Thursday, July 17, 2008

HINDRAF 18 Point demands remains, KP Samy and Raidu, pls stop 'behind scene' amendments

Hindraf 18 Point Demands

By G.Kanchana

I refer to the statement made by K.P.Samy (Makkal Osai 15/07/08 Pg. 2 )

“Who is the true warrior” ? (Poorata Waathi )

Mr. K.P. Samy in order to defend Datuk Subramaniam has succeeded in exposing to the entire nation the secret collusion of some who tried to compromise the 18 point demands of Hindraf.
Which is the truth Mr. K.P.Samy :-

The Hindraf 18 point demands which were carefully drafted without ‘fear or favour’ to portray, reflect and incorporate the true marginalisation and discrimination of the Indians in the past 50 years, which was presented openly to the Prime Minister at Putrajaya on 12/08/07, attended and witnessed by about 5000 people.
The so called memo which was, altered, adjusted and modified thus compromising the true demands and grievances of the Indians that was apparently handed over to the Prime Minister ‘behind closed doors presumably’ at some point of time by Datuk Subramaniam .

Who gave these perpetrators the right to covertly manipulate the one and only Hindraf 18 point demands which since November 25th 2007 Rally, has been proven to be wholeheartedly accepted by Indians. Who is Raidu to act as coordinator when he clearly has no status to do so.

Who are the others who called themselves ‘Hindraf ’ who had conspired and schemed in this intrusion of the 18 point demands. Who are the so called established and reputable legal firm that assisted in this invasion. The Hindraf 18 point demands are not to be manipulated, it speaks the truth although unacceptable by some who have been compliant all the while.

The Federal Constitution of Malaysia that enshrines the rights of the people of this nation was battered and distorted to emphasise the special powers of a certain group but at the same time infringing and contravening the rights of many others. We will not allow a similar manipulation and violation to the Hindraf 18 Point Demands that we “Makkal Sakthi” are holding close to our hearts and working very hard to achieve.

Why an attempt to change the 18 point demands?
The Kg Medan incident did happen, just like many unanswered deaths in police custody and likewise issues. Why turn a blind eye on these issues? We have a right to know what actually took place. Any unlawful death has to be answerable. An inquiry will reveal the true nature of the incidence, unless of course the truth is unacceptable by some. It took us nearly 30 years to ask the questions on ‘Maika Holdings Funds” and yet no answers. We cannot wait another 50 years to demand an inquiry into Kg Medan issue, it’s now or never. If Datuk Subramaniam is indeed exceptional within the MIC he must show his support to the Indian community first by answering the much frequent and repeated question of what happened to the ‘Maika Holdings Funds’. Otherwise we have no choice but to keep believing MIC is no different from the Government when it comes to accountability and transparency, or even worse.

Asking for compensation instead for the victims, is shameful and degrading. Can any amount of money close the chapter (unanswered) on the Kg Medan incident or bring back the lost lives. Will it make any better the suffering of those injured and traumatised by the terrible incident. This compensation request seems to imply that “the Indians if thrown a few pennies will shut up”. It’s no longer the case, not after November 25th 2007 awakening.

Why the fear in questioning the Malay privileges. The Federal Constitution declares equality amongst it citizens. Didn’t we the Indians shed our blood for the independence of this country? Didn’t we work equally hard and contribute to the prosperity and development of this great nation? Are we lesser off people than others?. Why then are we still being told not to question the Malay privileges?. The fear and inhibitions of the Indians got washed off with ‘chemical laced water’ on November 25th 2007.

Yet again the Indians are being coerced not to question the Malay privileges. Exactly what the MIC ‘mandores’ have been doing the last 50 years.

On another point, why Mr. K.P.Samy do you wish to portray Datuk Subramaniam as
a hero behind the Hindraf struggle for the Indians when such recognition deservingly belongs to those incarcerated for upholding justice and the rights of the Indians and the people “Makkal Sakthi” who are the true heroes alongside the remarkable bravery of many uprising heroines.

If passing a memo ‘behind the scene’ to the PM and receiving promises from the PM “just before elections” indicates warriorship ‘Poorata Waathi’ then you are truly testing the intelligence of the Indians. I quote Uthaya’s words here “You can fool some Indians some of the time but you can’t fool all the Indians all of the time”. The support and efforts presumably by Datuk Subramaniam has to be seen to be believed, he should come forth and declare support for Hindraf and the 18 point demands. Until then there are many who will presume that he, like many others in MIC has his own interest to protect first.

How can we ever believe or trust Datuk Sri Samy Velu to be in dialogues with the government for the release of the Hindraf 5 leaders, when early upon the arrest he declared the PM to have done the right thing. What a contradiction ! Where is the truth here Mr. Samys ????

History shows there is only one person in ISA detention who had fought for Human Rights and the Indians vehemently without ‘fear or favour’ for many years now and continues to do so from within his cell. We believe the person who did not sign the so called secret document was P.Uthayakumar. He is a man of principles unwilling to compromise in the name of Indians. ‘Ondre solvar, ondre saivar’ ( his words are his actions) Even today he will not beg or negotiate for his release. “Who is the true Warrior (Poorata Waathi)” here????

Hindraf ‘Makkal Sakthi’ will follow this approach and through its chairman P.Waytha Moorthy, the Coordinators and Supporters the struggle will carry on.

Mr. K.P. Samy, you “or those behind you” have done a wonderful deed in bailing and supporting those detained after the rally. For this we truly appreciate your contribution towards the Indian struggle.

What ever said and done there is only one Hindarf “Makkal Sakthi” and one 18 Point Demands… not what took place “ BEHIND THE SCENES”.

Vaalga Hindraf ‘Maakal Sakthi’.

ps.. refer to the attached link original version of 18 point demands by Hindraf to PM
and at on the news of 18 demands in Mkini.