the saddest period in Malaysian history.

One lakh Malaysian Indian youth linked to crime

One lakh Malaysian Indian youth linked to crime
Malaysia Sun
Thursday 5th March, 2009

Kuala Lumpur, Mar 5 : The Malaysian Government has information that over 100,000 Indian youth are involved in crime, including theft, robbery, distributing drugs, gangsterism and murder.Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam disclosed this recently, and said lack of jobs, guidance and the influence of friends were major contributors to the social problems.
Dr Subramaniam, who is also Malaysian Indian Congress secretary-general, was speaking to reporters after launching a building fund donation drive for the Malacca Indians Education, Economic, Welfare and Cultural Development Association (Minda).
He added that the Indian community and religious leaders should pay serious attention to organising more youth development programmes, The Star reported.Dr Subramaniam also said that plantation owners must provide housing quarters for their workers.He said he had instructed his staff to hold talks and find an amicable solution with the owners who had not provided the necessary housing.He said the ministry would also talk to Syarikat Perumahan Nasional Berhad after the plantation owners have given their approval for the building of housing quarters.

Thursday, March 5, 2009




P.Waythamoorthy had undergone an emergency angioplasty at a heart center in London on March 2, 2009. (Upon his request, we are withholding the name of the hospital).

During the said procedure cardiologist had found that he has a very rare heart condition ie enlarged heart on the right and abnormal heartbeat (ventricular tacha cardia) which in most cases can lead to ventricular fibrillation or sudden death.

The doctors are unsure on the cause of the swelling on the right part of his heart and have confirmed that there are abnormal formations of tissues in the said area.

On March 4, 2009, the doctors have confirmed that bearing the rare condition of his heart, he will need an implant and the said operation is now scheduled for next week.

Bearing the rare condition of his heart, further investigation and operations would be carried out by the doctors in London to look into the cause and treat P. Waythamoorthy accordingly.

In lieu of the risky heart operation that P.Waythamoorthy would undergo, and the subsequent need for him to be cared by his family member and loved ones, we call upon the Malaysian government to urgently and immediately address the following issues;

~ The Malaysian government to issue a new Malaysian passport to replace the revoked passport to P.Waythamoorthy and this to be made available for him or his representative to collect from the Malaysian High Commission in London.
~ The Malaysian government guarantees the safe return of P.Waythamoorthy to allow him to recuperate with his family members and loved ones.
~ The Malaysian government guarantees that P.Waythamoorthy will not be subjected to any arrest, harassment or charges upon his return including under those under ISA.
~ The Malaysian government’s assurance and guarantee that he will be allowed to return to London for follow up checks and possible further operations.

Lastly, the Malaysian government’s unconditional guarantee that his life will be protected from any form of persecution upon his return and no harm shall befall him.

Thank you.
(Hindraf- New York)

Waytha in serious condition, wants to return home

Mar 5, 09 12:16pm

Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy is suffering from a serious heart condition and wants to return to Malaysia to seek treatment.He is
presently admitted at a heart centre in London and had already undergone an angioplasty procedure on Monday.

A statement released by Hindraf (New York) coordinator R Shan today stated that during the said procedure, the doctors found that Waythamoorthy has a very rare heart condition."The cardiologist found that he has an enlarged heart on the right and abnormal heartbeat (ventricular tacha cardia) which in most cases can lead to ventricular fibrillation or sudden death," said Shan.

It is learnt that Waythamoorthy's wife K Nageswary has flown to London on Tuesday to be with him.Shan added that the doctors were unsure on the cause of the swelling on the right part of Waythamoorthy's heart.They have also confirmed that there were abnormal formations of tissues in the said area.Waythamoorthy will now have to undergo another operation to place an implant in his heart.

However the Hindraf leader does not want to undergo further treatment in London and wants to return to Malaysia for treatment so that he can be with his family.Shan said that as such, it was important for the Malaysian government to issue Waythamoorthy a new passport to replace his revoked passport.He added that the Malaysian High Commission in London should be able to produce a new passport for Waythamoorthy.
No arrest guarantee sought
The government had revoked Waythamoorthy's passport last year and since then he had been allowed only limited travelling with a travel document granted by the British government.

