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Hulu S’gor: Why does GT resources have to bail out MAIKA Holdings, why not the BN Government themselves as in all the previous bailouts like the Deposit Taking Co-operatives,Bank Rakyat, MAS, Syarikat Perkapalan.Bank Bumi, Renong etc. And why is there no written commitment about any of the offer yet – why only press statements.

The manipulations of the Indian poor continues in the MAIKA fiasco.This is yet another attempt at pre-election promises and then nothing as always. Do not be fooled.
The MIC/UMNO/BN leaders have decided on the following directly or indirectly:
1) The MAIKA Shareholders will be reimbursed their investments in MAIKA –a ringgit for ringgit.maika holdings logo
2) The company GT resources will be the vehicle which will buy back all the shares of MAIKA from its current shareholders
3) On May 1st GT resources will make that ringgit for ringgit offer for the entire RM 106 million stake.
4) The key player in GT resources Gnanalingam gave an assurance that that MAIKA shareholders will get back their investments within three months of the offer or the 31st of July 2010.
There is a problem with each of these propositions.
Let me quote Gnanalingam, “ We thought a fair system would be to pay back all the shareholders what they have invested even though the company is now valued at only RM 85 million.” NST 23rd April 2010 front page
Contrary to what he said, the ringgit for ringgit payback is only an illusion, it is actually only a 25 sen for a ringgit payback. From 1984 MAIKA has not paid any significant dividend to its shareholders.
In 1987 the Government did a bailout o the 24 Chinese Deposit Taking Cooperatives (DTC) for 1.5 billion ringgits and paid out a ringgit for a ringgit to 588,000 members, mostly Chinese. But the DTCs paid out regular dividends. A ringgit for ringgit under those circumstances was reasonable. Now, if the MIC/UMNO/BN wants to bail out the MAIKA shareholders on the basis of a ringgit for ringgit then it should pay 4 ringgits for each ringgit of investment, as MAIKA has not paid any significant dividend all these 26 years.
Otherwise they must say that they are only paying back a quarter of the money invested by the largely poor 66,000 odd shareholders and not a ringgit for ringgit and create an illusion of equity when in fact they have lost 3 quarters of their investment.
When the BN Government can directly bailout the DTCs in 1987 for RM1.5 billion on a true ringgit for ringgit basis, they should do the same here. They use a private vehicle of GT resources for this purpose to deflect that responsibility.
This tactic aids the Government from accepting any responsibility for the problem, for the loss encountered by the Indian poor due to a program of one of its component parties. MIC did this in response to the NEP of the 1980s where large scale channeling of the National resource went into vehicles like the PNB and created significant dissatisfaction among the Indians and the Chinese. To counter this UMNO encouraged the formation of ethnically orientated capital mobilization vehicles . Arise Multipuprose Holding, arise MAIKA. UMNO/BN has a direct hand in the formation of MAIKA holdings and in inviting all the Indians in the country to invest in what appeared as a PNB/ASN type scheme. But MAIKA obviously was no PNB .
When they bailed out the DTCs or all the failed BUMI owned companies the BN /UMNO Government accepted responsibility outright,they did not use white knights companies. What is so special about this situation that you need a white Knight.Think about the “niat” in all this.
Because Indians do not really matter the best way of dealing with them is the cheapest way. Something necessarily must be done, but what is the cheapest or most expedient way of doing this – that is the niat . Whenever it comes to Indian issues you will see this pattern and these things are very visible during election times. The facts in this case here speaks volumes about that.
In any case, we do not think that the GT resources will make the offer on the 1st of May 2010 to buy back the shares from MAIKA shareholders. This is a Hulu Selangor Election gimmick. Just you wait and see. This is no more than gimmick. If this is not so, then can they issue a legally binding document to this effect, but they do not. Either the MAIKA Holding Management to its shareholders and put it up on the website or from GT resources to MAIKA holdings and put it out on the MAIKA website. They will surely not do this as we see this as just a pre-election gimmick.
Also we do not think that the shareholders will get their cheques by the 31st of July 2010 as Gnanalingam is assuring . All this is just to simply delude. There is no firm commitment to any of these schedules. This is exactly what we have seen all these 52 years from the MIC/UMNO/BN politicians. Just the same theatrics.

