Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Letter from WMP to Sgor MB on Tamil School

(Hindu Rights Action Force)

Y.A.B. Tan Sri Dato’ Abd Khalid Bin Ibrahim
Menteri Besar Selangor
Pejabat Menteri Besar Selangor
Tingkat 21, Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah,

Tel: 03-55141119/5544701340503
Shah Alam
Fax: 03-551 90032


(1) Land for SRJK (T) Seaport, Petaling Jaya and Simpang Lima, Klang Tamil Schools.
(2) Land for a Tamil School in Lindungan with 10,000 Indian families.
(3) Land for all Tamil Schools, Hindu Temples, Hindu Crematoriums and Burial Sites further to Section 76(AA) of the National Land Code.

With reference to the aforesaid matter, we hereby formally apply to the Menteri Besar of Selangor for state freehold land for the SRJK (T) seaport SS7, Petaling Jaya and the Simpang Lima Tamil School, Klang.

The Tamil Nesan and New Straight Times 14/07/08 at page 13 reported that the Parent Teachers Association of this SS7 Seaport Tamil School Mr. Purshothaman at a public meeting with MIC President had asked the present 0.6 hectare land to be increased to 1.2 hectares, Samy Vellu replied “Why don’t you see Pakatan Rakyat?” for the extra land. You people don’t understand how it works (i.e. under UMNO it does not work) Tamil School.

In the same news report the Kg. Lindungan area which has 10,000 Indian families also in need of a Tamil School. The Tamil Nesan in its front page report on 14/07/08 reported that the Simpang Lima Klang Tamil School which is the biggest Tamil School in Malaysia with an enrollment of 2,152 students and 97 teachers are having a shortage of land space and classrooms. They had asked the Deputy Education Minister who had visited the school for land for this school to be expanded.

We hereby apply that land be alienated to those Tamil Schools and the intended Tamil School in Kg. Lindungan according to Section 76 (AA) of the National Land Code where the State can alienate freehold land for a public purposes or when there are special circumstances (NST 01/06/08 pg 14).

To the Menteri Besars of Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan further to our letters to Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Lim Kit Siang and Dato Seri Hadi Awang dated 21st April 2008 we hereby appeal that state government land be alienated further to Section 76 (AA) of the National Land Code to all Tamil schools, Hindu Temples, Hindu Crematoriums and Burial Sites in these five States. With this state land these Tamil schools will automatically become fully aided government schools and will not be looking like cow sheds any more. The Hindu Temples which are also the heritage of this country will stop being demolished. The Hindu Crematoriums and Burial Sites will no longer demolish and/or relocated at the smallest excuse of development.

This our appeal is not excessive as almost immediately after taking over power in Selangor, and Perak 130 hectares and RM 100 millions approved for the pig farm project and 60,000 TOL occupants of New villages in Perak were given freehold titles (Utusan 05/04/08 pg 14). After all this Indian appeal is, for public and not private or commercial purposes as above.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

P. Waytha Moorthy

YAB Dato Seri Ir..Haji. Mohammad Nizar bin Jamaluddin,
Menteri Besar Perak
2nd Floor, Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan
Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab
30000 Ipoh Tel: 05-254 9384
Perak Darul Ridzuan Fax: 05-254 5324

Mentri Besar Kedah
Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Kedah
Wisma Darul Aman
05503 Alor Star Tel : 04-7301957
Kedah Darul Aman Fax : 04-7310000

Y.A.B Mr Lim Guan Eng
Penang Chief Minister,
Chief Minister's Office,
Level 28,
10502 Penang
Tel: 04-2614424 04-6505112
Fax: 04-261 3003

YAB Dato Tuan Guru Haji Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat
Menteri Besar Kelantan
Tingkat 3, Bangunan PAS Kelantan
Jalan Datuk Pati
15000 Kota Bharu Tel: 09 748 1131
Kelantan Darul Naim Fax: 09 746 1873


PS from WMP on Why Uthaya refused ISA rehab program which violates UN Rules



Re: P. Uthayakumar refuses to attend ISA rehabilitation programme by Police Special Branch which is in violation of Article 95 of the U.N standard Minimum Rules.

Mr. P. Uthayakumar was on 10/07/08 requires to attend a rehabilitation programme organized by the Police Special Branch and to be conducted by Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Agus bin Yusof of the National University of Malaysia (UKM).

On two previous occasions last month and again this month a Police Special Branch Acting Commissioner of Police (ACP), Superintendent of Police and a DSP wanted to rehabilitate Uthayakumar but Uthayakumar refused to meet them. Uthayakumar’s position is that this is in violation of Article 95 of the United Nations (U.N) Standard Minimum Rules for the treatment of prisoners which provides that prisoners without charge are not to be subjected to Rehabilitation.

Further Uthayakumar’s detention is in violation to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 of which Malaysia is a signatory, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1976, Article 3, 10, 11(1) of the U.D.H.R specifically provides that there shall be no detention without trial, provides the right to personal liberty and to a fair trial and that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Especially after having studied law and practiced law for sixteen years and also an active legal practitioner and himself a human and civil rights Lawyer Mr. Uthayakumar is unable to accept any form of sentence to imprisonment for a term of two years and continuing indefinitely at the pleasure of the Executive without trial and not having been found guilty by a court of law.

What more to be rehabilitated after the Judgment of Prime Minister Badawi of Malaysia who acted as Judge, Jury, Prosecutor and Executioner. Mr. Uthayakumar’s struggle is against the marginalisation, discrimination, oppression, suppression, equality and inequal opportunities and the permanent colonialisation of the ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia through lawful and peaceful means.

