Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thaipusam wayang! PKR, DAP & PAS mandores beat MIC mandores.

gudda44Thaipusam wayang! PKR, DAP & PAS mandores beat MIC mandores.

By dishing out peanuts promises of cash by way of mock cheques. That is if these hindu temples and Tamil schools actually receive this promised cash. After this paper politics no one would ever know if the Tamil schools and hindu temples actually received the said RM 50,000.00 We have received many complaints that most of them if at all only get a fraction of the mock cheque sum as what the MIC had been doing for over the least 50 years.

But why are all these hindu temples, cemeteries and tamil schools not granted state government land all in one go as a permanent and lasting solution as opposed to a temporary and piecemeal solution which can be done by the stroke of the pen of their “tuan” Menteri Besars of Selangor and Kedah and Kapitan Chief Minister of Penang.

See photographs the desperate PKR,DAP and PAS mandores and their wayang kulit theaterics at Batu Caves, Ipoh, Penang and Sungai Petani. All just for the cameras. To stay politically relevant and politically afloat! And to finally replace and take up the vacant slots left behind by the MIC Mandores.








UMNO separates traditional and heritage hindu ritual riverbed from Batu Caves (refer NST 28/1/10 at page 12)

Yet again the UMNO racist religious extremist and supremacist regime by design segregated and separated the traditional 200 year old hindu ritual (especially for Thaipusam) riverbed from the main Batu Caves temple on the following counts:-
1. The Sentul Railway station is a dead end. If only this Railway station had been shortened and brought forward and built on the empty piece of land just before the main road leading to Batu Caves, a whole long stretch of this Batu Caves ancestral riverbed could have been preserved and maintained as part and parcel of the Batu Caves Heritage and to be in tune with Batu Caves being a World Heritage Site.
2. Was the closure of the main road from the said riverbed to the Batu Caves Hindu Temple to make way for some UMNO linked companies to make hundreds of millions of Ringgit Malaysia by the building of the spiraling elevated bypass across the railway tracks.
3. Why wasn’t an overhead railway bridge built instead which would have cost a fraction of the spiraling elevated bypass and in order to maintain this ancestral and heritage walkway from the said riverbed to the Batu Caves hindu temple.
4. In the alternative why wasn’t an underground railway passageway not built to maintain this walkway from the said riverbed to the Batu Caves hindu temple.
5. The whole row of 20 traditional up to fifth generation Indian flower shops leading to Batu Caves has now been by passed with the building of this new spiraling elevated bypass and which risk closure at anytime now.
6. Why didn’t the Selangor state government, the 82 PKR,DAP or PAS MPs’ and/or in particular it’s Indian MPs’, Exco member, State Assemblymen or Senator mandores order a Stop Work Order with the view to restore this original historical, traditional , and heritage walkway to Batu Caves.
7. Even now we demand for the restoration of the original road and the maintainance and preservation of the original walkpath to Batu Caves. The present PKR led Selangor state goverment even at this juneture can act at least to undo these injustices.
8. Why didn’t the PKR led P.R. Selangor state government lodge an MACC report on the possible acts of the corrupt practices by these UMNO linked companies that unduly benefited from this project.
9. The Batu Caves Tamil school has now been cut off from the riverside part of Batu Caves and also causing grave inconvenience to parents and school children forced to cross the steep,dangerous and unsafe overhead bridge across the railway lines to get to their school.
10. Why couldn’t the original Railway gate crossing be preserved and the then existing road been maintained which would have cost a fraction of the cost of this spiraling elevated bypass.
11. We are not aware of a public signboard and any advertisement in especially all the three Tamil newspapers notifying the eventual closure of this ancestral walkpath from the riverbed to Batu Caves hindu temple. Why?




Thaipusam; Kapitan Guan Eng and Tuan Selangor MBs’wayang kulit (refer The Star 30/1/2010 at page N39)

Just by putting on a garland and showl, smiling at the Thaipusam Indian crowd and dishing out RM 50,000.00 to Tamil schools and hindu temples as also seen on Malaysiakin.TV on 30/1/2010 is just a drop of salt in the ocean in so far as the critical Indian problems are concerned.

We want real solutions to the critical Indian problems especially in PKR and DAP ruled Selangor and Penang.

We repeat that Selangor and Penang State government land be granted to all 98 and 28 Tamil schools in Selangor and Penang respectively and land for all hindu temples, cemeteries and Indian squatters and settlements.

This one act by the mere stroke of the pen of Kapitan Lim Guan Eng and the “Tuan” Selangor MB will solve at least half the critical Indian problems in these two states. But PKR, and DAP would not do it as they “assess” that they may lose the Malay votes and so never mind that the Indians have to suffer.