Shan also said that the government should guarantee Waythamoorthy's safe return to allow him to recuperate with his family members and loved ones."The government should not subject him to any arrest, harassment or charges upon his return, including the use of the Internal Security Act (ISA) on him," added Shan.He also said that the government should also allow Waythamoorthy to return to London for follow up checks and possible further operations.

Waythamoorthy has been in London since November 2007. He left Malaysia in the heat of a government crackdown on Hindraf, stating that he was going to garner international lobby for the movement. He has not been back to Malaysia ever since.

Waythamoorthy and his brother Uthayakumar were the main leaders of Hindraf which organised a massive 30,000-people rally in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25, 2007 to oppose the marginalisation of the Indian community in the country.Uthayakumar and four other Hindraf leaders were detained under the Internal Security Act in December 2007. They are still under detention. The government banned Hindraf last October.

The government has previously said that it would arrest Waythamoorthy upon his return to Malaysia.

To all Hindus, let light up an "agal vilaku" daily in your prayers room from today and pray for his recovery.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2nd Post Mortem report of Kugan - Starved and Beaten to death

Post-mortem: Kugan 'starved and beaten' to death
Syed Jaymal Zahiid Mar 3, 09 3:24pm

An independent post-mortem report has revealed that deceased 22-year-old police detainee Kugan Ananthan had endured severe beatings and was also starved during his incarceration.

The post-mortem conducted by a Universiti Hospital pathologist who was commissioned by the deceased's family found that the car theft suspect had died of kidney failure due to the assault. The beatings had caused a breakdown in Kugan's muscle cells which then congested the blood flow and resulted in kidney failure.The findings were revealed by the family's lawyer N Surendran at a press conference held in the PKR headquarters in Tropicana this afternoon."As opposed to the past statement given by the police and the first post-mortem report (which stated that Kugan died of fluid accumulation in his lungs), the second report shows that he had died of acute renal failure due to rhabdomyolysis."Which is to say that he died due to the muscle cells disintegrating into his bloodstream and absorbed by the kidney which resulted in kidney failure and death," said the lawyer.

'Burnt with extremely heated iron bar'
Showing pictorial evidence to reporters, Surendran said graphic photos taken from the post-mortem report showed that Kugan suffered from massive internal bleeding due to repeated beatings."Kugan had hemorrhage in many of his internal organs, his heart, left lung, spleen, kidneys, back of his neck, spine area and the sole of his feet which shows that he took consistent beatings," he added.Kugan also suffered from internal bleeding in the scalp area following repeated beatings with a blunt object.The post-mortem report also stated that Kugan sustained more than 10 severe burn wounds on his back "probably as a result of being burnt by an extremely heated V-shaped iron bar.""Almost the entire part of his back is covered with contusions, beating marks and bruises," said Surendran, adding that the report also indicated that Kugan "was starved during the entire time he was tortured.""

In brief, it appears that Kugan was severely tortured over period of days and the kind of pain he had suffered is unimaginable. "One could only imagine what was going through this young man's mind (during the torture). Perhaps, he had wanted to die (to escape the torture), we wouldn't know," he said.Procedural exclusion in first post-mortemAnother baffling point, said Surendran, is the fact that the second post-mortem report indicated that no examination below the heart area of Kugan's body was conducted during the first post-mortem.Surendran said this was puzzling as it is compulsory for any pathologist to conduct a complete check-up.The independent post-mortem report was commissioned by Kugan's family after they were dissatisfied with the first report tendered by Serdang Hospital.

Kugan had died on Jan 20 at the Taipan police station in Subang Jaya, five days after he was arrested in connection with the theft of luxury cars.Meanwhile, Surendran said the second post-mortem conducted by Dr Prashant N Samberkar from the UniversitI Malaya Medical Centre is not just an investigation into the death of an individual."This is a damning indictment on the Malaysian police force. I hope the police will hang their heads in shame, institute thorough reforms and stop placing obstacles in the implementation of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)," he stressed.

