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HINDRAF – Can You Lead Us, Are You the Third Force?

The first thing that comes to mind is that it is a racist movement only to enhance the Malaysian Indians, right? Right!!!!
By R. Shan (Human Being)
Well, the well-oiled mechanism of manipulation, propaganda, imagery and public relations wizardry to frighten and silent the public has obviously put them in such a light.
Frankly, don’t you agree that Malaysian Indians are responsible for the largest problems (ie, theft, robbery, suicide, stateless people etc) statistically in proportion to their populace as a minority in Malaysia?
Yes, you may argue that the Malays, the Chinese, and all those lain-lain face the same faith and predicament in this society. But again, why have those who care so much for them not waged a war against the government to safeguard their interests? Is it because these so-called leaders have their own individual needs or the needs that serve society or they fear the almighty government?
The biggest distortion of the truth comes from us. It is us as one Malaysians with our lying in silence that causes all the mayhem.
HINDRAF may have by default triggered the tsunami of March 8, 2008 but the message has always been the truth to its cause no matter how narrowly you see it. Whether they are racists or not can only be answered by you - if you can see the bigger picture.
Today, we have two factions in the Malaysian political scene; one UMNO-led BN and PKR-led Pakatan. Both gloat on their objectives and their track records yet they can’t even see beyond themselves without stepping onto each other’s shoes. It is always a tit for tat contest and the public suffer.
Now, why don’t we create a third force, a force that is independent? Here again, when I mean independent, I mean totally independent without any selfish needs. Solitude in its objective for doing what is the truth and right without any compromise.
HINDRAF, I believe, can be a serious contender for a third force only if all Malaysians embrace and expand their pursuit for the truth and moral obligation of a people-elected government without the usual shenanigans that we are all accustomed to based on race, religion, following or creed.
There are many active and some lip service NGOs in Malaysia. What is the purpose of these NGOs? The phrase non-governmental organization came into use with the establishment of the United Nations in 1945 with provisions in Article 71 of Chapter 10 of the United Nations Charter [1] for a consultative role for organizations that neither are governments nor member states.
HINDRAF, similar to other NGOs, was developed to emphasize humanitarian issues, developmental aid and sustainable development.
Now the golden question is, how can it enhance the society? Can HINDRAF in affiliation with other NGOs in Malaysia cut across the racial barriers and create the third force to dictate the path of Malaysia? In my opinion, yes it can; only if all the NGOs can forgo their own alter egos and understand that HINDRAF was waged for the truth and reality that faced the obedient and peaceful Malaysian Indians as opposed to the racial stand that most of us believe.
HINDRAF should be ready to move ahead and carve out the direction with the other NGOs to expand the horizon for humanity and we the people should heed this call to show that a third independent force can dictate the course of our nation to create the necessary check and balance.
My people, it is you and only you who can make the change without the bigotry that we have in us individually for a truly Malaysian nation.

STATEMENT - HINDRAF-HINDRAF condemns the threat by the Prime Minister

HINDRAF condemns the threat by the Prime Minister.
In what way was, the statements made by HINDRAF leaders are extreme in nature?

How can the call by the HINDRAF leaders against the review on the release of the HINDRAF detainees and accordingly equal & fairer treatment towards all Malaysian born are construed as an extreme in nature when the Prime Minister shouts out for One Malaysia.

Instead of looking into the genuine grievances raised by HINDRAF and addressing them objectively, the government plays to the tune and sentiment of racialism as capitalized by certain elements and warns that something that is pursuit in the sense of fairness and justice as extreme statement.

To date, HINDRAF has been demonized by the government with all kinds of allegation and accusation, yet the government fails to see that HINDRAF has created an awareness within the public with its sole objective is to ensure an equal and fair treatment in a nation that we call Malaysia.

If the Prime Minister and his government is really working towards promoting unity, then it should take the trouble to engage all parties and voices genuinely and deepen the solidarity between their people, while respecting their history, culture and their traditions, rather than abusing its power by threatening and intimidating through its machinery which is in line with authoritarianism, intolerance, and a police state.

The warning issued by the Prime Minister is one callous in nature without regard for the suffering of the minorities, in particular the poor and neglected ones across the board and their sentiments to create a better Malaysia for all.

Thank you
P.Waytha Moorthy
HINDRAF – Chairman

Monday, May 25, 2009


HINDRAF calls upon the government to drop all charges against the HINDRAF supporters who were involved in the peaceful rally that took place before the British High Commission and those arrested in Batu Caves .

HINDRAF rally was one of peaceful nature and those HINDRAF supporters were made as pawns for the government’s selective prosecution. Those HINDRAF supporters and their family had suffered enough for showing their support in addressing the grievance of the Malaysian Indians.

The HINDRAF rally of November 25, 2007 was one for just and fair cause and within the sphere of the federal constitution that is embedded in Article 10 (1) that guarantees the freedom of speech, the right to assemble peacefully and the right to form associations to every Malaysian citizen.

The government must recognize and acknowledge that in using fear and intimidation against genuine struggles that are peaceful in nature will only further alienate the people from the government. The HINDRAF supporters who were charged were law abiding citizens exercising their birth right for a genuine cause.

HINDRAF’s paramount importance is to its people and their grievances and subjecting these HINDRAF supporters for the selective prosecution will only further agitate the public.

As such, the government should heed the call of HINDRAF and drop all those pending charges against them as soon as possible.

Thank you.

P.Waytha Moorthy

Thursday, May 21, 2009

PKR man: Pakatan not doing enough for Indians

May 21, 09 5:15pm

A grassroots PKR leader today lashed out at Pakatan Rakyat and its administration in Selangor for continuing to marginalise the Indian community in the state."The sidelining of the Indian community by the Pakatan in Selangor is not much different from what Barisan Nasional has done," said Petaling Jaya Selatan division's deputy chief A Thiruvenggadam today.He alleged that all promises made by Pakatan leaders, including PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, before the general election in March 2008 to uplift the Indian community remained unfulfilled."In Selangor, the PKR-led state government has so far failed to keep up with its promise to do something for the community."No job offers have given to the Indian community. No contracts have also been allocated for the Indian businessmen in the state," said Thiruvenggadam, who is a PKR-appointee as a councillor to the PJ city council."I have been asking for the past one year or so for the state government under Khalid to make it a state policy to provide jobs and business opportunities for the Indian community but to date nothing has moved," he said in a statement.He claimed that all Pakatan leaders were repeatedly lying to the Indian community by promising them better things as compared to the neglect committed by Barisan Nasional."They are only cheating the community to garner support.

\Nothing is being done."