UMNO’s social engineering reduce Malaysian Indians to baggers

From rubber tappers to baggers.

A piece of Ethiopia in One Malay-sia. Indian poor couple live on left over restaurant food throw away in UMNO and PKR ruled Selangor.

Indian poor couple live on left over restaurant food throw away in UMNO and PKR ruled Selangor
We have heard stories like this happening in poverty stricken India some forty yearsIndian poor couple ago but today this no longer happens in India but still happens in the UMNO regime in Malay-sia and PKR ruled Selangor. Perhaps this R.Kanniappan (60) would have been better off in India had the British not brought his ancestors to Malaysia.
The picture of the frail, skinny, bone and skin of R.Kanniappan (below) speaks a thousand words.
But why does this happen only to the poor Indians in Malaysia? All other poor Malays, Chinese, Orang asli or natives are unheard of suffering and labouring in this level of poverty.
The former rubber tapper Kanniappan is today unemployed.
The cowshed looking hut Kanniappan and his 59 year old wife stays has no water and electricity. He lives in dirty filthy and dark living conditions. The picture paints a scavenger with no personal belongings in his home. They both have been denied birth certificates identity cards and Malaysian citizenship although they are both born in this country. (MN 21/4/2010 front page and page 10).
This is the result of UMNO’s social engineering. Had UMNO given Kanniappan a piece of the ten acre Felda likeland ownership schemes as granted for the poor Malays, Orang asli and natives, Kaniappan would not be in this position today
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Chief Justice but no Justice in P.Uthayakumar’s Kg Medan “ethnic cleansing” criminal malicious prosecution. AG, IGP and UMNO chicken out. Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

lawyer surenthiran Chief Justice but no Justice in P.Uthayakumar’s Kg Medan “ethnic cleansing” criminal malicious prosecution. AG, IGP and UMNO chicken out. Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.
K.L 23/4/2010. This morning the Criminal Court proceedings against P.Uthayakumar on his ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Kg Medan Indians came up for hearing of an application for specific documents before High Court Judge Datuk Zabidian Mohamad Diah for the following documents:-
1. All papers and minutes as to why a Royal Commission of Inquiry was denied in the Kg Medan racial attacks specifically targeted against the Indians where five Indians were killed and 100 over others were brutally slashed and caused grievous bodily injuries.
2. All minutes and papers as to why the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia has refused to hold an Inquiry.
3. All papers, minutes and documents on why the Chief Justice and the Attorney General had refused to hold an inquest into the murder of five Indians in the Kg Medan racial attacks tragedy. P2030109 
4. All papers, minutes and documents on why the Attorney General has refused to seriously prosecute for the murder and manslaughter of five Indians and grievous bodily harm and injuries one hundred over Indians.
5. The white paper on Kg Medan to be presented in Parliament. 1 (165)
The Attorney General and UMNO knows how to maliciously prosecute but are refusing to be transparent in handing over the aforesaid documents to P.Uthayakumar to prepare for his ethnic cleansing trial.
Despite P.Uthayakumar’s lawyer N.Surendran’s spot on and right to the point submissions, the said High Court Judge, listened to the AG through his alter ego DPP Noorin Badaruddin and dismissed P.Uthayakumar’s application for the aforesaid documents.
UMNO, the AG and IGP are bent on silencing and by putting P.Uthayakumar in jail for up to three years in Malaysia’s Kangaroo Court which will take UMNO’s instructions.
This aforesaid court decision is testimony to this biased and partiality to UMNO judiciary in Malaysia. So that P.Uthayakumar will again be locked up in prison and so that he will no longer be able to speak up for the poor Indians who are oppressed and suppressed by the UMNO regime.
In Malay-sian Courts right up to the highest Federal Court we will only get racist UMNO justice by the 95% Malay Muslim dominated Judiciary.