Report to be submitted to AG tomorrow
Teluk Intan DAP parliamentarian M Manogaran, who was also present at the press conference, said he and other Pakatan Rakyat leaders will submit the post-mortem report to the Attorney-General's Chambers in Putrajaya tomorrow."The AG (Abdul Gani Patail) is duty-bound to act on this report and what Malaysians, in particular Kugan's family, want is that whoever is responsible for his death be brought to court and answer charges for murder," he said.According to Kapar MP S Manickavasagam, from the year 2000 to 2008, there have been more than 80 cases of reported deaths in police custody but nothing has been done to address this.He also claimed that more than seven police officers are involved in Kugan's case.

Another DAP leader present, Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo said the report should give the AG sufficient evidence to act swiftly on the matter.He also said this incident shows the importance of having an independent post-mortem report done for custodial death cases.
The case was initially classified as sudden death but following the emergence of a video clip which revealed severe lacerations on the deceased's body and sparked off public outrage, the AG reclassified the case as murder.
Other leaders present at the press conference were PAS Kota Raja MP Dr Siti Maria Mahmud, PKR secretary general Salahuddin Hashim and watchdog group Police Watch director S Jayathas.

Read full autopsy report l 12 pages

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prayer nationwide for Waythamoorthy speed recovery

Hi All Malaysians and all Human Right Supporters,

As most of us knew, our Hindraf Chairman, P. Waythamoorthy whom is self exile in London and been continuously voicing the marginalization of Malaysian Indians in the international forum is currently ill and warded in a hospital at London.

The latest information as of 2nd March, he need to go thru some treatment as his heart beat were irregular and not stable. He is currently bed ridden.

As all of aware, Mr P. Waythamoorthy is all alone there struggling for his life to give a better life to all Malaysians. His sacrification have no words to describe. His thoughts and actions were always about the justice for the community and service for the marginalised.

Let us all pray for his fast recovery.

To all Hindus, let light up an "agal vilaku" daily in your prayers room from today and pray for his recovery.

Vaalga Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

Vaalge Waythamoorthy

ps. pass this to all and hope the mass prayers and well wish helps for speed recovery.



Posted Mon, 02/03/2009 - 21:42 by naragan

As I write this, my dear friend Waythamoorthy is in a hospital bed in London, undergoing a surgical procedure for his heart. I understand the risks of this procedure are extremely high in his current condition.

I am not sure how many of us really understand what he is going through in his life so that he can improve our lives and that of those around us. He has no permanent abode now, he lives in rented rooms, constantly on the move. His family is away from him, he has no regular routines by which he can take care of his health or for someone by him to help him take care of his health. He has no steady diet. He has no permanent bed.
My own heart is very heavy. He is going through so much in his life, yet he chooses not to talk about it or he just downplays it every time the topic comes up. His is the supreme sacrifice.
Think about how the comfort of our current lives prevent us from doing the many things around us that must be done. Think about how we worry every time we have to confront some ugly truth in public life. We complain in private, but when it comes down to really doing something about all of that, we shy away. Why? Simply because we fear losing our comfortable lives. We fear losing our middle class lives. Waythamoorthy has cast aside all such considerations and has decided that his life has to be dedicated if things are to change. This is supreme sacrifice.
To care is not to go through the motions of doing something sitting at the edges hemming and hawing. Hindraf’s care has been and continues to be to roll up the sleeves and get into it, lock stock and barrel – how many of us have been really able to do it. Waythamoorthy has done it. He is showing the way to those of us who want to really bring about change.

What difference does it make if we say we care, go through the motions of caring but yet nothing really changes. To achieve change, true care must be shown. True care requires we make sacrifices, and Waythamoorthy is making those sacrifices now under our very noses, now.
Let us all stand up.
Let us all be humbled by all this.