They have done nothing for the community by giving some money for the Tamil schools in the state. They must also help the community to be economically strong," he added.He said that the Pakatan leadership's argument that it should not be looking after one particular race only does not hold water."Why do you want to neglect an already marginalised community? There is nothing wrong in helping this community to find its feet. Otherwise, it will just remain neglected," he said.He added that it was ironic that many Pakatan leaders in power today were human rights defenders before this and now they were not seeing the sorry plight suffered by the Indian community in the state.He also challenged the state government to come up with statistics on what it has done to uplift the Indian community in the state.Thiruvenggadam said he would be revealing more on the state government's failure in helping the Indian community at a press conference next Monday.Nalla: I am not surprised by this The Indian community, for long BN voters, shifted sides to Pakatan in the last general election after complaining that they have been neglected for years.Pakatan leaders had said that they would be different from BN and would help the community gain an economic status.However many observers, including insiders like Thiruvenggadam, have complained that the plight of the community remained the same.Commenting on this, BN-allied Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP) leader KS Nallakaruppan said he agreed with the contention that the Pakatan state governments have done nothing for the community. Pakatan won control of five states in the general election."The complaints are valid. I have travelled throughout the country, including to the five states under Pakatan control and the feedback I get is that they are still in the same poor, neglected state."Apart from appointing some Indians to some high-profile posts and local councils, Pakatan had failed to deliver its promise for the Indian community," he told Malaysiakini.He was referring to the appointment of DAP's P Ramasamy as the deputy chief minister 2 in Penang and V Sivakumar as the Perak assembly speaker."Temples are still being demolished in the Pakatan states. Tamils schools are still in the same condition. Have they reduced poverty?" he asked."I know full well about Anwar and other PKR leaders. They have never cared about the Indian community," he added.He said that while BN could have been slow in reacting to the needs of the Indian community in the past, it has now learnt its lessons with the federal government implementing some policies to overturn the situation.Nallakaruppan left PKR in 2007 after a fallout with Anwar and formed his party.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Special Prayers by P.Uthaya at Bt Caves



Human Rights Defender and Ex ISA Detainee P.Uthayakumar would be performing a special prayer for all HINDRAF supporters who had sacrificed for the cause of Makkal Sakthi Movement and for divine blessings on our struggle to achieve the 18 Point Demands- details are as follows :

Date : 17th May 2009-05
Time : 10.00am
Venue: Batu Caves Temple .

All supporters and well wishers are kindly requested to bring Orange color “Pattu” cloth (small size) to be offered to Lord Murugan on the day. We invite all HINDRAF supporters to attend and join in our prayers. This day would also be a day Mr.Uthaya had agreed to have his hair cut and beard shaved after being unlawfully detained for 514 days by the Malaysian Government. Many supporters had also indicated their sincere wishes to have their head shaved bald as fulfilling their vow should HINDRAF Lawyers be released.

Should there be sponsors for Food/Drinks and volunteers of URUMI MELAM Groups, please contact Mr.Ravi 012-567 5274. Mr.Thiagu 014-3382595 and Mrs Latha 016-6019703.

For any other information please contact Mr.Jayathas 012 6362287 or Mr.Selvam 016-6626579.

P.Waytha Moorthy


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MCA wants apology over the arrest of lawyers

TheStar- Wednesday May 13, 2009

MCA wants apology over arrest of lawyers

PETALING JAYA: MCA has called on the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) to take action against the OCPD who authorised the arrest of five lawyers and other supporters of Wong Chin Huat last week.

Education Bureau chairman Gan Ping Sieu said peaceful assemblies should be respected and not handled in a high-handed manner, or treated as a threat against the police.

He also said an apology from the police must be offered in order to restore the public’s confidence in them.

“Without any imminent physical threat, the dispersion order and forcible manner of arrest would be construed as an abuse of police power,” said Gan.

He added the lawyers were entitled to free access to their clients in custody.

“Without any reasonable grounds that they (lawyers) were aiding the detainees in any alleged criminal activities, their arrest is unlawful and a blatant disregard of the law,” he said.

Police arrested 20 people who held a candlelight vigil for Wong for allegedly being an obstruction to justice and for failing to disperse.


Star Online Polls on Perak Limbo

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What is your take on the Perak political crisis?
Neither Dr Zambry nor Nizar should carry out duties of MB until a final court decision
A caretaker unity govt should be appointed pending a final court decision
Fresh elections should be called

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Hindraf's Uthayakumar: No more street protests

Published: Tuesday May 12, 2009 MYT 3:32:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday May 12, 2009 MYT 3:42:41 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Hindraf leader P. Uthayakumar, who spent 17 months in ISA detention for leading a massive anti-government protest, promised Tuesday his group won't go back to the streets to fight for Indian minority rights in Malaysia.

"Armed struggle is out of the question," Uthayakumar told The Associated Press in his first interview after being freed from jail on Saturday.

But he vowed to carry on his struggle through a "landmark plan" he had crafted in prison, which he said would force the government to address the grievances of Indians, including lack of jobs, poor living conditions, decrepit schools and greater religious freedom.

He refused to elaborate on the plan, except to say it was a strategic 50-page proposal that involved "social" solutions. He said he would reveal it in four to six weeks.

It would make "not only the government (but) also the opposition" work for the Indian community, he said.

"With this plan we will become a force to be reckoned with. It does not involve street demonstrations, definitely not."

"It is a legal, constitutional, democratic and peaceful plan," he said. He also refused to say if he plans to start a political party, but rejected joining any party.

Uthayakumar and four other activists of the Hindu Rights Action Force, or Hindraf, were arrested in December 2007 after they led an unprecedented protest by tens of thousands of ethnic Indians in downtown Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25 to demand equality.

"Nov 25 was a shocker to me. The balloon burst, the banks burst, the seams burst. They (the Indians) said enough is enough," Uthayakumar said.

The five Hindraf leaders were detained under the Internal Security Act.

Prime Minister Najib Razak freed two of the Hindraf activists the day he took office on April 3. The other three key leaders, including Uthayakumar, were freed Saturday.

Sporting a ragged beard and unkempt, tangled hair, Uthayakumar, 48, said he had no regrets about spending time in prison, which he said had provided him the opportunity to reflect, read and write.

A lawyer by training and profession, Uthayakumar said that before going to prison he could not have imagined a life without cable TV, air conditioning, hot water showers, cell-phones and holidays.

But prison made him realise that "you don't need the luxuries. You can live without it," he said, adding his possessions were a one-inch foam mattress, a pillow, a blanket and a toothbrush.

He shared a dormitory at the Kamunting detention centre with two other Hindraf detainees.

Monday, May 11, 2009

PS from WMP : Waytha shall retun to Msia


RE: Waytha Moorthy to return to Malaysia with or without any Government assurance or condition I have decided to return to Malaysia now since the HINDRAF lawyers have been released.

When the tsunami of November 25, 2007 took place, HINDRAF was still in its infancy in addressing the plight of the Malaysian Indians. The arrest of the HINDRAF leaders was meant to curtail its legitimate concerns for the Malaysian Indians and allow it to be a lost cause for them. As the chairman of HINDRAF, at that juncture, I decided that somehow, HINDRAF concerns needs to be brought in light in the international arena since the local government had used oppression towards the public and the operation of the ISA to stifle and vilify the voice of HINDRAF.

As such I had left to UK to continue its struggle and keep the movement alive and bearing the international support that HINDRAF was getting from various international bodies and governments, the Malaysian government subsequently revoked my passport and forced me to seek asylum which the British government granted bearing the fear of persecution faced by me from the authorities in Malaysia for upholding truth and just cause for the Malaysian Indians. Now that my comrades have been released, I have decided that I shall return to Malaysia to continue and forge ahead with the objectives and goals of HINDRAF in seeking what it had originally set out to even at the risk of me being arrested under ISA or any other repressive Laws. I shall return knowing the risks involved, as I honestly believe that HINDRAF cause was just and fair. I had sought the advise of many grass root supporters and they are in the opinion that I should not return as I would be arrested and incarcerated. This does not fear me anymore as the objective to obtain the release of the HINDRAF lawyers had been achieved and now it is the time to press forward with the objectives for the community that has been systematically discriminated, marginalized and sidelined for 52 years.