Hulu S’gor: Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR Indian Exco mandore’s last minute and desperate MIC style kosong wayang kulit

 samy velu n xavier Hulu S’gor: Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR Indian Exco mandore’s last minute and desperate MIC style kosong wayang kulit
This Chief Selangor Indian Exco mandore is doing his last minute and desperate kosong Tamil newspaper politics by false promises of acres and acres of land for Tamil schools and peanut thousands of Ringgit for Tamil schools in Selangor.
As usual the titles to these Tamil schools are never made public just like how the MIC has been doing in the previous 50 years.
We want an end to this MIC trademark and PKR’s ably aped and trademark infringement mandore politics. We want all 98 Tamil schools in Selangor to be granted state government land so that this ‘malnourishment’ of these Tamil schools would be put to an end when the UMNO Federal government would be forced to give them full financial aid status, as the schools would be located on their own land.
And also that these MIC and PKR Exco mandores can no longer play ‘mahjong’ and keep on telling us stories of Tamil school land here and Tamil school land there just to remain politically relevant by their kosong Tamil newspaper politics.
This PKR Indian Exco mandore dishes out peanuts of a few thousand ringgit for this or that Tamil school. But why can’t he get his Tuan Menteri Besar to grant RM120 million or RM6 million per Tamil school, as was given to the 99% Malay Muslim Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Trolak and the Hulu Selangor Chinese school respectively! Millions for the Malays and Chinese but “mere Tamil newspaper announcements of peanuts thousands, but even then which works out to a mere RM100 per head per year for Tamil school pupils.
End MIC and PKR, DAP and PAS copied Mandorism by the Tuans and Tow Kays!

Anwar Ibrahims Indian exco mandore
Anwar Ibrahims Indian 
Exco mandore 2

Malay muslim dominated judiciary – concerns in the pre-independence 1956 Reid Commission proposal. Zero Indian Judge in Federal Court.

Malay muslim dominated judiciary – concern in the pre-independence 1956 Reid Commission proposal. Zero Indian Judge in Federal Court.
20th Meeting of the Reid Commission on 24/8/1956
What is discrimination is to be defined. Cannot leave it to Malayan Courts.
Tamil Representative Council Penang and Province Wellesley letter dated 15/7/1956
Public Service monopoly of any community will lead to hatred and injustice.
chief justice Memorandum by peoples Progressive Party (Dr. Seenivasagam (18/7/1956)  
Appointment of Judges – to implement a policy of “Malaysianisation” by indiscriminate appointment of Judges without sufficient regard to their suitability is bound to plunge the country into chaos and destroy public confidence in the administration of Justice. Proviso in Constitution that for some time Judges from India and Pakistan are to serve in Malaya.
Today after 53 years of independence this concern has become a reality. One race dominates the judiciary.
Today 95% of the Malaysian Judiciary has become reserved for the Malay muslims, however qualified or deserving the Indians or Chinese may be (see UM 17/4/10 at page 7).
Even up to in the 1980s’ the No 2 job in the Judiciary ie the post of the Chief Justice was held by Justice Gill.
There is zero Indian Judges in the federal court. Indians in this country are well known and calibred lawyers but they do not accordingly get chosen to become judges simply because they are Indians.
This level of racism does not happen in any other part of the world except in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia.
P. Uthayakumar
Malay nuslim dominated Malaysia

