Monday, October 11, 2010

Why is UMNO Youth, PERKASA, MBM, GMP so Gung-Ho on HINDRAF statement?

Now, where is it do you find anything in the HINDRAF’s statement that is unruly, nor is there anything in the statement that is questioning the special position of the Malays in the constitution.

All the statement does is clarifying who had actually diluted the constitution, and what was the cause of it. Further it reminds the ruler that there is a genuine need to address the second limb of Article 153 which addresses the ruler’s responsibility to safeguard the legitimate interests of the other communities through policies that are fair and just for the minorities.

Naturally if you look at the statement by the Sultan, by insinuating May,13 and picking on a particular race fighting for their basic rights under the second limb of Article 153, definitely for me it seems to be like an endorsement for the ultras to reign control whilst continuing to compromise the basic rights of the minorities.

The rebuttal by HINDRAF is reflective of the current state of affair in Malaysia as oppose to one that requires subjugation even if there is a clear marginalization and discrimination against the minorities.

Cheap theatrical acts by the ultras clearly shows the depth of UMNO based power and influence to create further disharmony between the people for their own political survival. This can only change if we, the people act and speak out in a unified manner by understanding the truth and reality in HINDRAF’s statement.

R. Shan (Human Being)
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