Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What you call as an Independence?

By Sara,File:Rajendra map new.png

The Chola dynasty was a Tamil dynasty which known as one of the longest-rulings in some parts of southern India. The earliest datable references to the dynasty are in inscriptions from the 3rd century BC left by Asoka, a northern ruler. The dynasty continued to reign over varying territory until the 15th century AD. This particular empire ruled Suvarnabhumi(Malaysia) too. In the early 15th century, came a Hindu traitor from Palembang, Indonesia to Malacca and established a new government called as empire of Malacca. These facts are denied in the present Malaysian history due to the rising of Islam.

In the early day before independence of Malaya , The Malays were practicing
wayang kulit or a puppet show which adapted from Ramayana and Mahabharata. Those villagers who did not have a chance to watch the wayang kulit had ‘penglipur lara’or a story teller. He used to travel everywhere like Indian saint and spread the message of Hindu epics. After the independence this was abandoned.

After the independence of Malaysia, The Chinese had a very strong opposition party. It was very impressive and not only that they had several organizations which channeled their support to champion their own causes and maintain the stability of their economy .
With their unity, they made impressive changes in the economy of Malaysia. Whereas, Indians were still living at Indian settlements and estates. The UMNO government understood very well that if the Indians were to be united, they would form an opposition party which would challenge their deeds. In order to inhibit this from occuring, step by step they planned to separate the Indians. Many Indian settlements, villages and estates were quietly demolished. In the name of development, Indians were pushed to the residency where they have to live with other races. How could estates which were source of income for British government wasn’t beneficial for the UMNO government?

The Indians were basically intelligent people by birth. Knowing their intelligence could be a threat for UMNO, UMNO followed British's 'break and rule'. It may sound I am exaggerating but it is the fact.In order to cover up all their deeds, they introduced New economy policy(NEP), Bumiputra status and quota systems.

According to UMNO statistics the country have more than 60% Malay populations whereas the non Malays are 35% only. With a country ruled by Malay government together with their Chinese and Indian coalitions, how could 35% of the non Malay population appear as a threat to the 65% of Malays? They said Chinese are leading the economy so they wanted to help the Malays with their NEP system. The simple question is when the country itself ruled by Malay government how could the Malays be poor? Dear readers think wisely, the 65% is more than 35%. If the 35% can do wonders why don’t the 65%? The logic is they have been pampered and dependable on the government. The tradition has been carried forward till today. The Malays have been feed with silver spoon. The poor Indians are scattered left poor day by day.

After the rising of Hindraf, the Indians are united with one motive to bring betterment for the community. When the government realized the unity of the Indians was strengthen, they were worried.So the UMNO government played their dirty trick to break the community by breaking the leaders of Hindraf. Some were even planted as police intelligence. So finally Hindraf was broken.

Even though so many dirty tricks were played yet the 35% non malay are still trying to get their rights back by using slogan as Malaysia for Malaysian and even 1Malaysia. The fact is the Malays are not giving equal rights to the others and still playing racial cards. As I mentioned they have 3 systems which act as protecting power for Malay privileges.

a)New economic policy (NEP)

b)Bumi Putra status (son of soil)

c)Quota system

Even if all the non Malays could get rid of one policy to make up their equal rights, the two other remaining priviliges will barr them from succeeding. It is well planned by the former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed. How could the country progress with their racial agenda?

Earlier, the Indians and Chinese had more schools and temples compared to the Malay Muslims before independence. The Muslims, in championing their Islamic cause, they abandoned the Tamil schools and many temples which were built before or after the colony of British were demolished by UMNO government. While some at one corner of the world trying hard to preserve ancient and old cultures, those precious elements are destroyed here in the name to bring up new Islamic culture which plotted by the government to erode the Indian's culture in Malaysia.

The writer of this article feels hurt and may sound unrealistic but what do you describe or call as freedom when equal rights of others grabbed away and instead of establishing Malaysia for Malaysians, ONE RACIST Malaysia is being reared. Can it change in another 10 years or can they be educated? Ask your self.