Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Waytha: I did not take any money

It certainly looks an increaingly lawless country, our country - Four more Indians murdered by Malaysian police in Kulim .

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Media Statement (6th October 2009)

RE: 1) Four (4) Indians murdered by Malaysian police in Kulim yesterday
(4 “robbers” killed in shoot-out- NST 06/10/09 at page 12).
Prosecute police for murder.
2) Two Indians charged with killing one policemen.
3) But the 21 suspected policemen who killed A. Kugan in a
police lock-up were never prosecuted for murder by UMNO’s
Attorney General and Inspector General of Police.

1) Four (4) Indians were shot dead and murdered by the Malaysian police in Kulim yesterday. Why is it almost always that it is the Indians who are shot dead by the Malaysian police. We have official statistics of 1.3 persons being murdered by the police every week (The Star 11/05/1999) and about 60% of the victims thereto are Indians. The Kedah Police Chief Datuk Syed Ismail Syed Azlan said they were involved in “41 robbery cases”.

There are over one hundred thousand (100,000) policemen employed in Malaysia who could have easily captured these Indians alive. We also once again question why the police did not capture these Indians alive and prosecute them in a Court of law (if necessary) which is the due process of the law anyway. The law presumes a man innocent until proven guilty.

This is just the tip of iceberg of police victimization of in particular the Indians in Malaysia by either being brutally shot dead in cold blood, beaten up and tortured in police lock-ups, killed in police lock ups or thrown into jails and all this done with impunity.

2) To the contrary two Indians were charged with killing one policeman (The Star 6/10/09 at page N28- labourers charged with killing cop). “In Johor Bharu two odd job workers were charged with the murder of a policeman. S. Velo, 30 and S. Thavasilan, 21 were charged at the Magistrate’s Court with murdering constable C.Selva on 17th September 2009. Their offence was classified under Section 302 of the Penel Code”.

3) A. Kugan was tortured and beaten to death according to the second post-mortem report by Pathologist Dr. Prasanth of University Hospital. There were 21 police personnel who have had contact with A. Kugan while in detention but they were not prosecuted for murder by UMNO’s. Attorney General (AG) and Inspector General of police (IGP). We question the double standards practiced by the AG and IGP as opposed to A. Kugan’s case.

We demand that the 21 police personnel who had contact with A. Kugan similarly and by the same standards as in item 2 herein above be forthwith prosecuted under Section 302 of the Panel Code for the murder of A. Kugan.

We hereby protest this latest cold blooded police murder and call upon the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Attorney General and the Inspector General of police to similary as in item 2 hereinabove prosecute the responsible policemen for murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

Thank you.

Your faithfully,

Information Chief (HRP-Pro tem)
(H/P No : 012-636 2287)

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Prime Minister of Malaysia,
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