Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Letter from WMP to Special Rapporteur of TOIDP, Geneva

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7th May 2008.

Dear Sir,


I refer to my letter to you dated 8th April 2008.

On the 7th April 2008 Mr P.Uthayakumar was admitted to the Taiping General Hospital as his blood glucose level was at 18.8.

On the 9th April 2008 Mr.P.Uthayakumar was prematurely discharged from Taiping Hospital despite his sugar level still at 13.5 . We believe this was deliberately done as a result of interference by the Malaysian Police and prison authorities who were uneasy of the large presence of HINDRAF supporters at the hospital conducting candle light vigils and prayers for his speedy recovery. His eco cardiogram was fixed for the 28th April as the Hospital authorities “deemed” his condition not serious enough to warrant an immediate test despite his complaints of chest discomfort.

Upon discharge from hospital despite request from family members to refer him to a private hospital at their own expenses the said request was rejected.

On the 15th April 2008 the mother of P.Uthayakumar also submitted an appeal to the Prime Minister to refer him to the National Heart Institute as it is believed that Uthayakumar suffered a silent heart attack and required immediate medical attention.

On the 28th April 2008 upon conducting an eco cardiogram the Taiping Hospital doctors decided to refer Mr.Uthayakumar to the National Heart Institute as they believed he had indeed damaged his heart muscles but the extend of the damage could not be ascertained as there were no cardiologists at the Taiping Hospital nor are the facilities adequate to enable the doctors to come to a definitive conclusion on his condition. His complaint of skin rashes and pain on the hip joints numbness of limbs ect and request to be treated by an orthopedic and general surgeon was ignored.

The family members of Uthayakumar were shocked when the doctors at Taiping could not confirm a definite date for his referral to the national Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur.

Despite repeated requests for his appointment to be given priority, it was plainly clear to the family members that the Hospital and prison authorities were deliberately delaying his appointment (family members are willing to bear the costs of private treatment).

During the last family visit on 4th May 2008 Mr.Uthayakumar had complained of chest pain and the family noticed his weak condition. His skin rashes worsened and he had continued orthopedics problems. His skin rashes are mainly due to the unhygienic condition of the cell (dirty and filthy cell) and contaminated water supply within the cell that he uses for his daily hygiene care.

On the 5th May 2008 despite repeated telephone calls to the Taiping Hospital and Prison authorities the family members were not given any assurance that any priority to his appointment at the National Heart Institute is being given.

I wish to bring to your attention that Mr.Uthayakumar is deliberately being denied immediate medical care by the Government for his involvement in the protection of the ethnic Malaysian Indian community in Malaysia. Denying him medical attention is intended to punish and exert torture and cruel punishment on him.

Mr.Uthayakumar is very ill and needs immediate medical attention especially cardiac care. The Hospital authorities are not revealing any results of his kidney and liver functions and we are unsure if he is really healthy. However the family are given unfounded hope that Uthayakumar is fine.

I write to you to urgently make the necessary representations to the Malaysian Government and send a fact finding mission to Malaysia to look into the condition of Mr.Uthayakumar and the other 4 prisoners held under the Internal Security Act.

Thanking you.

P.Waytha Moorthy
HINDRAF + 44 7875653848
Currently in London