Saturday, December 19, 2009

Indians denied Fidloit cow land

Indians denied Fidloit cow land scheme 130 individual cow farming entrepreneurs and 180 contract farmers would be given opportunities to reduce the 72% beef import from overseas (refer BH 18/12/09 at page 20) but thousands of even third and fourth generation Indian cattles farmers have been denied upward mobility opportunities in these projects by Malay-sia’s UMNO government. UMNO would rather give RM 100.00 per month welfare help for the single percent Indian lady with five young children including her 8 month old baby (refer to our posting yesterday) instead of giving her an opportunity in these Fidloit cow projects, Felda, Felcra, Risda, Fama and Agropoliton land schemes to also help alienate poverty among the poor and working class Indians. I




Height of Malay-sian Indian poverty and atrocity.

Height of Malay-sian Indian poverty and atrocity. RM4.00 to feed 5 mouths 22 years old mother, I.Jeeva Santhrika. Her husband in jail (because of a poverty related crime) no water and electricity supply in her squarters abandoned house. Both she, her husband and all five children have been denied birth certificates (although they are third, fourth and fifth generation Malaysian born.

To the contrary a first generation Indonesian immigrant’s son Khir Toyo has become the Chief Minister of the state Selangor, the richest state in Malaysia.

Jeeva Santhrika earns RM 10.00 per day.Working in a second hand goods shop. She has to pay RM 3.00 for 10 pails of water from a neighbour and RM 3.00 to buy candles per.

Jeeva Santhrika has a balance of RM 4.00 per day to feed five mouths and also to feed herself. (The Star 18/12/09 page 51)



RM 4 Billion project for malay company.

RM 4 Billion project for malay company.

But almost zero such government contracts and projects are given out directly to the Indians. At the best the Indians get to do the sub or sub sub or sub sub sub contracts which merely keep them afloat but the malay muslim Project holder or the Main Contractor or a Chinese middleman gets a free ride from the blood and sweat of these hardworking Indians. Hundreds of thousands of Malaysian Indians are believed to be exploited and excluded from the national mainstream development of Malaysia in this way. (Refer UM 11/12/2009 at page 30).


PKR S’gor MB to demolish Rawang hindu crematorium.

PKR S’gor MB to demolish Rawang hindu crematorium. But he gets Indian Exco Mandore to represent and give them false hopes otherwise. This has been the modus operadi of the previous UMNOs’ MIC manddores who have been doing this “good” job for the previous 50 years before PKR came into power and now ably continuing under the PKR Indian EXCO Mandore. (Refer Makkal Osai 9/12/2009 front page)