இண்ட்ராஃப் ஆதரவாளர்களின்மீது வன்முறை!

இண்ட்ராஃப் ஆதரவாளர்களின்மீது வன்முறை!
Posted Sun, 01/03/2009 - 01:04 by Olaichuvadi

வழக்கறிஞர் உதயகுமாருக்கு முறையான சிகிச்சை வழங்கப்படாதது குறித்து அதிருப்தியடைந்த இண்ட்ராஃப் ஆதரவாளார்கள், நேற்று (சனிக்கிழமை 28/02/2009) காலை 10 மணியளவில் பிரிக்பீல்ட்ஸ் காவல் நிலையத்தில் தனிப்பட்ட முறையில் புகார் அளிக்கச் சென்றபொழுது, காவல்த்துறையினர் மிகவும் கடுமையாக நடந்துகொண்டது மட்டுமல்லாமல், வன்முறையைக் கட்டவிழ்க்கும் வகையில் அமில நீரைப் பீய்ச்சியடித்து ஆதரவாளர்களை கலைந்துபோகச் செய்துள்ளனர். இச்சம்பவத்தில் காயமடைந்த மூவர் மருத்துவமனையில் சேர்க்கப்பட்டுள்ளனர்.
காவல்த்துறையின் இவ்வராஜகச் செயலை தற்சமயம் லண்டன் மருத்துவமனையில் சிகிச்சைப் பெற்றுவரும் திரு.வேதமூர்த்தி கண்டித்துள்ளார். காவல்த்துறையினரிடம் ஓரவஞ்சனை ஒருபோதும் இருத்தல் கூடாது எனவும், இச்சம்பவம் காவல்த்துறையினரின் நன்மதிப்பை பொதுமக்கள் மத்தியில் மேலும் கெடச் செய்கிறது எனவும் அவர் கூறினார்.
பொதுமக்கள் மீது கட்டவிழ்க்கப்பட்ட இவ்வன்முறைக்கு பொறுப்பானவர்களை சுஹாகாம் மனித உரிமைக் கழகம் முறையான விசாரணைக்குட்படுத்த வேண்டும் என இண்ட்ராஃப் தலைவர் திரு.வேதமூர்த்தி கேட்டுக் கொண்டுள்ளார்.
அந்நிகழ்வின் காணொளிக்காட்சி கீழே..

Monday, March 2, 2009

'OK for Umno to rally, not Hindraf'
Athi Veeranggan Mar 1, 09 5:03pm

The police action to spray chemical-laced water on Hindu Rights Action Force supporters at the Brickfields police station in Kuala Lumpur yesterday was “brutal and inhumane”, an outraged Hindraf leader said today.

The outlawed Hindraf national coordinator RS Thanenthiran accused the police of practicing double standards where "there is one set of laws for illegal and violent Umno demonstrators, and another for those participating in peaceful assemblies and gatherings.""While the police were lenient and even provided protection for Umno illegal demonstrations, including mobsters, they resorted to forceful means to batter others," he said, referring to Umno Youth’s action against prominent opposition parliamentarian Karpal Singh.

Yesterday Hindraf supporters have gone to Brickfields police station to lodge mass reports against the Home Ministry and Kamunting Detention Centre authority for neglecting the health of detained Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar.They claimed that the authorities failed to provide proper medical treatment for Uthayakumar, a diabetic who is suffering from a fractured toe."We went to the police station only to exercise our fundamental rights to lodge police reports on behalf of Uthayakumar. It was not an illegal demonstration or protest,” lamented Thanenthiran.“We cannot understand why the police resorted to violence to stop us. It was a gross violation of our basic human rights."

