Sunday, August 14, 2011

Foreign lawyers not welcomed in M'sia (Malaysiakini)

'If the Malaysian government has nothing to fear, why deport foreign lawyers who are here in the country to meet their clients?'

British lawyer deported over Hindraf lawsuit

Dr Suresh Kumar: In my view, the deportation of British lawyer Imran Khan can be best concluded as a 'blessing in disguise' so to speak.

If the Malaysian government had nothing to hide, it would not have committed such a shameful and deplorable act against a human rights lawyer. As a matter of fact, the Malaysian government has breached the lawyer's right to meet his clients as well as the rights of his clients to meet their lawyer.

Now the British government can take cognisance of what this class-action suit is all about. This insane decision by the Malaysian government to deport Khan, who is allegedly a security threat, is totally ridiculous and shameful. It speaks volumes of the government's fear to face reality in today's borderless world.

No one, can stifle the voices of truth and justice. Not even the great Lord Shiva, who taught us that truth should be spoken, no matter who you face or what you may face. You cheat the weak and the defenseless, sooner or later you will pay a hefty price for it.

Hindraf/HRP need not have links with the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) as the government stupidly accused. They have brains and the power of the pen to take on Umno or any other political party, which may want to play political games with the lives of the Indian poor.

Anticommunalist: The deportation proves a lot of things. One, the Malaysian government has lot to hide from the world.

Two, the fact that British lawyer Imran Khan was deported shows that he is no ordinary lawyer and one that the government fears.

Hence, this is not some kind of a 'wayang kulit' show by Hindraf, but a serious attempt to get to the bottom of the root causes of discrimination against the minorities in this country by the racist Umno government since independence.

Rohan: Not many have the guts to do these things. Hindraf has proven time and again that they are fearless and would confront injustice head on.

Their lawyer is equally the same. He did not hide his reasons as to why he was coming to Malaysia. He was upfront but these Umno immigration had to take instructions from their masters. It is plainly clear that they fear Hindraf and their lawyer.

I believe Hindraf have thousands of documents to prove Umno's deceit from the time of independence.

Dood: If the Malaysian government has nothing to fear, why deport foreign lawyers who are here in the country to meet their clients? How shameful.

Solaris: It may seem to some that Hindraf is approaching the issue of Indian marginalisation incorrectly and that the only alternative is to vote for the opposition, but this is getting quite tiresome, irritating and passe.

To me, it looks like Hindraf is attempting to address the problem at its root cause and being quite rational and methodical in its approach. Otherwise, it would not have been called a "fact-finding mission".

As for Lover Boy, who said that "Malaysia has no bones with these people but it is the British who made the request that these chaps are to be deported," why then did the British Foreign office and its embassy in Kuala Lumpur try to intervene on behalf of Imran?

Anonymous: Hindraf took a calculated risks. The fact that Umno deported a lawyer shows they fear Hindraf and their class action. This case would truly open a whole lot of Umno rubbish and mind you, it would be known internationally.

Khairuddin Mohd Yusof: At least, Hindraf has shone the spotlight on the mistreatment of Indians at the hands of the powers-that-be.

Sadly, racism seems to be very much part of life in Malaysia. The excuse given by BN is 'ketuanan', while Pakatan Rakyat's multiracial approach means Chinese and Malays only.

Both show indifference towards the plight of the Indians. Sad situation indeed.

Anonymous2: In 2007, Hindraf went to the British High Commission to hand over a petition and they were attacked and hundreds arrested.

Now their lawyer, who came to meet them, was deported. What nonsense is this? I hope our opposition MPs would raise this gross human rights violations in Parliament.