Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Indian teenager shot dead forced into world of crime by UMNOs’ social engineering and exclusion from national mainstream development of Malaysia.

Indian teenager shot dead forced into world of crime by UMNOs’ social engineering and exclusion from national mainstream development of Malaysia.
The Malaysian Indians generally are hardworking and prepared to work hard. But under the UMNO / B.N led Malay-sian Malay muslim racial and religious supremacist regime, Indians are denied equality and equal opportunities from womb to tomb.

To start off with even kindergardens are denied in most of the 523 which has some 110,000 mostly poor Indian children kindergardens nationwide. So much so that 42% of standard one pupils in Tamil schools cannot read and write at all because they could not afford to attend kindergardens, not conducive house etc ( MO 10/3/10 at page 3 ). About 90% of the students in Tamil schools did not attend kindergardens whereas 87 % is targeted by 2012 under the National key Results Area ( NKRA ) ( for Malay and Chinese schools The Star 15/3/10 at page N46 ). Almost all Tamil primary schools are denied full government financial help.

Academically weak and poor Indian students have almost all been excluded / denied the 200,000 places in the Institute Kemahiran Mara Skills Training places ( see BH 29/510 at page 6 ) and in the 209 Giat Mara Skills Training Institutions given a RM 550 Million Budget in the 10th Malaysia Plan. ( BH19/7/10 at page 4 ). 5,000 almost all Indian scrap metal dealers have been denied licences ( see The Star 28/11/09 at page N22 ). Similarly thousands of Indian car wash operators have been denied licences and the business opportunities. There are more the 1,400 different areas of trade opportunities in Malaysia but excluded and segregated to an estimated 99.9 % of the Indians. ( The Star 9/12/09 at page N47 )

There are 44,580 registered contractors in Malaysia and 90% ( 40,305 are Malay muslims )

But 99.9% of the few Indian contractors are denied direct jobs from the Malay-sian government, which is the nation’s biggest spender

The academically weak Indians can naturally cook but are denied even the opportunity to set up a burger stall let alone food stalls, fruit and flower stalls, highway rest areas.

Even government department office boys jobs are denied to these Indian youths when a black “muslim” can even become the President of the world’s most powerful country, the USA.

The Indians poor are being socially engineered by UMNO to become unskilled general workers and cleaners, toilet cleaners, security guards, drivers, office boys, maids, road sweepers, alam flora workers etc.

But these Indian poor office boys have been denied the opportunities to be given licences to run courier companies, denied the security guard, cleaning alam flora, toilet cleaning, road sweeping and lorry transport contracts by both the government sector who give almost all to the Malay muslims and the private sector who give almost all to the Chinese.

The poor but hardworking and prepared to work hard Indians are denied, excluded and segregated from these race and religious based business opportunities, loans, licences and upward mobility opportunities both by the Malay muslim UMNO government and the Chinese capitalist controlled private sector economy. Why One Malay-sia?

Had these aforesaid opportunities been non race and religious based, Jeevan Ramasamy (17) would not have been shot dead while allegedly commiting a crime,(TN ,MO and MN front page and NST 17/11/10 at page 9) So would scores of thousands of Indian youths would not be languishing in prisons.

They would have been like the Chinese criminals and gangsters of the 1960s’ to 1980s’ who today have emerged to become at worst RM5,000.00 earning koay teow sellers to VCD, budget hotels, retailers, suppliers, contractors and project undertakers, bankers and millionaires. Very few Indian poor would then want to become a criminal or a gangster.

Equality and equal employment and business opportunities will keep Indian youths like Jeevan and hundreds of thousands of others out and away from crime.