Sunday, May 31, 2009

HINDRAF – Can You Lead Us, Are You the Third Force?

The first thing that comes to mind is that it is a racist movement only to enhance the Malaysian Indians, right? Right!!!!
By R. Shan (Human Being)
Well, the well-oiled mechanism of manipulation, propaganda, imagery and public relations wizardry to frighten and silent the public has obviously put them in such a light.
Frankly, don’t you agree that Malaysian Indians are responsible for the largest problems (ie, theft, robbery, suicide, stateless people etc) statistically in proportion to their populace as a minority in Malaysia?
Yes, you may argue that the Malays, the Chinese, and all those lain-lain face the same faith and predicament in this society. But again, why have those who care so much for them not waged a war against the government to safeguard their interests? Is it because these so-called leaders have their own individual needs or the needs that serve society or they fear the almighty government?
The biggest distortion of the truth comes from us. It is us as one Malaysians with our lying in silence that causes all the mayhem.
HINDRAF may have by default triggered the tsunami of March 8, 2008 but the message has always been the truth to its cause no matter how narrowly you see it. Whether they are racists or not can only be answered by you - if you can see the bigger picture.
Today, we have two factions in the Malaysian political scene; one UMNO-led BN and PKR-led Pakatan. Both gloat on their objectives and their track records yet they can’t even see beyond themselves without stepping onto each other’s shoes. It is always a tit for tat contest and the public suffer.
Now, why don’t we create a third force, a force that is independent? Here again, when I mean independent, I mean totally independent without any selfish needs. Solitude in its objective for doing what is the truth and right without any compromise.
HINDRAF, I believe, can be a serious contender for a third force only if all Malaysians embrace and expand their pursuit for the truth and moral obligation of a people-elected government without the usual shenanigans that we are all accustomed to based on race, religion, following or creed.
There are many active and some lip service NGOs in Malaysia. What is the purpose of these NGOs? The phrase non-governmental organization came into use with the establishment of the United Nations in 1945 with provisions in Article 71 of Chapter 10 of the United Nations Charter [1] for a consultative role for organizations that neither are governments nor member states.
HINDRAF, similar to other NGOs, was developed to emphasize humanitarian issues, developmental aid and sustainable development.
Now the golden question is, how can it enhance the society? Can HINDRAF in affiliation with other NGOs in Malaysia cut across the racial barriers and create the third force to dictate the path of Malaysia? In my opinion, yes it can; only if all the NGOs can forgo their own alter egos and understand that HINDRAF was waged for the truth and reality that faced the obedient and peaceful Malaysian Indians as opposed to the racial stand that most of us believe.
HINDRAF should be ready to move ahead and carve out the direction with the other NGOs to expand the horizon for humanity and we the people should heed this call to show that a third independent force can dictate the course of our nation to create the necessary check and balance.
My people, it is you and only you who can make the change without the bigotry that we have in us individually for a truly Malaysian nation.

STATEMENT - HINDRAF-HINDRAF condemns the threat by the Prime Minister

HINDRAF condemns the threat by the Prime Minister.
In what way was, the statements made by HINDRAF leaders are extreme in nature?

How can the call by the HINDRAF leaders against the review on the release of the HINDRAF detainees and accordingly equal & fairer treatment towards all Malaysian born are construed as an extreme in nature when the Prime Minister shouts out for One Malaysia.

Instead of looking into the genuine grievances raised by HINDRAF and addressing them objectively, the government plays to the tune and sentiment of racialism as capitalized by certain elements and warns that something that is pursuit in the sense of fairness and justice as extreme statement.

To date, HINDRAF has been demonized by the government with all kinds of allegation and accusation, yet the government fails to see that HINDRAF has created an awareness within the public with its sole objective is to ensure an equal and fair treatment in a nation that we call Malaysia.

If the Prime Minister and his government is really working towards promoting unity, then it should take the trouble to engage all parties and voices genuinely and deepen the solidarity between their people, while respecting their history, culture and their traditions, rather than abusing its power by threatening and intimidating through its machinery which is in line with authoritarianism, intolerance, and a police state.

The warning issued by the Prime Minister is one callous in nature without regard for the suffering of the minorities, in particular the poor and neglected ones across the board and their sentiments to create a better Malaysia for all.

Thank you
P.Waytha Moorthy
HINDRAF – Chairman