Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kugan's case : Stop manipulation and get the "killers" now !!

Kugan : Stop Manipulation Get to Root Issue

Malaysiakini: Syed Hamid, want to offer your office?…”Kapar MP S Manickavasagam who was also present, responded to Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar’s statement questioning why the Kugan case was politicised.“The minister asked why we used the PKR headquarters to hold the press conference. Well, if Syed Hamid can offer his office to us, we are willing to use it to meet the press. Kugan’s family cannot afford to book a hotel ballroom, so we offered our party office.”

The Key issue here is MURDER of car Theft Accused A . Kugan while under Police Custody. He has no prior criminal record and he had cooperated with police investigation which lead to some cars recovered. So, why he was murdered and POLICE knows the culprits whom caused his life.

Instead of arresting or remanding them, POLICE with support of Home Minister still let them mingling around public.
Why, planning to KILL few more?
The Police and Home Minister trying all their level best to manipulate MURDER committed by some unscrupulous Police personnel whom may not necessarily low ranking.
Looking at the involvement of a Cabinet Minister , IGP and a State Police chief in trying to protect their own act I can strongly feel possible conspiracy involve in Kugan’s Murder.

Why until today Police never arrest the Warehouse Owner whom stored stolen cars?

What’s the link between them and Police?

Instead to finding the root cause, look what they had done for far :

1) Asking why held press conference at PKR HQ. Public wanted to come to Parliament to submit memo , their arrest. We go to police station to report, they arrest. Even if we group together, they call it illegal gathering . It’s merely act of Home Minister try to divert public attention.

2) Incomplete Government Hospital autospy report , never touch death body below waist. Hospital administation claim pathologist afraid family will barge into when conducting authsopy.
What’s a silly excuse?
So they think, the family member all terrorist or what?
Or, he afraid of giving false report to police? The Police already at Mortuary before autospy commence, so what made his to worry?

3) When death occurred, the police gave us lies and tried to cover up by telling us that he died while he was drinking water. And when the (first) post-mortem report came out, they said he died of water in his lungs.

4) The police came out with weak excuses and what I call a diversion tactic by saying that we barged into the (Serdang Hospital) mortuary. This was an act to divert the public’s focus from the murder.

5) They tried their very best to prevent us from getting a second post-mortem report. The IGP (Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan) today in the news said that he can’t wait to read the report, but they used all the obstacles to prevents us from getting a second post-mortem.

6) Up to this day, no one was arrested or remanded for the murder.So what’s next …. argue the finding of Second Post Mortem?Check on the First Autospy report page 4 the ,conclusion.

The Doctor can’t identify the true cause ” SEMBAP PARU-PARU” or Bloated Lungs.The same report also conclude Kugan’s died due to “Pulmonary Oedema” , which Wikipedia says due to direct damage to the tissue or a result of inadequate functioning of the heart or circulatory system.

So, why the doctor made a hanging report. Though I’m not medical doctors, this questions easily arise in our mind when we involve into the issue.When it come to their Cronies all kind of excuses Given, when it involves opposition they search for faults or reasons to charge them.

Let’s Wait for Attorney General’s professional reaction.

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