Badawi and the UMNO controlled government of Malaysia refused to even reply to the hundreds of letters, memorandums, and protest notes and running into thousands of pages scores of civil suits, it would appear that it would be a crime to champion equality and equal opportunities, Malaysian Bar Resolutions, hundreds of police reports etc. and when having exhausted all these avenues over a period of sixteen years of peaceful campaigning Uthayakumar organised a 100,000 Hindraf peaceful assembly at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre on 25/07/2007.

The Badawi regime took this as a threat to their authoritarian rule especially so in view of the then imminently impending general elections which we believe had to be postponed to 08/03/2008. Badawi’s excuse was that Uthayakumar and the three other Hindraf lawyers were threat to “national security”. Badawi’s reason for not having them prosecuted in an open court of law was their said detention was based on “intelligence information” which could not be tendered in open court, meaning there is no credible evidence and/or Uthayakumar and Hindraf has an avalanche of evidence as the aforementioned thousands of pages of documents and photographs which the Badawi regime can not or would not be able rebut. Thus Uthayakumar and the other 3 Hindraf lawyers have now been detained for eight months now.

P. Uthayakumar’s and Hindraf’s legal and peaceful struggle would continue irrespective until the rule of law is observed and justice is served. People power “Makkal Sakthi” will prevail one day.

Thank you,

P. Waytha Moorthy


VOH- UMNO demolishes 2nd Hindu temple since GE2008

Voice of Hindraf:

UMNO demolishes second Hindu temple since the 8th March 2008 General Elections without a valid court order and in total disregard for Article 11 of the Federal Constitution.

UMNO has also committed a crime punishable with a two years jail term, contrary to 294 (defiling a place of worship), 295 (disturbing a religious assembly), 296 (inciting religious hatred) and Section 441(criminal damage) of the Penal Code (Tamil Nesan 18/06/08 pg 4).

Even one cartoon of Nabi Muhammad caused so much anger in UMNO and the "multi –racial" community in Malaysia. But here the very idols the Hindus had been praying to at the Port Dickson Sri Muniswaran Hindu temple was demolished using a bulldozer and backed by 10 Port Dickson Land/District Officers and 20 Policemen.

This does not happen to any Malay Muslim Mosques and suraus. But it is only in Malaysia that the supposed "multi-racial" opposition parties PKR, DAP, PAS, Civil Societies and the Print and the Electronic media does not raise even their little finger. So UMNO has had a free hand over the last 50 years in bullying the mere 8% minority Indians and backed up by their police force, army, and the civil service.

M. Ravi PKR the state assemblyman could not stop the said demolishment. His boss Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would lose Malay Muslim votes if they condemned this Hindu temple demolishment. So they pretend that they see no evil, hear no evil and therefore speak no evil. But have to acknowledge that in the PKR, DAP and PAS ruled states, no Hindu temples have been demolished since the March 8th General Elections.

The Indians and forces of "Makkal Sakthi" people power must go for self help which is allowed in law. They must form a legally trained group who invoke the citizens arrest power even if it means arresting the authorities themselves. But "Makkal Sakthi" must be prepared for the consequences and be prepared to pay the price for the eventual abuse of power and malicious and vindictive action by UMNO's police, Attorney General and UMNO's Courts. This is the only way to stop any further Hindu temples demolishment in Malaysia.

Send large scale SMSes and get as many people as possible to come to the temple which UMNO wants to demolish.

Vote UMNO out completely in the 2012/13 General Elections and vote for People Power "Makkal Sakthi".

VOH- Malaysian Indians are still Marginalised in Education Rights

Voice of Hindraf:
More foreign student were given opportunities in USM but where is the Malaysian Indians education right there ?

Comment from NST news-02July2008, pg 20

USM taken 115 foreign students from 13 countries, mostly to do post graduate studies (NST 02/07/08 pg 20).
But thousands of Indians are denied places in the local universities what more to do post graduate courses. UMNO would rather help foreign students prosper in their quest to make the Indians the new "coolie" (near slavery) by 2020 when Malaysia would become a fully developed country and the Malay Muslims the Masters.


Voice of Hindraf:
Tamil School field snatched in Teluk Intan.

Shop lots built under PKR, DAP and PAS state government in Perak. The 73 year old Thiruvalluvar Tamil School in Teluk Intan football and playing field had been snatched up by the Teluk Intan Municipal Council to built shop lots (Tamil Nesan 12/06/08 pg 7).

This atrocity of this nature does not happen to any Malay or Chinese Schools in Malaysia. It only happens to Tamil Schools. Why? Because the Indians in this country are soft target and a target of being bullied by the UMNO controlled Malaysian Government. In civilized societies like in the West, minority's rights are protected by the majority.
But in UMNO controlled Malaysia, the Indians are bullied, taken advantage of and bulldozed with impunity at every available opportunity.
What even supposed multi racial PKR. DAP and PAS government in Perak stands by and watches quietly like UMNO. PKR, DAP and PAS does not care as it merely involves the politically, economically and not international attention drawing community.

TV3 on 11/06/08 at prime time news covered some Malay Muslim Felda settlers who had yet to be paid compensation of up to RM 800,000 for their land taken about eight years ago. Good coverage by TV 3 as some of the beneficiaries are old while others have passed away. But the very same TV 3 would not highlight the plight of this Tamil School or almost all of the critical Indian issues because again it involves merely the Indians.

The only solution forward is Indian political empowerment. People Power "Makkal Sakthi" have to act at the appropriate time.