Friday, July 16, 2010

Malay-sian police shoots dead five in one day by Polis raja Di Malaysia. Good way to spend theitr RM 1 billion allocation for 2010.

Four foreigners (Republic of India) nationals and another local were all gunned down in one day but in two transactions.
tan sri musa hassan To the direct contrary there has been only 18 really necessary fatal direct shootings in 61 years in New Zealand (Memorandum on “A trigger Happy Royal Malaysian Police Force” – 1.3 Persons Shot Dead Per week By The Royal Malaysian Police Force (635 From 1989-1999) The Star 11/05/99. As opposed to 18 fatal police shootings in New Zealand from 1940 to 2001 (61 Years. To The Honourable Deputy Prime Minister/ Home Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi Dated 31st October 2002. By Police Watch And Human Rights Committee.)
This only goes to show the declining police standards in Malay-sia, high handedness, abuse of powers and akin to a police state.
With the RM 1 billion allocation for the year 2010, there should have been quality investigations and followed by an arrest and then criminal prosecution and the appropriate sentence in a court of law after the accused having had right to defend himself. This is the due process of the law.
Murdering mere suspects by the UMNO Polis Raja Di Malaysia only reflects a police state if not an uncivilized barbaric society.
P. Uthayakumar
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Selangor CPO Dato Khalid Abu Bakar refuse to release Indian youth arrested for attempting to lodge a police report against police personnel.


(See letter to Bukit Aman Police Headquarters dated 15/07/2010 below)
imageDespite the public relations department DSP forwarding this complaint to the Selangor Chief Police Officer Dato Khalid Abu Bakar and when the case is so clear cut based on the complainants three police reports, and the complainant arrested at the Brickfields police station where he went to lodge the said police report the Chief Police Officer of Selangor is adamant in not releasing this Indian youth.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the unlawful arrests of especially the Indians in Malay-sian police lockups on a day to day basis. 
We will be writing to the Prime Minister and Home Minister tomorrow on this Polis Raja Di Malaysia above the law mindset.
In the meantime we hold the said Chief Police Officer of Selangor responsible should anything happen to our client Kumar a/l Rajagopal.
P. Uthayakumar

Dear DSP Lai Lee Ching,
Public Relations Department,
Bukit Aman Federal Police H.Q
Kuala Lumpur
Dear Madam,
Re: Client detained for attempting to lodge police report against police for siding Ah Long.
Our Client was harassed by a money lender Ah Long for a debt he had already paid. He was threatened even with death if he did not pay up.
Upon lodging two police reports one Sargeant Jayakumar of the Selayang IPD called in our client and warned him to pay off the Ah Long or he would be arrested  for an offence he allegedly committed in 2001. (Note: Our client’s pasport would prove that he was in India from 1997 to 2002)
On our advise our client came to lodge a police report at the Brickfields police station as his earlier attempt to do the same at the Kepong police station was turned down. Instead he was arrested by the Brickfields police and immediately sent to the Selayang police station.
Kindly release our client forthwith and if need be charge him in a Court of law which is the due process of the law.
Further to our tele-conversation at 1.50 p.m today (15/07/2010) i hereby enclose the three police reports all No Selayang 013343/10, 013522/10 and 13506/10 which are self explanatory. Our client is Kumar a/l Rajagopal (IC No: 810507025341)
Please also take action against Sargeant Jayakumar Lkpl Norzamzarina Kpl Yusof and the Ah Longs.
Thank you.
Your Faithfully
P. Uthayakumar.


UMNO refused to honour Mount Everest climbers Mohandas and Magendran

umno logo(NST 11/7/10 at page 25)
After 14 years, they both were awarded Datukships by the DAP Penang State government.
This too only after critical postings in this our website
But was DAP sincere or just to make up and appease the Indian anger after the demolishment of Kg Buah Pala, the last traditional Indian village in Penang Island, denial of land for all 28 Tamil schools in Penang, all Hindu cemetaries and all temples in Penang.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

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