Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Uthaya has spoken, the ball in police's court

'The motive for distributing the sex video by Umno is understood, while the involvement from the police leaves one dumbfounded.'

Man in sex video not Anwar, says Uthaya

Swipenter: The Datuk Ts are still running around town free even after admitting their role in publicly showing the porno clip in Carcosa Seri Negara hotel.

What more with police escort accompanying one of them to the mosque to swear on the Holy Quran to implicate PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim in the clip. Doesn't it smells like conspiracy? If it was Anwar, he would be thrown in the slammer faster than you can blink your eyes.

Cala: By identifying the sex video as the product of Umno and the police' Special Branch, the accusations from P Uthayakumar are considered grave.

If that is the case, the motive for doing so by Umno is understood, while the involvement from the police leaves one dumbfounded. I would have thought they had taken their oaths and would stay loyal to the constitution and remain neutral politically.

JBGUY: Uthaya, despite your differences with Pakatan Rakyat, you were principled enough to state your candid view and in defence of Anwar. It is my fervent hope that you would cease all hostilities against PKR and somehow work with them in unseating the greatest malaise afflicting this nation - the BN which have bled this country dry and which have driven wedges amongst the races.

Please give PKR a chance and hopefully the Indians and Chinese alike will be treated as citizens on par with the Malays.

Democrat: Way to go, Uthayakumar. This should tell something to the DAP/Pakatan Rakyat cyberdogs who run you down at every opportunity.

Fairness for all: Tell us something new. We already know that it's not Anwar from the clips that appeared on YouTube. Only the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) will need some so-called expert to tell them that, and that fake expert will claim it is Anwar.

Who is PM Najib Rakyat trying to fool? The rakyat are not idiots. We already know that since the tape was shown in Carcosa, this was a politically motivated allegation to kill Anwar's political career.

Malaysia_Wikileaks: When 300-over Hindraf supporters were arrested and among them 54 were charged in court for taking part in an anti-Interlok rally, Anwar never ever opened his mouth to condemn the brutal act of Umno against the public. Where was Anwar's moral ground and principle in this matter? Why should Hindraf voice out its support for him?

Hindraf should ignore this selfish leader, because he is playing a role to finish off the Hindraf movement by labelling it as a racist movement.

Anonymous: If this sex video is used by Umno to frame Anwar, then one has to wonder how true is sodomy II. And since one of the accusers swore the authenticity of this video in the mosque, one has to also wonder how genuine is Najib's oath in the mosque about not knowing Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: Well done, Uthaya. Whatever your motives may be, but for now they seem to be genuine. The Pakatan Indian leaders should take note and stop all the backstabbing and their MIC mindset - namely to hold office and power but do very little for the poor Indians in the estates and other rural/semi-rural areas.

Consider working with Uthaya, and yes, his ideas and demands are far fetched and excessive and too Indian-centric but politics is about ideas and accommodation. With the help of Uthaya, Pakatan can go above its current 50% support base among Indians to at least 70%. Otherwise, Pakatan may stand to lose given Najib's hoodwinking of the Indians with his 1Malaysia nonsense.

Yes, Uthaya viewed the tape in private since it was sent to him by post. He did not screen it in public or distribute it to the public. Anyway he should surrender it to the police soon. As for the 'sumpah laknat', if Anwar takes the oath, will Umno/BN say he is innocent and drop the matter, including the Sodomy II charge?

Changeagent: Najib should try to stop flogging this dead horse. Stop insulting the public's intelligence. The sex video is now readily available all over the Internet. Anyone can see and judge for themselves that the slightly overweight man in the clip isn't Anwar. Uthaya was only stating the obvious.

Louis: How much lower is the government going to go to destroy Anwar's political career? First it was Datuk T's screening of the sex video, and the public refused to believe that it was Anwar.

Then, some idiots uploaded the clips onto YouTube. Upon looking at the images, it further confirm that it was not Anwar. In desperation, Shazryl Eskay Abdullah swore that he was in the video. His act made the matter worse. The public continue to doubt his credibility. Thus the joke is on Eskay.

