Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PS from WMP - ISA Threat to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

SEREMBAN. 17th September 2008


HINDRAF urges its supporters to remain calm and focussed in the wake of the new threat of the use of ISA against opposition leader Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

It is highly likely that the Government which is led by the bully and fascist UMNO would resort to every trick possible to stay on power even at the expense of violating the Federal Constitution and the cardinal principals of Rule of Law. The threat of the use of ISA on grounds of Economic and National Security resembles a similar foundation laid on HINDRAF and its leaders and supporters on 5th December 2007, which saw unfounded malicious allegations of links with the terrorists’ organisations especially the LTTE which eventually led to the arrest of 4 lawyers under the ISA.

HINDRAF fully supports the attempt by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to take over the helm of the country, which has seen serious erosion of public confidence and International Respect, which this beloved country once enjoyed.

HINDRAF would commit itself to do everything possible at the International arena and lobby support from International bodies and Governments should the UMNO led Government resort to unlawful measures to curb the legitimate Constitutional take over of Pakatan Government led by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

HINDRAF urges all 12 remaining coalition partners within Barisan National to immediately withdraw support to the premiership of Dato Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and/or any other likely UMNO leader who might take over the helm under the current circumstances. They should never be part of the UMNO agenda of destroying this beautiful and democratic country.

P.Waytha Moorthy
Currently in London.
9.14pm Malaysian Time

Hindraf National Coordinator, RS Thenethiran backs Anwar for PM

Hindraf National Coordinator, RS Thenethiran backs Anwar for PM

Athi Veerangan Sep 16, 08 6:21pm

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) openly backed Anwar Ibrahim to become the country's sixth prime minister for it believes that the opposition leader is the only person capable of putting the country back on the right track.

Hindraf national coordinator R S Thanenthiran said if the Pakatan Rakyat supremo becomes premier, he would implement certain action plans to revive public and investor confidence.
Firstly, he said Anwar would surely abolish the draconian Internal Security Act, a tough security law which provides detention without trial.
On Dec 13 last year, five Hindraf leaders were arrested under ISA after organising a mammoth street protest in Kuala Lumpur several weeks earlier.The five are P Uthayakumar, 47, T Vasanthakumar, 35, M Manoharan, 47, R Kenghadharan, 41, and V Ganabatirau, 35.
Last Friday, controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, DAP parliamentarian Teresa Kok and Sin Chiew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng were arrested under the law. Tan was released 18 hours later. “Anwar has assured that he will ensure a free and fair country based on equality, justice and democracy for all, something that Barisan Nasional has not given to Malaysians in its unbroken 51-year rule,” said Thanenthiran.“He is now the best bet to instill some order to our political uncertainty. Hindraf wants him to become prime minister and safeguard the Indian community from marginalisation,” he told a press conference in George Town today.
Thumbs-up for Zaid
A former ISA detainee himself, Anwar has promised to abolish ISA and free all ISA detainees in the Kamunting Detention Camp in Taiping when he comes into power. It is estimated that there are some 80 ISA detainees.Meanwhile, self-exiled Hindraf chief P Waythamoorthy is currently in London on a temporary political asylum granted by the British government under the Geneva Convention.He hopes to return home once the threat of an ISA arrest abates if Anwar becomes prime minister.“We will prepare a grand welcome at the airport if and when Waythamoorthy returns,” said Thanenthiran, adding that it’s time for the people to relish and cherish a chance to finally unseat BN and replace it with a new model of governance. “Everyone wants good governance without abuse of power, corruption and injustice,” he said.Anwar claims to have secured the support of more than 31 government lawmakers, enabling him to form a new administration with a slim majority.
He is now hoping for incumbent premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to allow a discussion on a smooth transition of power.Thanenthiran also condemned the latest ISA crackdown as being against the rule of law and natural justice.He also criticised Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar and the police for 'mocking' the country’s laws and justice.However, he applauded de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim's decision to resign in protest of the ISA arrests, and hoped that Syed Hamid would take a cue from this and also resign from the Cabinet for the ISA debacle.