HINDRAF is now a strong mass movement and can never be suppressed any further. If the government arrests me or detains me, there will be many others within the community with conscience who will spearhead the struggle for the betterment of the society and the nation. The spirit of HINDRAF invoked within the Malaysian community is inerasable, and I can only hope for the betterment of the nation and a fast evolving universe in its struggle for equality, fairness and justice will prevail over selfishness and ignorance. I rest my faith in DESTINY and its people, as HINDRAF is an organization that dared to be different, dared to go right to the core problem to tackle the issues rather than appeasing institutions for piecemeal offers for the betterment of the nation.




Malaysia racial ties fragile 40 years after riots

By SEAN YOONG Associated Press Writer

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—The last time Lee Hung Poh walked unassisted was 40 years ago, before a bullet fired in the heat of Malaysia's worst race riots sliced through her spine and shattered her future.
Neither the 57-year-old Lee nor her country has ever completely recovered.
To be sure, Malaysia, a Southeast Asian nation of 27 million people, has been remarkably stable since the weeklong mayhem that began May 13, 1969. But as the country marks the 40th anniversary of the riots, its uneasy racial detente is coming under stress.
Ethnic Chinese and Indians, the two largest minorities, have become more vocal in demanding racial equality in part because of growing economic hardships, and Indians staged unprecedented public protests in November 2007. Mindful of the mounting disenchantment, a new prime minister is proposing a partial rollback of a main legacy of the riots, an affirmative action program for the majority Malays.
If change goes smoothly, it may be for the better. As Malaysians have grown wealthier and better educated, they have demanded a more open discussion of race, and the government has acquiesced to a degree. But the shift is also stirring old passions—the Malays and Chinese in particular don't fully trust each other—and therein lies a risk.
Several Malay ruling party officials have pledged to defend affirmative action "to the last drop of blood," and a top Malay newspaper urged Malays last month to "rise and unite."
"All of us want peaceful lives, nobody wants to fight each other. But you read the newspaper and keep seeing problems with racial issues," said Lee, who locks herself at home every May 13 for fear of breaking down in public if the memories overwhelm her.
The bloodshed of 1969, which took at least 200 lives, erupted when Malaysia was still emerging from the legacy of colonial rule, only a dozen years after attaining independence from Britain.
Racial divisions ran deep. The Malays held political power but were largely poor. The Chinese, many of whose ancestors immigrated in the 18th century, had prospered through trade and tin mining. Indians, mostly laborers, had little say in politics or business.
The riots were sparked by politics. Chinese opposition supporters, whose parties made sweeping election gains, held a victory march in Kuala Lumpur and jeered at residents in Malay neighborhoods. The Malays staged their own rally, and in ensuing clashes, mobs armed with pistols and knives roamed the streets, killed people of other races and torched their homes.
The carnage changed Malaysia's course.
Seeking to curb economic disparities, the government launched an affirmative action program in 1971 that enabled Malays to get into universities more easily, buy homes at reduced prices and enter business through rules requiring many companies to be partly Malay-owned. The main government-funded schools teach in the Malay language, while schools that use Chinese and Tamil get less aid.
Many Malays prospered. Their share of corporate wealth surged from 2.4 percent in 1970 to about 20 percent today, and they make up nearly two-thirds of the population.
The minorities say it is time to wind up the program. Chinese make up a quarter of the population and own about 40 percent of corporate equity. Indians are about 8 percent of the population and have a stake of less than 2 percent, while the remainder is mostly foreign ownership.
Complaints about affirmative action and religious disputes—such as the demolition of Indian Hindu temples on illegal sites by Malay authorities—became more apparent during the tenure of former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who governed for five years from October 2003. He is credited with allowing more space for discussions of long-sensitive issues in the government-controlled media and on independent Internet forums.
"There has been a maturing of Malaysian democracy in trying to resolve disputes," said Denison Jayasooria, a researcher at the Institute of Ethnic Studies at the National University of Malaysia. "What people want is more public openness and intellectual discussion on race."
The wider freedoms led to clearer expressions of dissent, such as a street protest in Kuala Lumpur two years ago where tens of thousands of Indians demanded economic fairness. Police quelled the protest with tear gas, and five organizers were jailed under a security act that allows indefinite detention without trial. Two were freed recently.
Minorities also voiced their discontent through the ballot box. In the March 2008 general elections, Chinese and Indians overwhelmingly voted against the long-ruling National Front coalition, which now governs with its lowest parliamentary majority in more than 50 years. Abdullah took the blame for the loss and stepped down, handing power to his deputy Najib Razak.
Many high-profile disputes are religious in nature. Minorities have complained that Islamic courts—not secular courts—are given jurisdiction in family disputes that involve both Muslims and non-Muslims. Some Malay Muslims consider these complaints as a threat to the status of Islam, the country's official religion.
Nonetheless, even some Malays agree that it is time to at least review affirmative action so that it benefits all the poor. Advocates of this include Nazir Razak, the prominent banker brother of new prime minister.
Najib, who took power in early April, says affirmative action is still needed but can be diluted. Last month, he scrapped a requirement for 30 percent Malay ownership in several sectors, such as health and transport, to lure foreign investment to the floundering economy.
He also mounted a massive publicity campaign called "1 Malaysia" to promote racial solidarity and made several surprise appearances at religious festivities of Indians.
"No one should assume that they are second-class citizens in this country," Najib said.
In a bid to display fairness to all religious groups, Najib's Cabinet announced last month it would forbid religious conversion of minors without the consent of both parents. This followed high-profile legal spats in which people who embraced Islam changed their children's religion despite protests from non-Muslim spouses.
Najib's administration has shown "some kind of intention to break with the past," said Ibrahim Suffian, director of the independent Merdeka Center research firm. "People will be watching to see if it is backed up by effective implementation."
The recent disputes about race have raised concerns about upsetting what has long been a delicate balance. As Ibrahim puts it: "On a people-to-people level, the relationships feel quite positive. There is the sentiment that everyone has a shared fate. Agitating the situation would only ruin it for everyone."
In the capital of Kuala Lumpur, office workers from all races work together relatively amicably. Lunch crowds include Chinese women in skirts and Malay women draped in multicolored, loose-flowing dresses. Very often, they can be seen tucking into "dosa" rice pancake and curry, an Indian favorite.
Though most people still have friends predominantly of their own race, there is interethnic interaction and respect. For example, many Chinese avoid eating pork in the presence of Malay companions.
"There are still racial and religious differences, but there's no widespread chaotic situation," said Jayasooria, the National University of Malaysia researcher. "It's a live-and-let-live situation, where nobody will be shouting at other races on the street."
History textbooks, referring to the May 13 riots, warn that racial harmony must be nurtured. The last deadly clash—between Malays and Indians—was in 2001 when six people were killed.
Lee, the Chinese woman shot in the riots and paralyzed from the waist down, believes that if she can shed the bitterness that once consumed her, others can too.
"I used to hate (the Malays) because of what happened to me," she said in a wheelchair behind the counter of a tiny grocery store that she opened several years ago.
"Time hasn't made me well again. I never got the chance to get married. I'm lonely and I live by myself. So of course I'm sad but I'm not angry with anybody anymore."

