Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dei!!! Anwar Ibrahim do you know what courtesy is about? (MalaysiaToday

1074_anwar-ibrahim-dato-seri-e1269072624672-150x150 By Jakun Malaysia

I was just watching the clip:

You should look at the end of it where Anwar’s kuncu picked it up and squashed the memorandum that was left at his gate in his residence and threw it away.

I don’t think even UMNO imperialist had treated those HINDRAF/HRP supporters with such ignorance save for the incident in Perak where the police officer pushed down the memorandum to the Sultan that was placed on the police car.

Sure, Anwar goes around Malaysia shouting, ”Anak Melayu, anak kita, anak Cina anak kita, anak India, pun anak kita. Mengapa harus kita bezakan?”

So, how does this equate to the hypocrisy that you had shown to the memorandum that was brought to you? This was a grievance that was brought forward and I can understand if it was UMNO. But you as the De facto leader of the opposition, never did I imagine this.

Isn’t it a fact that most PKR supporters are Malaysian Indians? And to wonder that these Indians will stand hand in hand with you when you can treat their fellow Malaysian with such disregard. The least is to have the courtesy to accept the memorandum as opposed to throwing it away.

Do you seriously think that Malaysian Indians are lacking in pride and dignity that they would just accept anything that is thrown to them? You saw the action with HINDRAF, that every one of you opposition politicians rode on to gain your mileage. Now when you are in power in your respective states, the concerns for the Malaysian Indians are through your irrelevant mandores for the similar hegemony that you practice like UMNO.

Mistake, Anwar. You did jackshit in your Reformasi drive in 1999. It is we the minority who put up with everything for the betterment of the majority that provided the impetus to create the change that emancipated us in 2008.

This incident clearly depicts the immaturity, lack of humanity and courtesy on the part of PKR politicians besides its typical rhetoric than we have seen in UMNO.

Cakra Guna’s self immolation: HRP Demo at Anwar Ibrahim’s house demanding land for all Hindu temples and cemetaries, Tamil schools and Indian villages in Selangor Penang and Kedah.

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(See Malaysia Nanban 10/11/2010 front page)
Cakra Guna’s Self Immolation 1
Cakra Guna’s Self Immolation  2

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