Monday, October 4, 2010

How “not to don’t fear Islam” in Malay-sia

See NST Headlines 26/9/10)

Res Ipsa Loquiteour @the facts speaks for itself.

The USA, the world’s most powerful country can have a black muslim as President, Barack Husin Obama. But in One Malay-sia, Muniady who married Rani a/p Kandasamy with Jamilah being her muslim name in the Identity Card is arrested and circumsed overnight and forced to become a muslim with the muslim name Mustapha Muniandy. This is just the tip of Islamophobia in Malay-sia. And thousands of such Islamic extremism and supremacy using UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak’s bully, majoritarian might and oppressing, suppressing and depressing the poor and politically powerless Indians with no economic clout.
And now UMNO’s Najib is trying an international drama by offering the USA help in “Don’t fear Islam” as per the ( NST headlines on 26/9/10).

P. Uthayakumar


HINDRAF & HRP visit to Lembah Bujang, Kedahram : HINDU Civilization wiped out

IMG_3470 IMG_3466
IMG_3477 IMG_3478
IMG_3480 IMG_3483
IMG_3479 IMG_3468
IMG_3487 IMG_3492
IMG_3494 IMG_3495
IMG_3497 IMG_3496
Zero Indian involved. If you look at list is 99.99% is Malay muslim and 1 Chinese. What does this tell you?
IMG_3499 IMG_3498
IMG_3500 IMG_3501
IMG_3502 IMG_3511
IMG_3503 IMG_3504
IMG_3505 IMG_3506
IMG_3507 IMG_3508
IMG_3509 IMG_3510
IMG_3512 IMG_3521
IMG_3520 IMG_3522
Zero Indian involved 
IMG_3535 IMG_3536
IMG_3540 IMG_3541
IMG_3481  IMG_3482
 IMG_3469 IMG_3475