Mat Sabu supports Uthaya's 'no thanks' stance

Malaysiakini - Athi Veeranggan May 10, 09 5:46pm
PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu supported P Uthayakumar stance not to thank the government for releasing him yesterday from ISA detention.

"Uthayakumar was right in not thanking the government for his release because firstly he should not have been detained under the ISA at all," said the Penang-born PAS leader, who was himself a former ISA detainee.

Mohamad, who is commonly known as Mat Sabu, said Uthayakumar, like other detainees, was not a criminal nor was he detained for any alleged infringement of the country's laws."He was detained without trial for political dissidence, not for crime, under a draconian law, which should be abolished."There was no necessity to arrest Uthayakumar and the others in the first place."Why should the detainees thank the government for violating human rights and individual liberties?"Uthayakumar was spot on not to thank the government," he told newsmen when opening the PAS Supporters Club, Penang branch convention in Sungai Dua on the mainland this afternoon.Also present were PAS national unity bureau chairperson and Parit Buntar parliamentarian Mujahid Yusof Rawa, the club national chairperson Hu Pang Chaw and Penang branch chairperson Dr Ooi Vellautham.

Uthayakumar and two other Hindraf men, lawyer and Kota Alam Shah assemblyperson M Manoharan and T Vasanthakumar were released together with 10 other detainees from the Kamunting Detention Camp yesterday afternoon.

ISA can be misused by government

Uthayakumar, the most famous Hindraf face, refused to thank the government for his release. Instead, he accused the government for taking away his liberty for 514 days.Hours after taking the reins in April, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had also ordered the release of two Hindraf leaders - V Ganabatirau and R Kengadharan, together with 10 other detainees.

Mat Sabu, who was twice held under ISA, each time for a two-year period between 1984 and 1986 and, 1987 and 1989, is for the abolition of ISA, pointing out that Malaysia aside, only Israel and Singapore were still enforcing the draconian law.He pointed out that all other countries, including the United States, have abolished their respective internal security laws, adding that it was timely to get rid of ISA, which can always become a current government's weapon to clamp down on political dissent."So long as ISA exists, the possibility is high for the government to misuse and abuse the law," he said, alleging that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had released all the Hindraf leaders not as a "genuine kind gesture", but a merely to avoid another by-election in Kota Alam Shah.Manoharan had threatened all week long to quit as state representative to allow Kota Alam Shah voters to vote someone who can better serve them."I don't think Najib can divert the public attention on the Perak crisis by releasing ISA detainees.

Umno wants to avoid another by-election
"He, Umno and Barisan Nasional don't want another by-election," he said, pointing out that BN was still undecided on whether to contest this month's Penanti by-election in Penang.On the Perak crisis, he said Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kader would have no choice but to dissolve the assembly and call for fresh state election."Perak and Malaysia can ill-afford another chaotic assembly session, which is sure to happen the next time," he stressed, adding that last week ugly incidents in Ipoh last Thursday had tarnished the country's image and undermined democracy. He likened the action by plainclothes policemen to haul out legitimate Perak Speaker Sivakumar as a disgrace and violation of the parliamentary democratic system and the rule of law.Mat Sabu was indeed arrested a day before while having breakfast with friends in Jalan Pahang in Kuala Lumpur apparently for inviting Muslims to join in the prayers seeking divine intervention to avert chaos in the Perak assembly sitting.He said the crisis had shaken investors' confidence and raised a big question mark on the legitimacy of BN Perak government."Investors want a legitimate and stable government, be it Pakatan or BN."The usurpation of power by BN has shook their confidence which can only be restored with a fresh state election," he said.

PAS Supporters Club has some 20,000 members across the country and the number is growing, which Mat Sabu said was a good sign that the party was being well-received by all Malaysians.He said the PAS top leadership was conducting a series of discussions now to upgrade and strengthen the role of club members within the party.He also brushed aside claims there was a conflict among the professionals and religious scholars (ulamas) in the party, blaming it on the Umno-owned media playing up the issue in the run-up to the PAS national election next month."It's not a surprise that the media play up this non-issue during each PAS election. PAS will accept any leader, whether professionals or ulamas so long as the person has the ability and capability to lead the party," said Mat Sabu.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hindraf leaders Released from ISA related articles and news

Still defiant, Uthayakumar vows to carry on Hindraf cause

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Hindraf trio, 10 others freed from ISA
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Uthaya goes home to hero's welcome

Malaysiakini -Hafiz Yatim May 10, 09 1:48am

Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar returned to his mother's house in his hometown of Rasah, Seremban late tonight and received a hero’s welcome from a sea of thousands of orange-clad supporters.

The 47-year-old lawyer had earlier today refused to sign the conditional papers of release and travelled from Kamunting to Seremban - a six-hour journey across three states - in a convoy of 100 cars and motorcycles.Interestingly, one of the conditions for his release was not to set foot in Seremban.Along the way he stopped at several places - among them, Rawang, Sungai Buloh and Labu toll exit - to speak to his supporters who had came to see him.He arrived at the Labu toll plaza in Negri Sembilan at about 9.15pm where he was greeted with fireworks and drums and mobbed by a jubilant crowd.Later at his house, he hugged her mother and ate mutton curry, his favourite dish which he had longed for after 18 long months behind bars under the Internal Security Act.Uthayakumar, who remained defiant despite his ordeal, said he chose not to sign any conditional release letters as he felt he had done nothing wrong.“I did not sign the conditional release, in which one of the conditions was that I would not return to Seremban.“Following that, the Kamunting authorities decided to throw me out (of the camp),” said Uthayakumar, whose long hair and beard were sprinkled with confetti thrown by well-wishers.The Hindraf leader had refused to neither cut his hair nor shave his beard since he was arrested on Dec 13, 2007.Asked what his immediate plans were, Uthayakumar said he would consult his supporters first.“I feel Umno and Barisan Nasional have not changed despite a change in leadership,” he said.“I called on the leaders of the country to release the remaining 10 detainees who are still being detained in Kamunting. Some of them had been under detention for eight years,” he said, adding that detention without trial is unlawful.

To visit younger brother in London

Uthayakumar said he would rest for the next two days and would decide on when to go to London to meet with his younger brother, Waythamoorthy, the chairperson of the outlawed Hindraf movement.
Waythamoorthy has been in self-imposed exile in Britain since the ISA arrests in late 2007 where his brother and four others were detained.“I want to discuss with him the next course of action. I also want to visit him as he has this rare heart condition and I am very concerned for his health,” he said.“I will discuss with Waytha (about the future) and if the feelings are strong to form a party as demanded by the supporters, we would certainly seriously consider it.”But first, he said he had to look for his passport.He also laughed over the recent formation of another Indian-based party called Mindraf.“There is a joke that the Chinese want to form Chindraf and Jemaah Islamiah may form Jindraf - people are riding on Hindraf’s popularity,”

He also reminded his followers not to worship or idolised him, after some Hindraf supporters were seen trying to kneel before him and kiss his feet tonight.“No, they should not treat me in this way as I am an ordinary person,” he said.“But I could see many people are supporting the cause as we have been marginalised and I think we have a platform to seek for better welfare of the Indian community,” he said.Uthayakumar pledged that despite the adversities he is going to face, he would continue with the struggle and would not let the authorities to stop him``.

VIDEO 6 mins

Friday, May 8, 2009

Voice of Hindraf - May 2009

Where is the construct plan for the Tamil Schools?