He accused Brickfields police chief Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid for going back on his words after acceding to ‘a gentleman’s agreement’ to allow Hindraf supporters to lodge reports at the police station.According to Thanenthiran, Wan Abdul Bari had earlier agreed to allow 50 Hindraf supporters to lodge 10 joint police reports in separate groups of five, including family members of Uthayakumar."However, we were caught by surprise when Wan Abdul Bari suddenly gave the order to the supporters to disperse. It was a shock that the police resorted to brutality and inhumane action to disperse and arrest Hindraf supporters," said Thanenthiran, a former teacher.Some had to seek medical attentionThe police sprayed chemical-laced water at about 300 supporters of Uthayakumar, who had been detained under the draconian Internal Security Act since 2007.

Most of the crowd subsequently dispersed save for a few, including Kapar MP S Manikavasagam and Police Watch and Human Rights Committee coordinator S Jayathas.The duo were among 17 individuals arrested, according to Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo, who arrived at the scene later to act as the group’s lawyer.They have all been released since.A few people were injured and suffered from itchiness and breathing difficulties after they were doused with chemical-laced water and they had to seek treatment from the hospital.

Thanenthiran called on Malaysians to vote against Barisan Nasional in next month’s by-elections in Bukit Selambau state seat (Kedah) and Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat (Perak) to register their anger against the police brutality."This is not a racial issue. It’s about human rights. Malaysians must demonstrate their disagreement with the police action and BN’s arrogance in violating human rights," said the Hindraf leader.

Little Darshini- denied right to get education ( watch the clip)

Please visit this new youtube channel - and see a short chronicle of the recent experience of a mother whose daughter Darshini, a std five lass who was almost expelled from school because she did not have a Birth Certificate.

What the mother is effectively saying, is that if the poor misstep even a little, the system is brutal to them. Missteps are not at all uncommon for the ignorant and the unguided. Try to understand .

This video is not a commercial for Makkal Sakthi. It is an expression of Makkal Sakthi - so we may find sustainable solutions for these self reinforcing and endemic problems.

More to follow.

United we must stand
United we must act.

Water cannons turned on Malaysian Indians, 17 held

Water cannons turned on Malaysian Indians, 17 held
Malaysia Sun
28th February, 2009 (IANS)

Police Saturday turned water cannons on a group of ethnic Indians in Malaysia who refused to disperse outside a police station - where they had come to lodge complaints alleging mistreatment of a jailed activist - and arrested 17 of them.
P. Uthayakumar, a leader of the banned Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf) and who suffers from acute diabetes, has been detained under the stringent Internal Security Act (ISA) as one of the five organisers of a protest rally in November 2007.The crowd refused to disperse despite repeated warnings, city police chief Mohammed Sabtu Osman said.

Seventeen people, including lawmaker Manikavasagam, have been arrested for the 'illegal gathering'. Among the arrested, three, including a woman, were sent to hospital but police declined to comment on this.Earlier Saturday, about 300 people, including several MPs, had gathered to make police complaints. Police allowed about 50 people - five family members of Uthayakumar and five representatives each from the country's nine states, including MPs - to enter the station to lodge the complaints.The rest outside were asked to disperse. Most of them did but about 30 refused to leave.

The Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) began shooting chemical-laced water at the crowd. The 30 ran away and then returned.There were three rounds of regrouping by the protestors and follow up action by police lasting 40 minutes, Star Online said.Police have since established a safety perimeter around the police station.
Hindraf claims to speak for Malaysia's two million Indians, a bulk of them Tamil Hindus who came here during the British era. It protests discrimination in jobs and education and alleges that the government demolishes their religious shrines indiscriminately.They form about eight percent of Malaysia's population.

Malaysia's Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan said police had no choice as the crowd had ignored police advice to disperse as they were inconveniencing others at the police station.'The police station is a security area and we cannot allow such huge numbers inside for security reasons,' he said.

Musa warned that police would not hesitate to take stern action against any illegal gathering.

Gobind Singh Deo, an opposition ethnic Indian lawmaker of the opposition Ddemocfratic Action Party (DAP) who arrived later, said the incident should not have happened as every citizen had the right to lodge a police report regardless of the number.'It is clear there are different standards practised by the police when dealing with such matters,' he said.