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Press Conference Media Statement
6th March 2011



Pathmarajah & Co
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On the 27th February 2011 Hindraf Makkal Sakthi organised and mobilised a Solidarity March Against UMNO Racism in the heart of KL to lodge a police report on the Institutionalised Racism suffered by 12 million non-Malays in Malaysia. Unfortunately Police began their crack down, intimidation, harassment for 2 weeks prior to the march.

Despite all obstacles more than 3,000 people managed to enter Kuala Lumpur though they were scattered all over KL and in the outskirts. It is disappointing to see this UMNO led Government clamped down on the expression of legitimate grouses of the people resulting in the arrest of about 300 people.

The Minority Malaysian Indian communities have suffered tremendously under the racist policies implemented by the UMNO led Government since independence and their condition is worsened as most are from low paid working class group. This community is left with no other choice but to raise their grouses in legitimate ways. One such ways is the recently organised Solidarity March.

The Government realises that Hindraf Makkal Sakthi and the Human Rights Party is opening a new dimension in the outlook of Malaysians in the area of human rights and have changed the political equations, and thus as usual have taken the most drastic method of clamping down these Human Rights Defenders by pressing criminal charges upon them. This is a blatant abuse of power and Human rights.

We, FRIENDS OF HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS, are appalled by this act of targeting Key leaders and their well wishers in the hope that this democratic movement could be clamped forever. We feel sorry for those persons who were detained and some who suffered injuries

So me and a group of friends and well wishers have stepped forward as Friends of Human Rights Defenders, to raise funds and post bail for those 100 odd persons who have been charged or expected to be charged. Today, another 6 persons will be charged in Kedah.

The money collected will be placed in a bank account operated by independent accountants as ‘clients account’ and will be disbursed solely for bail for those who stand up for human rights.

We shall administer these funds in the most professional manner, account for the funds disbursed and make it public by placing the details of collections in the Human Rights party website

We urge all Malaysians, including Chinese and Malays to show their support and contribute. For human rights concerns all, not just the Indians. Fighting for human rights is fighting for all.

Thanking you.

Friends of Hindraf Makkal Sakthi and Human Rights Party


Interlok: Punish Education Ministry officers, says Niat

(Malaysiakini)The National Interlok Action Team (Niat) has yesterday demanded that the Education Ministry officials who recommended and approved the 'Interlok' novel as a compulsory Malay literature text for Form Five students, be identified and punished.

NONEThis is one of the five resolutions Niat adopted at its meeting in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. It was its second meeting within a week.

"This 'Interlok' novel is contrary to the spirit of national unity. The ministry officers who approved this novel as a textbook must be identified and severely punished by the government," Deputy president of Malaysian Hindu Sangam, Dr Bala Tharmalingam, said.

Niat also claimed that its demand that the novel be withdrawn immediately has been receiving considerable support from the members of all the communities and various NGOs.

"At the start, there were 140 Indian NGOs that supported the call for the withdrawal of 'Interlok'. Now, it is 250 Indian NGOs representing some 500,000 Indians," Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim, the chair of Niat, claimed.

Deadline for Interlok withdrawal
Niat at its meeting held yesterday also adopted another four resolutions.
The first one reiterated its earlier demand that the novel must be withdrawn by March 31.

The second one called for the observance of a fast on March 20 throughout the country for the purpose of raising the awareness of the Malaysian public to the damage the novel would cause to national unity.

The third resolution invited concerned parents to access Niat's website to register their objections to the novel, thus giving expression to their concern.

According to Niat, the objection to the 'Interlok' novel is not a matter concerning just only one community, it is a national issue involving everyone who cares for national unity.
To demonstrate this unity, the fourth resolution called for a conference of all NGOs in the country, which will be held on March 27.