1. Prime Minister Najib Razak has asked the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) to seek a comprehensive solution to the prickly toll rates increase issue (NST 18/4/2009 page 2). Voice of Hindraf. → But Prime Minister Najib would not order the EPU to convert all Tamil schools into fully aided schools and for it to be on par with the Malay schools. Instead Najib would give out bits and pieces of “peanuts” and “bread crumbs” to these Tamil schools on a piecemeal basis. Najib has no intention to solve the Tamil schools problem on a wholesome and permanent basis. But then Najib crows the “One Malaysia” concept. This is just another slogan by another UMNO Prime Minister to hoodwink the Indians. Don’t be fooled by Najib and UMNO anymore. They have cheated and manipulated the Indians for 52 long years. We now demand change. UMNO is not going to change. We have to change UMNO in the 2012/2013 general elections.

Why double standard in handling similiar cases?

2. On the Opposition’s (PAS Secretary General Kamaruddin Jaafar) statement that an anti government riot similar to that in Thailand might happen in Perak following the court’s decision that effectively lifts the suspension of the Perak Menteri Besar and six BN executive council members, Najib said Malaysians should respect the sanctity of the Constitution and the law (NST 18/4/2009 at page 2). Voice of Hindraf → But when Hindraf leader P.Uthayakumar said that he “does not rule out violence” in the aftermath of the 25th November 2007 Rally, meaning that Hindraf has the legal and democratic Options but the not very educated Indians may resort to violence as research has shown that the root cause of violence is poverty, inequality, suppression and oppression the four Hindraf lawyers were immediately arrested and detained under the ISA for 17 months now. Yet again the Indians are the soft targets and easy prey. The Indians are easily bullied. UMNO otherwise cannot play the fool with PAS, PKR or DAP because it will cause them votes.

Why no transparency in Police action and their corrupt ?

3. Home Minister Hishamuddin says the public safety would not be compromised by adding on 60,000 new policemen (UM 17/4/2009 at page 3) Voice of Hindraf → Akram detainee says that Bangladesh has a population of 170 million and are a poverty stricken society but their crime rate is very negligible compared to Malaysia’s 28 Million population. Main reason not quantity of policemen in Malaysia but quality corrupt policemen police partners in crime and the IGP and AG axis which covers up for police crime – latest example is the A. Kugan’s case.

Tamil schools need urgent attention !!

4. UNESCO and UNICEF recently found that Malaysia is one of the top 56 countries which has the highest Education Index. Malaysia also has the highest rate of registration and continuation to tertiary education and has schools with the best facilities says DPM Muhyiddin. He said the Education Ministry would help in expanding the Permata early education for children. He has also taken steps to ensure that preschool education between five to six years old are systematically included into the national education system (UM 17/4/2009 at page 2) Voice of Hindraf → UMNO gives so much emphasis to pre-schoolers with the backing of no less than the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife for children between 5 and 6 and below 5. But for most of the 523 Tamil schools the already poor and 90% low income group of Indians have to pull their resources to buy the Indian children one computer per school, chairs, tables and basic school necessities. To start of Najib’s UMNO even refuses to make all 523 Tamil primary schools fully aided government schools but they are moving and bending far backwards to bring pre-schoolers into the national mainstream education system.

5. Penang Tamil schools (28 schools) will continue to be developed says Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. The Prai Tamil school was granted RM48,460 and the Assad Tamil school RM24,170.00 by the Penang State Government (TN 16/4/2009 at page 5) Voice of Hindraf → Aid was not given to all 28 Tamil schools but a mere token sum is dished out in bits and pieces. Note: Penang is about the richest states in Malaysia. It has been over one year since PR/DAP took over the Penang State Government but zero steps have been taken to acquire the land these Tamil schools are sitting on in order for these schools to receive full financial assistance from the Federal Government. The Penang DAP government Prof Ramasamy says a Special Committee to look into Tamil schools in Penang has been set up and is headed by USM Lecturer Dr. K. Anbalagan. This Committee has reported that many tamil schools are on private land. But what is being done to solve the problem. By the stroke of the pen of the Chief Minister all these 28 Tamil school land can be acquired and they will instantly become fully aided Tamil schools. Even DAP like UMNO/Gerakan is beating around the bush.

Lack of merit for Indians even in civil sector !!
6. Chief Justice Zaki Azmi (Tan Sri) says the eight Judges elevated to the Federal Court and Court of Appeal were based on merit. (NST 16/4/2009 at page 10) Voice of Hindraf → What the elevation of Sri Ram to the Federal Court and just four months before his retirement and after 15 years in the Court. Court of Appeal is based on merits? Ghazali who was also allevated to the Federal Court was only a Judge of the Court of Appeal for seven years. The least UMNO could have done was to appoint Sri Ram as the President of the Court of Appeal and at the same time allevated him to the Federal Court. Of the five High Court Judges allevated to the Court of Appeal, none were Indians. Why? Indians in this country are known to be about the best legal brains in this country but are not appropriately given due Judicial appointments and just about everywhere else under the UMNO government regime.

7. Najib stressed that the new cabinet should meet the high expectations of the people who were now very critical of the government. “We have to open doors for discourse and dialogue with various groups so that the decisions made by the government are what the people want”. (NST 16/4/2009 at page 4). Responding to a question about the unhappiness regarding the representation of the Indian community in the cabinet with one minister and two deputy minister. “We released two Hindraf detainees. But as the same time we also released 11 others (non Indians). The MIC should also thank us for the release of the 11 others. He said the government was for all (NST 16/4/2009 at page 2) and people must break away from ethnic prison. Agencies from the abolished MECD will be absorbed into eight ministries. He said the move was to ensure that the main roles and functions played by the abolished ministry would continuously be given attention by the government, particularly efforts to create a Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial community. It is also aimed at expending and expediting Bumiputera involvement in the nation’s economic development, opening up new growth areas and strengthening cooperatives. Najib announced that under the new line up:-

♦ Franchise, Development and Promotion and Vendor Development Programmes had been transferred to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry;

♦ Cooperative Development, Cooperatives Commission of Malaysia and Cooperative College of Malaysia had also been placed under the (above) ministry’s jurisdiction;

♦ Development of the Bumiputera industrial and trade community, National Entrepreneur Institute and the SME Bank would come under the purview of the International Trade and Industry Ministry;

♦ Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board would report to the Prime Minister’s Department;

♦ Contractors Services Centre would be transferred to the Works Ministry;

♦ State Economic Department Corporations, Urban Development Authority, Perbadanan Nasional Berhad and Bank Rakyat would report to the Finance Ministry;

♦ Majlis Amanah Rakyat was re-assigned to the Rural and Regional Department Ministry;

♦ University Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia Japan University had been transferred to the Higher Education Ministry; and

♦ Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usahawan Niaga (Tekun) would be under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro based Industry Ministry. (NST 16/4/2009 at page 2).

