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Racist UMNO IJN denies admission to Indian poor suffering near heart attack. Ambulance turned away. Police Report by Hindraf National Secretary P. Ramesh

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Date : 29/4/2011
Racist UMNO National Heart Institute (IJN) denies admission to Indian poor suffering near heart attack. Ambulance turned away. Police Report by Hindraf Makkal Sakthi National Secretary P. Ramesh
Mr TinagaranYesterday evening (28/4/2011), we had been informed by the family of Mr. Thinagaran a/l Somasundram (IC 461105-01-5519) that at about 5pm Mr. Thinagaran had suffered severe heart pain and was rushed to Ipoh General Hospital. The Ipoh G.H physician urgently put Thinagaran onto an ambulance and rushed him to National Heart Institute (IJN) K.L.However the admission medical doctors refused to admit and treat Thinagaran on the false excuse of he not being a Malaysian citizen, packed him off and send him back to Ipoh by the very same ambulance.
We have today been advised by our Specialist doctor friend that Thinagaran’s conditions is critical and warrants urgent admission and treatment at IJN
This is yet another height of UMNO’s racism raring its ugly head in PM Najib Razak’s 1 Malay-sia. We have been told by Thinagaran a/l Somasundram that this was simply because of the racist UMNOs’ National Registration Department denying Thinagaran his innate right to Malaysian Identity card and citizenship despite he being the 4th generation Malaysian born ethnic Indian. The irony is both his parents Somasundram and Meenachi and all his 7 siblings Vijayaletchimy, Thiagarajan, Nadarajan and Salavathy etc are all Malaysian citizens with valid Malaysian Identity Cards and citizenship.
Should anything happen to Thinagaran by reason of this UMNO’s state sponsored racism and implementation of the BTN lead racist practices and policies we will hold responsible the 1 Malay-sian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Home Minister Hishammudin who directly denied his innate citizenship and the Director of IJN Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr Robaayaah binti Zambahari who had denied Thinagaran admission into IJN.
This case is just the tip of the iceberg as we are informed that tens of thousands of cases have been denied medical treatment at IJN and the tens of General Hospitals Health and Institutions Nationwide on racist excuses like this.
We hereby call upon the aforesaid IJN Director to forthwith and in any event by 12.00p.m today admit Thinagaran at IJN for treatment.
This Police Report No. is made by Ramesh a/l Periasamy Perak HRP Chief and Hindraf Makkal Sakthi National Secretary , Ipoh Perak (Tel : 019-5235528/ HRP HQ : 03-22825241)
This Police report has also been urgently faxed to the aforesaid Director of IJN
Date : 29/4/2011 (Friday )
Time : 2.00 p.m
Venue : Ipoh G.H Police Beat Base
Thank you.
Your faithfully,
Ramesh a/l Periasamy
(NRIC :710508-08-5559)

Police Report
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Cruel & Racist PKR, DAP & PAS S’gor like UMNO tears down disabled poor Indian woman’s fruit stall.

The council says all the stalls along Jalan Teratai, Meru, will be demolished.

KLANG: The Klang City Council (MPK) bulldozed a disabled woman’s fruit stall and refused to tell her why it was done.

P Banu, 35, who runs a fruit stall business with her husband in Jalan Teratai, Meru, for the last seven years, said last week a group of MPK enforcement officers came to the stall and asked her to pack up her goods as they were going to tear down the stall.

“When I asked why, they just smiled at me and started the bulldozer. I could not stop them as I am disabled.”
Banu said that she tried to get a licence from MPK but was told she had to register the fruit business with the authorities.

According to her, the MPK wants to clear the land after getting numerous complaints from residents at Taman Daya Maju, Meru.

She added that MPK was selective in tearing down the stalls. A few stalls owned by people from a different race were not touched.

A restaurant and retail store operating from houses without licences were also left untouched.

Said Banu: “I am disabled; what else can I do to make a living? I have two children in primary school.”

She said although she received RM200 from the Welfare Department, it was only enough for school expenses.

A MPK councillor, K Deepakaran, denied that the council was practising double standard, saying that MPK will demolish all the stalls along Jalan Teratai.

“The rest of the stalls have been given eviction notices and will be demolished in the next 14 days,” he said.