When all failed, the final act was to distribute the sex video freely. Would this action convince the general public that the actor was Anwar? No. On the contrary, the general public now empathise with his family and feel that they are unfairly humiliated by this accusation.

Instead, uppermost on their lips is that why are the Datuk Ts not charged yet.

Penang free WiFi a waste, says Gerakan Youth

Multi Racial: Gerakan Youth chief Oh Tong Keong said "Penang free WiFi is a waste". Well, this will give more comfort to people in Penang that they are blessed for not having voted in Gerakan into government for being so against advancement.

Every implementation will have it limitations and problems. If Oh was objective, he should provide input on how to further improve it, not jump to conclusions like this. I think Penang is going to be under the opposition for a long, long time with pea-brained person like Oh in Gerakan and BN.

Sandakan: Those critics of Penang's free WiFi should come to Tawau. Even our paid broadband from Telekom Malaysia is subjected to frequent breakdowns. Penangites should be thankful that Penang is governed by Pakatan, which tries hard to reduce the cost of using broadband.

Dingy: Talking about free WiFi provided by state government in Penang, we are asking PM Najib to give us free WiFi instead of free 1Malaysia Email. Believe it or not, Oh dare not even say anything about free WiFi. All Umno projects need huge amount of money, and what happened to them? Many failed due to poor implementation.

One good example is the Smart School, Najib's pet project when he was minister of education. It was a failure.

So those who criticise DAP over the free WiFi in Penang, Najib's free 1Malaysia e-mail will cost taxpayers millions of ringgit. Najib's motive is to save a failing company.

It is not Anwar, says HRP

Uthayakumar also accused the government of trying to influence HRP to be part of a conspiracy to implicate Anwar in the sex scandal.

KUALA LUMPUR: Indian rights activist P Uthayakumar got a shock when he found a copy of the alleged Anwar Ibrahim sex video in his mailbox.

The Human Rights Party (HRP) secretary-general said that the video, which was in a CD, was sent to him on April 29 via airmail from Thailand.

“When we played the CD to find out what it was, we discovered it was the (alleged) Anwar sex video,” he told reporters at the HRP office.

Uthayakumar said the envelope was postmarked in Thailand on April 25.

He said that he and other HRP members later watched the video in full, and was convinced that the adulterer was not the opposition leader.

Instead, he said that the video was the government’s efforts in trying to “politically kill” off Anwar.

“I think the sender wanted me to influence me to be part of the conspiracy to implicate Anwar,” he said.

Uthayakumar also said that HRP’s vocal criticism of Pakatan Rakyat’s policies may have been a factor in sending the video to him.

“I am not a blind supporter of Anwar and we are very critical of him,” he said.

Nevertheless, he said that the video was part of a greater conspiracy targeted at the PKR supremo.

He accused the police and the Special Branch of having a hand in sending the video to his house, which he claimed not even his close friends knew.

“Nobody knows my exact address,” he said, adding that the letter’s was supposedly printed by the authorities.

‘Police the perpetrators’

Uthayakumar said that the manner in which the letter was sent was similar to a 2004 envelope containing a live bullet mailed to his residence.

He said that he was not going to file a police report over the CD, citing a total lack of confidence over the matter.

“They (police) are the perpetrators of this crime,” he said, adding that there is also a loss of faith in the Malaysian judiciary.

Instead, Uthayakumar said: “We are going to send this CD to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s office with a message to stop this level of gutter politics.”

He added that he was planning on doing so next week.

The sex video was shown in early April to a group of journalists at the Carcosa Seri Negara hotel.

Revealed by businessman Shahzryl Eskay Abdullah, Perkasa treasurer Shuib Lazim and former Malacca Chief Minister Rahim Tamby Chik (collectively known as Datuk T), the video appeared to depict Anwar having sex with a Chinese sex worker.

Anwar has since vehemently denied the claims, and accused the government of political assassination.

Video:- Uthaya: Man in sex video not Anwar