Voice of Hindraf → On the one hand Prime Minister Najib tells Malaysians to break away from the ethnic prison. But when it comes to the implementation nine portfolios under the MECD which was dissolved was instead transferred to eight different Malay led Minister. The CVLB in particular is a very clear cut ministry which belongs to the Transport Ministry but was transferred to (a malay minister) under the Prime Ministers Department just because the Transport Minister is a Chinese. Before Samy Vellu we believe Government projects contracts and tenders were handled by the Works Minister which is in order but when Samy Vellu became the Works Minister, the Millions and Billions worth of projects, contracts and tenders were then moved to the Finance Ministry. Now that the Works Ministry is back to being headed by an UMNO Minister this projects, tenders and contracts is believed to have gone back to the Works Ministry. Similarly foreign workers approval which is supposed t be with the Human Resources Minister S. Subramaniam has been moved to the Home Ministry because of the Big monies to be made by the UMNO linked companies and which has always been led by an UMNO Ministry. Further Prime Minister Najib talks about expending and expediting Bumiputera involvement in the nations economic development. Why can’t it be Malaysian including the Indian involvement as opposed to the Bumiputera involvement. But this is Prime Minister Najib’s One Malaysia. It is just another slogan by yet another UMNO Minister. Old wine in new bottles. Prime Minister Najib says one thing but practices another. UMNO will never change from its racist, religious extremist and supremacist plans policies and practices it has been practicing and implementing for over the last 52 years. Racism religions extremism and supremacy of UMNO race and religion is in their blood. UMNO will never change. We will have to change UMNO in the 2012/2013 general elections.

Need serious look into the poor and in die need Indian issues by PM
8. Prime Minister Najib has called on Malaysians to join him in his journey to break racial barriers in the country. He said all communities should move as one to be stronger. “We must break the race barrier”. We should not look at skin colour but as one Malaysia. If on needs help, he should be helped. “If we have that attitude we will move forward” he said in his Vasakthi speech at Tatt Khalsa Diwan in KL. Najib said he wanted to make it clear that the government stood for all Malaysians regardless of race and religion. I want to stress that I am the leader of all communities, religious and races. He said although the Sikh community was small numbering 100,000, their contributions were significant. We will be one team in Malaysia. Voice of Hindraf → We have heard this kind of statements from many Prime Ministers before. If Najib is serious about One Malaysia, he should amend the Federal Constitution and all laws at least that all Malaysians born after Independence in 1957 should automatically become bumiputeras, sons of the soil as the term means including the Indian and Chinese. Then and only then we are on as One Malaysia for a start with the implementation of all government plans, policies and practices applying to the Indians and Chinese as much as it applies to the Malays. But the ground reality is that even as late as last week an Indian student cannot sit for his UPSR exams because he had been denied his Birth Certificate and 13 Indian children in one family going to bed hungry because of poverty. Do you think Najib and the UMNO government really mean it when they keep repeating the One Malaysia concept? Or is it a mere propaganda?

Cultivate the religion education as well.

9. National service in Tanjung Malim had 50 students attended prayers at the Thandayathapani Hindu Temple. (TN 14/4/09 page 13) Voice of Hindraf → each and every National Service Centre must be supervised by a Hindu teacher/priest and arrangements made for them to go to the nearest hindu temple every Friday evening. The danger is a one way ticket in Malaysia if for some reason they convert to Islam without their parent’s knowledge.

Stop the mere talk ; show in action !!

10. Skills Training Opportunities for Indians, Selangor Exco Member assures MAYA Selangor Committee Members, Photo of Xavier with a garland and Ponadai and 11 members after a meeting at the Selangor State Secretariat Building in (TN 13/4/2009 at page 7). Voice of Hindraf → MIC style politics by Xavier. Kosong talk and meeting as the names of the Institutions was not outlined, the scholarships thereto not stated, no details an student and teaching staff intake to University Selangors. Most importantly no mechanism to get back to when the skills training places and scholarships are denied to the Indians ie where do they go from there?

11. Indians should not waste time on quarrelling over petty and unproductive issues (NST 14/4/2009 at page 15)

12. Second Finance Minister Datuk Husni congratulate UMNO for appointing this Goodman in the key second Finance Minister’s Najib Razak. This Minister when he was merely the MO for Tambun had stood up against the hindu temple demolishments at a crucial moment for Hindraf when even the top PKR, DAP and PAS leaders close to remain silent. He was reported to have said “Hindu temple issue disqualifies Khir Toyo, says Tambun UMNO Chief Datuk Ahmad Husni Hanadziah.” “How can you demolish a temple? What if a mosque was demolished? What do you think will happen? Political leaders should not do this type of thing. He has done wrong. The Hindu community was very hurt (NST 30/6/2009 at page 10). If only many more UMNO Ministers are not racist and religious extremist like Datuk Husni Hanadziah Malaysia would be a very much more pleasant place to live in especially for the Malaysian Indians.

13. Gerakan leaders attend forum on Anti ISA by GMI Consultation forum “Internal Security Act: what next? here yesterday. The four present were state Gerakan Chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Party Youth Committee Member Dr. Thor Teong Lee. The forum was aimed at gathering public opinion on the abolishment of ISA. Dr Teng reiterated Gerakan’s strong stand against ISA, especially detention without trial, saying that it could be misused, citing the cases of blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Sin Chew Daily Journalist Tan Hoon Cheng. Dr. Teng said Gerakan also believed that the country needed a new act to cope with the rising events of terrorism – An Anti Terrorism Act to deal with terrorists. In the transitional period before the new act is enacted ISA must be reviewed to allow judicial intervention and the review of all cases said Dr. Teng. GMI President Syed Ibrahim Syed Noah said both Selangor and Perak State governments had tabled and approved motions to abolish the ISA but Penang and Kedah had yet to make a decision. He added that as of this month, there were 27 (25) ISA detainees still at Kamunting detention centre but noted a reduction since 2007 when there were 70 detainees there, Syed Ibrahim also said that Prime Minister Najibs move to release 13 ISA detainees was a populist move (NST 13/4/2009 at page 15) Voice of Hindraf →Dr Teng (and GMI) only mentioned Raja Petra and Sin Chew Daily’s Tan. He completely left out the only other four political detainees ie the four Hindraf lawyers. Why? Because they are lawyers from a politically and economically insignificant community. My point here is that this again proves that we have to fight our own battle. Tan was released after merely 18 hours of detention, Teresa five days and Raja Petra 55 days because of the Malaysian NGO, Opposition Parties PKR, DAP and PAS and Civil Society’s very strong stand coupled with the MCA and Gerakan putting their foot down. But for the Hindraf lawyers who have been in detention for nearly 500 days new both BN and the PRK, DAP, PAS and the NGOs’ and Civil Society did not care.

