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25 Nov 2008-1st Anniversary of Msian Indian Awakening Day prayers update

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A year have sailed through since 25th November 2007. Malaysian Indians have never seen such a mammoth gathering and unity to voice the true marginalization of the community in the last 50 years. Thousands of those participated in the peaceful gathering of last year 25th November wont never forget that historical event where thousand of tear gas canisters and thousand litres of chemical laced water FAILED to fade the unity and arising of Malaysian Indians rights.
That event opens the eyes of the world towards the real suffering, oppression, depression and systematically marginalized community in this "truly Asia" nation.
Though series of the oppression continues till todate towards those whom championed the matter to the community and global but Malaysian in large knew the cause of Hindraf was real and spirit never fade in struggle.
To remember this historical day and to seek the bless from Almighty GOD there were more than 1 million people gathered and prayed on this day in the temples throughout the nation on 25th November 2008 for the betterment of Malaysian Indians and the return and release of Makkal Sakthi leaders whom been self exile and some held under draconian law ISA.
Though in many parts of nation they were showered with rain in the evening (many believed it is the bless) but it doesnt stop the determination of the people to gather in unity and peace to get bless for the divide intervention. Neither does the presence and road blocks by police and special branch unit able to fear away people to gather for prayers on the day stop the people.
Thousand of people came to main temples prayer such as in Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Butterworth and Batu Caves Murugan temple.
In Penang , the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, Prof Ramasamy and Mr Thanethiran the National Coordinator of Makkal Sakthi were leading the "agal lights" walk for a kilometre towards the Butterworth Mariamman temple followed by thousands well wishers.

Whereas in Batu Caves Murugan Temple, Parliament Members of Pakatan Rakyat YB Manikavasagam and YB Manogaran together with PR ADUN, YB Ravi and other Makkal Sakthi leaders like Mr Jayathas and Mr Selvam leads the walk to the top with 18 big "agal vilaku" significant of 18 demand point submitted by Hindraf to the Malaysian Prime Minister last year August. Many Indian NGO leaders are also seen there to show support and unity on this significant day. Thousands of people walked with chanting and shouting "Vaalge Makkal Sakthi" (Long Live People's Power) and Long Live Makkal Sakthi leaders while they walked the 272 stairs to seek bless from Lord Murugan there.

Similar prayers conducted in nationwide temples conjunction of this day where it also falls on an auspicios day of "Prothosam" ( a blessed day in Hindu calender ) where it drew almost a million of people to temples.

It clearly shows the success for the call made by Mr Waythamoothy, Hindraf Chairman in his Press Statement dated 25th November 2008 where he called upon all Malaysian to join hands with their Indian brothers and sister to commensurate the 1st year anniversary of HINDRAF mass rally that highlighted the suppression and oppression of the Malaysian Indians for the last 51 years.
He also said that HINDRAF is not dampened by the attempts of the government agents and warn the authorities not to behave in unruly and assert violence on peaceful supporters who gather to offer prayers for what is the truth and reality. "We are committed to our continued struggle to achieve a fair and just treatment through change of policies so that everyone can be treated equally and fairly", explained by Waythamoorthy.

He also stressed that Malaysian Indians must remind , that November 25, 2007 brought all in UNITY and the same UNITY is needed for HINDRAF to continue its struggle and achieve the goals for the Malaysian Indians.
"The UNITY can only further increase if we continue to defuse ourselves with antipathy against another human being and work together in UNITY. HINDRAF implores you to walk in a manner worthy of all humility, gentleness, patience and tolerance for one another to preserve the UNITY of HINDRAF in the spirit of peace and humanity. When there is UNITY, there is always victory for the people", said Mr Waythamoorthy.
Attached are some of the pics taken during the special prayer on the 1st year Anniversary of Malaysian Indian Awakening Day on 25th Nov 2008. There are more pictures and clips that would be shared later.

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