Sunday, November 2, 2008

More clips from Waytha Speech from London

Please watch Hindraf: Mr. Waythamoorthy's Speech video in Malay from Youtube.

Hindraf: Waythamoorthy Speech Pt. 1 (Malay)

Hindraf: Waythamoorthy Speech Pt. 2 (Malay)

Hindraf: Waythamoorthy Speech Pt. 3 (Malay)

Hindraf: Waythamoorthy Speech Pt. 4 (Malay)

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Letter from FHROI to Malaysian King and PM on Hindraf ban

8, Todarmal Lane, Bengali Market,
New Delhi- 110 001
Phone: 65288241, 23718929


1) Duli Yang Maha Mulia
Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin
Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud
Al-Muktafi Billah Shah
Istana Negara
Kuala Lumpur

2) Y.A.B. DATO’
Prime Minister of Malaysia


Your Highness,
The citizens and Human Rights organisations of India have taken a serious note of the ban
imposed on Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDFAF) by the Government of Malaysia. We are
equally concerned about the detention of five members of HINDRAF. We feel that the sole
reason for the imposition of ban on HINDRAF and the detention of five members of
HINDRAF, was for expressing concerns about the marginalization of ethnic South Asians
within Malaysian society and specifically for organizing rallies.

It is disheartening to know that all the detainees are being treated like criminals, but they
have never been charged much less convicted of a crime. We have been informed that at
least 65 people are being held at Kamunting Detention Centre under the administrative
detention provisions of the ISA. The Internal Security Act allows the police to arrest
individuals they believe have acted, or are "about to" or "likely to" act in a way that would
threaten Malaysian security, "essential services" or "economic life" (Article 73 (1)(b) and the
detainees can be held for up to 60 days for investigation by the police, after which time the
Home Minister can issue a two year detention order under the ISA. The two year detention
can be renewed indefinitely without the detainee ever being charged with a crime or tried in
a court of law.

As such the ISA is contrary to fundamental principles of international law, including the right
to liberty of the person, to freedom from arbitrary arrest, the presumption of innocence, and
the right to fair and open trial in a court of law.

We demand that the Government of Malaysia should start the process to abolish this
draconian legislation. We also demand that the ban imposed on HINDRAF should be revoked
immediately and the five members of HINDRAF should be released without any precondition.

Rajesh Gogna

PS from UKHindu on Hindraf ban

Press Release

Malaysia Government Bans Minority Human Rights Organisation

The Hindu community has been suffering systemic persecution at the hand of the Muslim majority Malaysia. Laws have been passed to discriminate Hindus in jobs and other economic benefits which have been exclusively reserved for Muslims. Having silently suffered since independence for over 60 years, the community had decided to form a non political organisation in the name of Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) in order to raise a united minority voice.

Over 80 Hindu temples including one over 100 years old MAHA MARIAMAN TEMPLE at Padang Jawa have been demolished under fake reasons. No alternative facilities were given to the community for their religious rights. The Hindu priests were beaten up and the statutes of Hindu deities were dishonoured.

Malaysian Home Minister bans a Hindu Minority Organisation

In November 2007 the community had decided to hold a demonstration in front of the British high Commission to hand over a petition demanding intervention of the British government acknowledging that it was the British who brought them to Malaysia under indentured labour policy.

The Malaysian government had then banned the demonstration and had fired tear gas and water cannons at over 20 thousands demonstrators who had gathered there. They had arrested many of them but owing to the intervention of international media they had decided to let them go except, however, more than 100 were charged with fake criminal offences. They also arrested the five leaders of the Hindraf and charged them under draconian ISA law, which is detention without trial for anti-state activities.

The Malaysian Government has also cancelled the passport of the chairman of Hindraf Mr. P Waytha Moorty who had come to the UK in order to draw attention for the plight of his community and have thus made Mr. Moorthy a stateless person without any passport. The atrocities of the Malaysian government are still continuing. Two weeks ago after banning HINDRAF, last week they arrested on remand eleven persons including a woman who had gone to convey Dewali greetings to the Prime Minister and to request him to release the arrested Hindus before Dewali festival.

Hindu Council UK severely condemns the actions of the Malaysian government and requests:

That the ban on Hindraf is lifted and the Hindu minority community should be accorded with legitimate human rights.
That the criminal cases against leaders of Hindraf should be withdrawn and the HINDRAF leaders released unconditionally.
That the UK government as head of the commonwealth should prevail upon the Malaysian government to adhere to the charter of universal human rights and safeguard the interests of the Hindu minority.

Suraj Sehgal
Director for Defence and Security
Hindu Council UK

Note : Hindu Council UK (HCUK) is the foremost and largest national network of the Hindu temple bodies and cultural organisations co-ordinating all different schools of Hindu theology within the UK. HCUK is the representative umbrella body for the British Hindu issues for which a UK wide mandate was received during a two year consultation with the British Hindu public culminating in its launch in November 1994.

HCUK Admin Office:Boardman House, 64 The Broadway, London E15 1NG.
T: 020 8432 0400
F: 020 8432 0393