Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PKR, DAP and PAS MPs won’t call for IPCMC Commission when poor Indian youth Asogan (24) killed in police lock up.

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(See MM 19/10/10 at page 4)
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When one death is too many – The Sun. But not when poor Indian youth killed in police custody. Free Press?

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See the brutal photos in our postings yesterday (19/10/10).
But The Sun and almost all other scores of Indian journalists nationwide and also the Malay and Chinese journalists reported zero on this police murder of 24 year IMG_3736old Asogan.
Because it is not press worthy as it merely involves a poor Indian and does not appeal to the 90% Malay and Chinese readership of bi-racial One Malay-sia?
aminul Has Asogan’s name been Aminulrasyid or Teoh Beng Hock it would have (rightly) been in the front pages of or prime news in both the UMNO mainstream media and also the alternative media.

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice


Photos : Malay-sian police murder Indian youth Asogan (24) in Police lock-up. A la Kugan injuries.

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