14. Land (1 acre) adjoining the Sri Raja Mariaman Hindu temple is attempted to be taken away by some parties with political links. This new temple wants to put up a wedding Hall, says temple secretary shanmugam. In 1987 when the Sin Leong Plantation came up for development the plantation temple was allocated 12,742 sq feet of land. This estate crematorium was also given one acre of land. But this has now become someone else land. This has become a mystery. It has now been transferred to the Selangor Government. This land is intended to be used as the access road to the nearby factory. These people are trying to take over this land and also the temple land. There are no Wedding Halls in Sg Buloh and their Surrounding areas. This matter has been brought to the attention of Selangor EXCO Member Xavier Jayakumar and Subang Jaya M.P Sivarasa who had promised to look into this matter. There are 1,000 over Indian families in the area surrounding the temple. We will fight to build the Public Hall says Shanmugam. (MN 5/4/09 page 1 and 13) Voice of Hindraf →It has been over one year since the PKR Selangor State government had taken over from UMNO. But they are yet to grant the temple and the adjoining one acre of land. Similarly this PKR/P.R Selangor State government has yet to grant state land to the hundreds of such temples in Selangor. How is this PKR/P.R State government may different from the previous UMNO/BN Selangor State government. This PKR/P.R state `governments in Selangor and all the other 5 P.R ruled states have no interest in giving these hindu temples, tamil schools, crematoriums and Indian squatters a permanent solution to their problem. To the contrary the selangor and Perak State governments within one month of their coming to power granted RM 100 Million and 400 hectres pig project in Sepang (NST 11/4/08 and 26/8/08 page 3) similarly in Perak 60,000 (110,000) lots in 134 Chinese New Villagers in (UM 5/4/08 page 4) and 102,000 titles for 349 Rancangan Kampong Fersusun (mostly Malay) (UM 1/1/09 page 1), 3.3 hectres per orang asli land approved, 18,000 hectres has been gazetted as orang asli reserve and another 30,000 hectres more waiting to be gazetted says Nga koo Ham DAP Senior Perak EXCO Member (NST 20/9/08 at page 20) 1,000 hectres ( about 2,500 acres) of land to nine Chinese schools in Kampar, Manjung, and Taiping (NST 3/8/08) 101 hectres to the Premier International University with a possibility of an additional 20 hectres (NST 18/9/08 page 20) 3,000 illegal shrimp ponds in Mangrove forests near Manjong (chinese) to be legalised by giving them land titles says Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin (NST 28/12/08 page 26) land titles for 10,000 orang asli in Perak to help raise their socio economic status (NST 8/10/08 page 10). It is clear that just about every body else are granted state land ie the Malays, Chinese and the orang asli except the Indians. Even if it for the public purpose of Temples Crematoriums Tamil schools or Public Halls. How then these PKR, DAP and PAS governments different from the previous UMNO/ B.N state governments? This is the political reality we are facing today!

15 Wisma Putra a let down in Hema Latha’s death at the Mumbai terror attacks. Hema’s brother Ratna Raja in his letter to the editor had written- “When I was at the funeral parlour in Mumbai making arrangements to transport my sister’s body back to Malaysia , I called the consulate requesting assistance. There was none forthcoming. Instead a friend helped me. When the body arrived in Malaysia, we went through much red tape before Mas Kargo released the body. After my letter was published in the N.S.T (News Straits Times) , I had a call from the Mumbai consulate regarding my sister’s passport , My Kad, cash, credit cards etc. They told me they had couried the documents on February 12th. On February 26th a family member noticed a large white envelope placed on my gate. The envelope contained the very much awaited high security documents with the postage of RM 3.90. Who takes responsibility if they were lost or damaged? I am saddened and shocked at the indifference and attitude displayed by the one agency that I as a citizen could depend on in such trying times. At the end of the day, Wisma Putra spent RM 3.90 on my sister’s tragedy. [ Ratna Raja A.Kasi Pillai , Kuala Lumpur – News Straits Times (9/4/09) page 19] Voice of Hindraf →Will this set of happenings happen if the victim was a Malay Muslim ? Answer- No. Why? Because the victim is an Indian and UMNO’s 52 years of racist and religious extremist policies which has very well seeped in right up to the bottommost of the government machinery not only in this but in almost all matters concerning the Indians. We often read about young Malay muslin girls who “run away” to Indonesia being brought back to Malaysia by Putera UMNO with the help of Wisma Putra and the Malaysian Overseas Consulates. Even in an N.S.T newspaper report last week one Rani, a divorcee with young children who was stuck in a Pakistani jail after having been duped by a drug male. Wisma Putra washes their hands by saying that “they could not locate Rani’s family . The least they could do was to officially write to the President of Pakistan asking for a pardon and to bring Rani back to Malaysia. In 2006 one Selva Malar was stuck in a Belgian jail for accompanying some Sri Lankans from Malaysia who were deemed to be illegal asylum seekers. She was offered zero help. Even the Sri Lankan government who were at “war” with their ethnic minority Tamils do not treat the Sri Lankan Tamils any different from a Sighalese when they run into problems in Malaysia.

16 School bus driver claims trial to dangerous driving injuring 35 pupils R. Marathandavan (40) was granted bail of RM 2000.00 N.S.T - 9/4/09 PAGE 13) Voice of Hindraf → All school buses, factory buses, private buses and tourist buses must be given to individual owner drivers to operate and make a living . Similarly, individual lorry owners must be given the permits to operate their lorries as a business. Also all taxi drivers must be granted their own permits to drive, manage and operate their own taxis. The poor , underprivileged and unskilled drivers of these buses , lorries and taxis in particular the Indians drivers should be able to become small time business men instead of labouring their blood , sweat and tears for almost always me some UMNO linked companies. Thousands of especially Indians bus, lorry and taxi drivers labour and suffer on a day to day basis working for UMNO and their cronies. By granting these drivers the permits and arranging low interest loans for them to buy and own their buses , lorries and taxis, they would have a sense of belonging and more committed and dedicated to their jobs. As this would be sole rice bowls, they would concentrate and take their driving jobs more seriously. Thus less road accidents, less injuries , less fatal accidents, less hospital operation cost, more productive working hours for the economy, less court prosecutions etc. These Indians drivers would achieve and enjoy higher quality of life and self dignity and happier families. They would be discouraged from indulging in crime which is on the rise among Indians. But UMNO does not like to see the Indians prosper by their own hard work. UMNO is selfish, greedy and does not mean well for the Indians. Otherwise they would have given these Indian drivers their permits)

17. Parti Bersatu Sabah wants the ethnic races of Sabah to be known as Bumiputera Sabah and not as “other races” in the Federal Government’s affairs and forums. PBS’s Chief Information Officer Johnny Mositun said this was in line with the “One Malaysia” concept introduced by Najib Razak which stressed fair and impartial treatment of all ethnic groups. “It is high time Bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak were recognized as major races in Malaysia (NST 9/4/09 page 12). Voice of Hindraf → One Malaysia is yet another puppet shadow play “wayang kulit” by Prime Minister Najib Razak and UMNO. They don’t mean it. Otherwise Najib and UMNO would have given details as to this One Malaysia concept. For a start Prime Minister Najib could have announced the end of Malay Supremacy and Malay Special Privileges as is currently practiced under this One Malaysia concept. And then Najib could start by ordering a via a Prime Minister’s circular Directive to start from the lowest Chief Executive level of District Officers and Presidents of local Councils to also have Indians and Chinese appointed to these positions. And then move up to Managers Head s of Departments Director Generals, Secretaries Generals and the Chief Secretary to the Government to also be taken from among the Indians and Chinese. Then the One Malaysia concept would make sense. UMNO and Malaysia are obsolete as at a time when the world’s most powerful country in the world the USA has elected a black “muslim” President Barack Obama. Whereas in Malaysia an Indian or Chinese cannot even dream to become a District Officer, ie the lowest level government head of department. Just look at Najib’s cabinet appointment today. Even the key Ministers position of Home Affairs, Defence, Foreign Education International Trade and Industry, Finance Entrepreneur and Co-operative, Agriculture and Agro based Industries, Rural and Regional Development has and never been given to a non malay muslim in Malaysia’s 52 year old history since independence and right up to Najib Razak’s cabinet announcement today (TV1 at 3.00 pm 9/4/2009). The exception being the Finance Minister up to 1969 that was held that too by a Chinese and never an Indian. Do you think Najib Razak really means it when he announced the One Malaysia concept?

