Saturday, October 10, 2009

UMNO’s Najib to use Makkal Sakthi Party to control the raising of Indians


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Media Statement 10/10/09

UMNO’s Najib to use Makkal Sakthi Party to control the raising of Indians

UMNO and Najib think they can use Makkal Sakthi Party (MMSP) to hoodwink the Indians especially in 62 Parliamentary seats and 138 state seats where the Indians form between 10% to 46% ( Indian political empowerment strategy by P.Uthayakumar at page 16). But no more after the 25th November 2007, 100,000 people Rally refer ( The Star 10/10/09 page N25) Since then there has been an Indian awakening.

Najib must be kidding himself by thinking that a party calling itself the Makkal Sakthi Party will move the Two Million Indians back to UMNO/BN. Here is a political tips for you Najib and UMNO. Seriously and sincerely address and solve the critical Indian issues. Stop all the wayang kulit as if you are helping the Indians. Put the Indians into the National mainstream development of Malaysia. Then and only then will you get a bulk of the Indian votes. Not by stealing the Makkal Sakthi name from HINDRAF.

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HINDRAF is an apolitical coalition which attributes its birth to the conscience and awareness for Malaysians to recognize the truth, fairness and equality for the Malaysian whose forefathers had forsaken their ancestry lands to live peacefully in this multi racial community.

The Malay has political power; the Chinese has economic strength, whereas the Indian along with lain-lain category are voiceless and trampled over in their equation as a citizen of Malaysia until election time.

Who HINDRAF supports is not the issue but what is just and fair for the society at large. The voters in Bagan Pinang are the reflection of Malaysia and they bear a heavy responsibility to make a choice to ensure that their frustration as a citizen is made known against the mishandled state of affair of the country as well as individual states.

HINDRAF is not accustomed to the art of pleasing and passing pleasantry to appease the politicians but rather a truth messenger to create the awareness to the public, the sorrow state of affairs of those systematically discriminated and marginalized society within a multi racial society in Malaysia.

How the voters in Bagan Pinang make their choice should not be dictated by what BN or PR can offer but to be the bellwether for rest of the Malaysian community on their stand for the welfare of their multi cultural community against the interest of the politicians and political parties.

Yes, HINDRAF as a loosely organized NGO meaning you and me with equal responsibility in all of us individually to provide the conviction in our own leadership in staying true to its cause rather than being being twisted and spinned around for lack of political will against fairness towards the community ie public. Whether one accepts it or not relies on the cause of just and fairness irrespective of the politicians need. Humanity has always been driven with a conscience that created the tilt in GE12 and believes it is very much alive in the society.

Recent events such as the death of Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock, mismanagement in Kg Buah Pala, cow head incident is Seksyen 23, Kg Tanjung Tokong shows that the people need to be empowered not parroting politicians either BN/ PR against the truth and reality for the community.

HINDRAF reinstate it’s position that no political organizations in Malaysia today should be able to twist our arms to condone against what is righteous for the community. For 52 years we have lived a life to accept and dealt with the crap and sweetener thrown in by the UMNO led government as we ignored the reality for the masses of people whether it is Malay, Chinese, Indian or lain-lain.

Now the people of Bagan Pinang have a choice through their votes to make a difference based on their own choice whether to vote or abstain if nothing is going to change their status quo whether it is a BN or a Pakatan rule. The choice is with the people of Bagan Pinang to decide for themselves how and why their choices will make a difference for them to ensure truth, fairness and equality will transpire across the board and resonate whole over Malaysia rather than the rhetoric created equally in balance by BN or Pakatan.

HINDRAF can enhance its objective to ensure a fair and equal Malaysia for all Malaysians with the ability and cooperation of the general public, if one that seeks for the community is able to see and understand its stance. Those voters in Bagan Pinang will need to make their own assessment of their own sacrificies on what is in stake for a Malaysian community to show that “People Power” can prevail over politicians and political parties.

HINDRAF is neutral in its stand in Bagan Pinang as those constituents need to achieve their own maturity to make a stand for what is their dignity, moral right and belief in creating an amicably ambience for the Malaysian society in fairness and equality in the long run without deluding ourselves.

Malaysia is in our hand for humanity, we decide and the change will appear for our community.

Thank you.