Hulu S’gor: UMNO menafikan bekalan elektrik kepada Sekolah Tamil Eskot

UMNO menafikan bekalan elektrik kepada Sekolah Tamil Eskot
url Escort 
tamil school TANJUNG MALIM, 10 April – Sekolah Tamil Eskot diselubungi kegelapan sejak 50 tahun yang lalu kerana tiada bekalan elektrik. “Walaupun Kerajaan di bawah pimpinan UMNO sudah memerintah negara lebih daripada 52 tahun namun Ahli Parlimen kawasan tersebut tidak mengambil sebarang usaha untuk mendapatkan bekalan elektrik bagi sekolah tersebut,” kata Ahli Parlimen Sungkai Sivanesan. Malah sekolah ini juga tiada kemudahan bekalan air. Kini sekolah tersebut mempunyai jumlah murid seramai 59 orang. Dan 45% daripada murid tersebut telah lulus dalam peperiksaan UPSR.   
UMNO menafikan bekalan elektrik kepada 
sekolah tamil Eskot 3Komen HRP: Dari jumlah sebanyak RM191.5 Bilion yang telah diperuntukkan dalam bajet 2010, RM30 Bilion telah diagihkan untuk pembinaan 80 buah sekolah baru, 1,100 bangunan tambahan dan 347 projek pemindahan sekolah (school replacement projects). Namun usaha untuk menukar sekolah-sekolah tamil kepada sekolah bantuan penuh seperti sekolah tamil Eskot masih tidak dapat direalisasikan daripada jumlah yang diagihkan khas untuk bahagian sekolah. Ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa sekolah-sekolah Tamil masih ke hari ini dinafi untuk dijadikan sebagai sekolah yang mendapat bantuan penuh kerajaan. Malah air dan bekalan elektrik dinafikan. Gagasan 1 Malay-sia? Rakyat Didahulukan …?

UMNO menafikan bekalan elektrik kepada 
sekolah Tamil Eskot 
UMNO menafikan bekalan elektrik kepada 
sekolah tamil Eskot 2
UMNO menafikan bekalan elektrik kepada 
sekolah tamil Eskot 3

Nine Kampung Buah Pala residents seek justice

kbp 15 kbp18 kbp12
By Athi Shankar - Free Malaysia Today

GEORGE TOWN: Nine disgruntled former residents of Kampung Buah Pala in Bukit Gelugor have filed an application seeking a court review and declaration on the land status of the demolished village.

Kampung Buah Pala Residents Association chairman M Sugumaran said senior resident M Ayamah, 69, filed the application on the behalf of the ex-villagers in the High Court here two weeks ago.

Lawyers Danny C Navaratnam and V Sivagurupatham are representing the nine families.

In her affidavit, Ayamah has also sought a court order to instruct the Penang government to compensate the nine adequately over the loss of their livelihoods and homes.

The nine households are until today denied any compensation by the DAP-led state government, which advocates competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) as its official motto of governance.

The nine are V Odayappan, 88, Draviam Arul Pillay, 84, M Karupiah Thevar, 81, M Ayamah, 75, I Muniandy, 73, P Kaliammal, 66, I Pasunagi, 61, R Indiani, 60, and R Supramaniam, 58.

“We have sent four legal notices of action to the state government seeking compensation for the nine households.

“However, until today the state government had kept a deafening silence on the issue,” Sugumaran told reporters at the former village site today.

In her affidavit to support her application, Ayamah has sought a court redress on how the land status of the village, kept as Brown Estate Trust under federal trust, was changed into a state temporary occupation licence (TOL) land.

Ayamah also wants a court’s verdict on how the current Pakatan Rakyat-led state government could have transferred the land title to a civil servants cooperative society, Koperasi Pegawai Kanan Kerajaan Pulau Pinang, when the land was still under federal trust.

“We want to know when and how a federal trust land had changed status to a state-owned TOL land, and subsequently sold for a private project, ” Sugumaran said.

He said the villagers wanted a court declaration on whether the land title transfer approved by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on March 27, 2008 was legitimate.

Kampung Buah Pala was once known as Penang Tamil High Chaparral for its population of cowherds, cattle, goats and other livestock, unique Indian cultural features and festivities.

