Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Candle and special Prayers in Taiping GH yesterday (27th Jan 08)

Hi all,
There were almost 1000 ppl visited Hindraf heroes, Mr . Uthaya and Mr Mano M whom were admitted in Taiping GH yesterday.
The turn out was high as it was Sunday and many from all over the country from came to see the glimpse of their heroes and to show their well wish to them.
I spoke to few of them whom gathered at 4C ward lobby, all of them greet to each other by saying Vanakam, Vaalge Makkal Sakthi regardless of gender and age.
This new phenomena and its a prove of unity awareness among the Msian Indian after the 25/11 Hindraf awakening.
They even brought in their family including children as far as from JB to visit their heroes.
A man by the name of Siva from JB says he is with his family as he looks this a family struggle and it is for the betterment of his kids. He wants them to know who is Uthaya and why he is in the hospital.
The unity spirit was high and I believe it was the big step winning for HINDRAF cause.
Ppl were streaming waiting for their turn to go and see him from the outside of glass door. There are almost 4 Kamunting detention staffs at each room.
The visitors are allow to see him from outside and wave hand with smile which Uthaya repeatly waving one and with the support of another hand as he is still on drips.

We came with an idea and I rush to nearest shop to some manila card and marker, later I communicate to him thru these manila card writing.
We wrote some supporting word and thank him for the entire guide he had lead. Wish him fast recovery and many more.
He was really impressed and happy that he able to get the message across.
His smiles are signs of his courage.

Later abt 7.30 pm were did the candle vigil which been held daily since last Friday nite.
Yesterday there were abt 80 children and they lead the vigil with more than 200 others for more than 1 hours at the car park beside the ward.
Both Uthaya and Mano could see the vigil from their room and slowly waving hand to support the vigil down there.
A police patrol car did came half way of the vigil and was just watching us from far. Nothing done.

The crowds disperse peacefully and with a small prayer for their heroes.
Today is the last day of the hunger strike and we hope all will be ok for all of them.
For those whom are nearby pls do come to the Hospital today evening to show our support.
Vaalge Hindraf.
Vaalge Makkal Sakthi,

Kannan Ramasamy

A Letter From Well Wisher

My husband, kids and I were at the Subramaniam Temple, Port Kelang for Thaipusam (23.01.2008). As in previous years, we would have gone to Batu Caves, except this time around we decided to support the protest against The Batu Caves Temple Management by not patronizing their organization. The celebrations that was the grandest to date at Port Kelang deserves a whole piece of its’ own. What was really an incredible experience for my family and I, was something else that was happening at the temple grounds. To the right of the temple proper was a podium with banners of pictures of the HINDRAF leaders who were in ISA detention. The banners proclaimed in English “HINDRAF Peaceful Assembly Struggle” and “Release Our Leaders”. Having seen quite a number of youths and elderly people with an orange T-Shirt and scarf emblazoned with ‘Makkal Shakti (People’s Power) on them at the celebrations. I assumed the podium was a place about the ongoing protests of the Indian community in the country. Some were sleeping and others seated. Those seated were quite. They were neatly dressed but looked drained. But what was going on was something more significant, emotionally powerful and almost groundbreaking in Malaysian history. Some In front of the group were a few young men in the orange “Makkal Shakti’ T-shirts selling car stickers and being spokespeople for what was going on. I could see everywhere the youths with Makkal Sakthi T-Shirts are serving foods, provide drinks, cleaning temple compound, controlling traffics and etc… Looking at these people I felt a sudden sense of wanting to do something but not knowing exactly what. As we stood there near the podium we could hear people offering donations. These were politely refused by the young men. They said that they were protesting and praying and not for money. Wow! What a wonderful team with marvelous co-ordination and dedication. It was from these men that we found out that the people on the podium were on a hunger strike. From the 20th of January 2008 which was 3 days ago. They would fast until the 25th. Some of them it seams had to take some water occasionally. Two of them had been admitted to hospital. We were informed that there was a doctor on standby to monitor the situation. We (my husband and I) froze completely when we were told that the fast was a peaceful protest against the detention of the HINDRAF leaders under ISA. I started crying first. I told my husband that suddenly I felt so helpless. It didn’t take my husband’s eyes long to fill up with tears. My mind was filled with questions of who were these people who decided to leave their families and sacrifice their health to stage this fast. They looked like people that I see everyday. But they were special. These were people who had made a physical, mental and emotional commitment to a cause that me and my circle of friends just talk about. My colleagues and friends, we talk a great deal. We talk and discuss about the nuances and undercurrents of Malaysian politics and about the motivations of HINDRAF. My husband and I realized that we would be going back to our home after a couple of hours. We would be going home to a good hot meal and shower and probably catch a nap before the evening was up. But the people at the podium would still be there: hungry and thirsty and worn out. For a cause. As we introduced our son and daughter to one of the protesters, he hugged them and simply said “Hey, it’s for you and your future we are doing this for.” As we left, we thanked the protesters for what they were doing with a “Makkal Sakthi Spirit“.