18. Kugan’s family wants specimens returned. They want the police to return postmortem specimens of the deceased which were taken away when they raided the office of Dr. Prashant at the UMMC on Monday and seized the specimens. The family also rejected the findings of the Independent committee of the Health Ministry and questioned the validity of their findings says lawyer N.Surendran. The findings were announced by Tan Sri Ismail Merican, the Director General of the Health Ministry. Surendran said Dr. Prashant had photographs of Kugan’s internal organs which clearly showed they were damaged. “How can the committee come to a conclusion on the reports when they did not even conduct a postmortem on the victim” asked N.Surendran. He said the family wants the specimens, photographs and other material so that the pathologist Dr. S.Prasant can complete the toxicology test. “If the items are not returned, the second post mortem cannot be completed” said Surendren, adding that the family was making plans to send Kugan’s specimens to Australia. Surendran said the family would take the police to court if they didn’t return Kugan’s post mortem specimens (NST 9/4/2009 at page 9). Voice of Hindraf → Yet again the police are using high handed tactics and abusing their powers in doing a full scale cover up. They are trying to get away with cold blooded murder and to protect and save the 12 policemen from facing murder charges. Has this crime not involved policemen, the said 12 policemen would have been immediately remanded and charged for murder and denied bail as there is no bail for murder. But why a different set of rules for policemen who are cold blooded murderers. Why should policemen be above the law. Even in Sri Lanka where the country is at war with the LTTE, there has never been a single killing of a detainee in a police lock up. But in Malaysia we have statistics of one Indian detainee being killed in police lock ups in every two weeks and in every week an Indian mere suspect being shot dead by the police. The good side to this unwanted events is it will definitely lead to UMNO’s downfall in the 2012/2013 general elections. UMNO will never change. We have to change UMNO in the 2012/2013 general elections.

19. RM10 Million for Tamil schools in Johor says MIC Johor Chairman Datuk K.S. Balakrishnan at the Skudai Tamil schools 33rd AGM opening ceremony. From the RM80 Million for Tamil schools nationwide (announced by PM Najib Razak) RM87,000.00are for Tamil schools in Johor. From this RM100,000.00 allocated to Tun Aminah Tamil school school which needs an extension building for its 2,100 students which MIC plans to build (TN 8/4/2009 at page 7). Voice of Hindraf → Wayang Kulit by MIC – it is the duty of the UMNO government to provide free education for all including the Tamil schools. UMNO is not doing us a favour by building Tamil school extension buildings or upgrading these schools. It is their duty to do so. UMNO cannot be giving Tamil schools bits and pieces of funds. They should build and upgrade all 523 Tamil schools in the country within six months and make them on par with the Malay National schools. Thereafter these 523 Tamil schools should be granted equal funding facilities and status like any other Malay National schools. The obsolete politics of using the “mandore” MIC to dish out “peanuts” and “breadcrumbs” on a piecemeal basis must come to an end not only for Tamil schools but for all Indian problems especially the critical Indian problems. After 52 years of independence, we need a wholesome solution to our problems as done for the Malay muslims and not one off piecemeal solutions let alone the wayang kulit empty promises by the MIC like this.

20. Lost both parents and lost right leg in an accident, Pravinkumar (18) and his brothers Saranyan (15) and Thanes Kumar (11) gets welfare help. They live in Taman Intan, Kluang. Johor Exco S. Asojan and Kahang Adun ER Vityananthan gave them (token cash) donations. Asohan called the Welfare Officer Dr. Jose Jacob for help. These three brothers would get RM450.00 at RM150.00 each. MIC would make efforts that their studies do continue. Pravin scored 8A’s in PMR last year. He earlier studied at a Tamil school and scored 7As’. His brother Saranayan (15) is in form two and Thanesh Kumar (11) in standard 5. Their father C. Perumal died 2 years ago while their mother died in February 2008. They are being looked over by their close relatives. The MIC Kluang Division has made arrangements with the Kluang Catholic Church for prostesis (false leg) costing RM5,500.00 to be given to him (TN 8/4/2009 at page 4) Voice of Hindraf → Under the UMNO governments social safety net, these 3 brothers should be allocated a free council house until they finish their studies and RM500.00 per person per month for their monthly expenses by the Welfare department. Had Pravin Kumar with 8As in UPSR been a malay muslim he would have been taken into some Mara Junior Science College fully Residential or some other residential school also for his other two brothers. His prostesis (false leg) must have been organized by the welfare department and not the local MIC and the church. MIC – Wayang kulit because RM450.00 not in writing.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

Gov't to free Hindraf trio and 10 others

May 8, 09 12:38pm

The government will release another 13 Internal Security Act detainees, including three of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders.
This was announced by Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein at a press conference in Putrajaya.

In the specially arranged press conference, Hishammuddin said that they would be released in the next "two or three days".

"I will be signing the (release) papers now," he said.

He did not give the reasons for the release of the 13 but added that they "no longer needed to be held".

Of the 13 to be released, six are Malaysians, two Indonesians and the remaining five are Filipinos.

After taking over the reins in April, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak ordered the release of 13 ISA detainees, including Hindraf leaders V Ganabatirau and R Kengadharan.

The three Hindraf leaders still in detention are P Uthayakumar, T Vasanthakumar and M Manoharan.

Manoharan is also the state representative for Kota Alam Shah in Selangor. He won the seat from behind bars in the last general election.

The five were detained in December 2007 after mounting a massive street protest which saw tens of thousands of Indian Malaysians taking to the streets.

[More to follow]

Monday, May 4, 2009

PS from WMP - YB Manoharan should NOT resign



We refer to the recent reports on the intention of ISA detainee M.Manoharan to resign his Kota Alam Shah state seat due to concerns of not being able to serve his constituents. We appeal to Manoharan to reconsider his decision. People of Kota Alam Shah knew what they were voting for when they voted for Manoharan to be elected as their state representative. The savvy Kota Alam Shah voters were aware of the predicament of the nation under the UMNO led government and choose Manoharan to initiate the change in the political scene that took place on March 8.

HINDRAF is of the opinion that the voters of Kota Alam Shah were ready to deal with and face with an eventuality that their representative may not be able to serve them physically while being imprisoned as a prisoner of conscience. Since the voters are 100% behind their representative, Manoharan should not resign and continue to be their state representative. HINDRAF through its effort had campaigned and lobbied in the local and international scene for the release of the HINDRAF 5 and all others held under the ISA and shall continue to do so until all of them are released.

In so far as to Pakatan coalition, HINDRAF is disappointed that except for occasional press releases and statements, no positive and constructive actions had been initiated to seek Manogaran’s release or easing his burden in serving his constituents. Further, bearing the absence of Manogaran, his wife had been solely burdened with responsibility of the constituency when the Pakatan coalition could have easily appointed responsible elected representatives/ party members on a rotation basis to oversee and manage the constituents’ needs as oppose to burdening his housewife who is already overloaded with responsibilities of taking care of his legal firm and their family.

The Pakatan coalition partners need to display their responsibility seriously to live up to the confidence bestowed to them by taking pro active actions and continuous campaign in unison to seek the release of Manoharan as well as all the other ISA detainees. We urge the Pakatan coalition to urgently file a motion to debate the inability of a democratically elected representative to serve his constituents and (at least) stage a walkout should their motion to debate be refused.


Hindraf- Chairman