Harsh lesson

The 200-year-old Indian traditional village was demolished last September by developer Nusmetro Venture (P) Sdn Bhd, while families were still living there, to pave the way for a posh condominium project called the Oasis.

The nine were the only residents among the original 33 left uncompensated.

The nine had accepted the compensation and shifted elsewhere, leaving behind the 24 families to fight out their case in court.

Following a Federal Court’s refusal to allow a full trial to determine the status of the village land mid-last year, the developer moved in swiftly to demolish the homes.

The state government had given an assurance that the 24 families, including the nine, would get a double-storey house each.

But until today, no sales and purchase agreement has been signed between the developer and former villagers for the double-storey houses.

Sugumaran called on the state government to show proof, if any, that the houses had been documented and legalised.

He also slammed Lim, his deputies Mansor Othman and P Ramasamy, Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh and Seri Delima assemblyman RSN Rayer, for their incompetence in resolving the compensation issue.

“All of them have neglected their duties to the Kampung Buah Pala villagers.

“These are the leaders who have promised to save the village for us,” said Sugumaran.

Meanwhile, the association assistant secretary C Tharmaraj called on Hulu Selangor voters to cast their ballot wisely on Sunday.

He recalled that Ramasamy and Rayer had vowed that the developer would have to demolish the village over their dead bodies.

He also recalled that PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim made a pre-election promise to save the village if Pakatan came to power.

“But now our village has gone and will be replaced with houses for the rich, courtesy of Guan Eng.

“Hulu Selangor voters should learn a harsh lesson from our predicament,” he said.

Kg Buah Pala to Hulu Selangor: Vote BN

Kg Buah Pala to Hulu Selangor: Vote BN (refer 23 April 2010)
Frustrated Kg Buah Pala residents have called on Hulu Selangor voters to cast their ballots in favour of the Barisan Nasional candidate P Kamalanathan.
NONE"This is a humble request from us, please vote for the BN candidate; please do not become victims like us, who were all taken in by their (Pakatan Rakyat government) sweet words,’ pleaded resident I Pasu (right), at the village site today, also known as High Chapparal due to its long history of cattle rearing.
He also pleaded with them to give Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak a chance to prove that his 1Malaysia concept works.
Pasu, a newspaper vendor, was speaking to reporters at Residents Association’s press conference held at a cowshed.
Residents continue to lament that the state government has yet to compensate the nine out of 24 families evicted from the village last September.
Empty promises letdown
Akg buah pala 020709 
villagers deal with policet the height of the controversy, the villagers were told they would receive a RM600,000 double storey terrace house each as compensation.
In February, Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy had said the state had already secured double-storey homes for 15 of the 24 effected families and was still trying to negotiate for more.
However, the villagers claimed it was all "verbal and not documented".
"This is a lie, they have given us nothing, where are the documents, where is it in black and white?" demanded the RA’s assistant secretary C Thamaras.
"Nine of us who were actively involved in organizing the rest of the village have been singled out by the Penang PR government and are being victimised," he alleged.
NONEHe called on the Indian voters of Hulu Selangor to be wary of who they will pick as their parliamentarian.
"Our suggestion to the Indian voters of Hulu Selangor is this…please exercise your votes carefully, so you do not have to face miseries like what we are facing, by voting for an untrustworthy party and untrustworthy individuals," said Thamaras (above), who is a businessman.
He urged them to take a leaf out of their experience and not listen to promises from "untrustworthy politicians".
"Their talk of a better future has not meant anything to us, will not mean anything to you," he added.
"The politicians only want our votes, they do not care for our problems especially so with the Indians because of our numerical and economic weaknesses, so brothers and sisters, please be careful," he added.
NONEThe association’s chairperson M Sugumaran (left in pix) also called on the Hulu Selangor electorate not to let their votes go to waste.
"Please think carefully before casting your votes, do not let it go to waste because your vote is very valuable," he said.
"Kg Buah Pala has remained empty promises; do not be swayed by their sweet words, where are all the promises of the Pakatan Rakyat gover