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Hulu S’gor: Anwar Ibrahim forces more racism upon UMNO, by announcing one of 5 Malay PKR candidates two days ahead of UMNO announcing an Indian candidate

url hulu s'gor Hulu S’gor: Anwar Ibrahim forces more racism upon UMNO, by announcing one of 5 Malay PKR candidates two days ahead of UMNO announcing an Indian candidate
PKR to announce Hulu Selangor by election candidate tonight (NST 13/4/2010 at page N 12). The five Malay muslim candidates are Dato Zaid Ibrahim, Syed Shahrir, Dr. Halili Rahmat, Nik Nazmi and Shamsul Iskandar.
Why is Anwar Ibrahim bent on filing only malay muslim candidates?
And now Anwar Ibrahim goes one step forward (read backwards) by announcing his Malay candidate tonite, two days ahead of UMNO’s announcements of their MIC Indian candidate.
By doing this, Anwar Ibrahim is playing his more than UMNO racist politics, or the worst of the UMNO in him is coming out by trying to force UMNO to change and also field a Malay candidate.
Whereas initially PKR had announced that they would only announce their candidate after UMNO does. But now they are doing so two days before UMNO. Why?
Our observation is that PKR have tried working the UMNO and malay ground to force UMNO to give the seat to a Malay candidate. Thereafter pockets of the local and other UMNO leaders were making media statements that they wanted an UMNO candidate.
But Prime Minister Najib in recognition of their time honoured power sharing formula stood firm and quickly announced that the a seat would be given to an MIC candidate.
And now this last minute attempt by Anwar Ibrahim to force UMNO to also name a a Malay candidate by his announcement two days ahead of BN’s announcement.
Now who is more racist? Anwar Ibrahim or UMNO? But when we point out this Anwar instead says Hindraf has a racist agenda. To us in so far as allocation of seats are concerned, UMNO has always been fairer to the Indians.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice
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Photos of Kedah PAS desecrating Hindu cemetery to make way for University Insamiah. But UMNO preserves Chinese cemetery inside UPM

url photo Photos of Kedah PAS desecrating Hindu cemetery to make way for University Insamiah. But UMNO preserves Chinese cemetery inside Universiti Pertanian Malaysia(UPM) (See the photos below)
This is a classic case of how injustices are meted out to the Indians also by PKR, PAS and DAP ruled states.
A picture speaks a thousand words. See the pictures and see the PAS, PKR and DAP injustices!
When we point this out, Anwar Ibrahim, PKR and PAS and DAP accuses Hindraf of a racist agenda.
But the committing of the racist necrophilia acts of demolishing the Ladang Batu Pekaka, Kuala Ketil Hindu cemetery and the scores of others, as they may lose the 60% malay votes, is not a racist agenda by Anwar Ibrahim, PKR, PAS and DAP standards. Not speaking up against UMNO’s day to day injustices against the Indians also because they may lose the 50% Malay votes is not a racist agenda by PKR, DAP and PAS standards. Welcome to Malaysian politics.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

batu pekaka 3 batu pekaka 1 batu pekaka 2
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UMNO denies Indian sickly boy medical aid

 url umno denies UMNO denies Indian sickly boy medical aid
Avinesh, weight 25kg and less than a meter tall, has both speech and hearing impairment, born with one kidney, has hypertension and had undergone several surgeries.
But he is being denied the UMNO Welfare Department’s welfare assistance.
His mother suffer from asthma and has psychiatric problems but was given a mere RM 100 per month and which has been stopped after a few months.
But in the 2010 National Budget an allocation of RM 48 million has been allocated for welfare!How come this help does not reach the Indian poor like Avinesh and hundreds of other such?
P. Uthayakumar

UMNO denies Indian

UMNO’s gimmick: 95 squatters problem solved by MIC Mandore, but only 9 seen in photo

url umno gimmick UMNO’s gimmick: 95 squatters problem solved by MIC Mandore, but only 9 seen in photo
UMNO claims that 95 former Baru Estate workers’ problems were solved and send their MIC mandore to do the usual wayang kulit. 95 have allegedly been given PPR flats with compensation of between RM 10,000 to RM 30,000. But only nine recipients are seen in the photo. And neither is the list of the 96 verifiable for example in the Wilayah Ministry’s or DBKL’s website.

umno gimmick

Fuss over muslim and Chinese cemeteries but Hindu cemeteries desecrated with impunity

url fuss
There is rightly so much fuss with newspaper coverage when it comes to muslim, Chinese or Christian cemeteries (Contractor apologises for dumping tombstones – The Star 13/4/2010 at page N29) (Cemetery runs out of space – The Star 13/4/2010 at page N28) and (Batu Nesan tidak peka dengan sensitiviti keluarga – UM 13/4/2010 at page 25).
But when it concerns Hindu cemeteries, not only is there no fuss but hundreds have been trampled and bulldozed with impunity.
The last being the Hindu cemetery at PKR’s Kuala Kubu Baru where the bones were strewn all around by developers. But there is no apology. Then the Ladang Batu Pekaka Hindu cemetery being desecrated by the Kedah PAS government in collaboration with UMNO and Kedah police.
Over the weekend at the Rantau forum on 10/4/2010, we were told that the whole of the nearby Kuala Sawah Hindu cemetery was bulldozed with impunity.
A local Hindu, Muniandy (not his real name) complained to us that the whole of the Kuala Sawah century old Hindu cemetery was bulldozed and wiped out with impunity, when it is a criminal offence punishable with one year jail under Section 297 of the Penal Code. Muniandy even complained to the N. Sembilan Menteri Besar who had told him not to raise the matter and then was asked him to leave the MB’s office. But the print and electronic media have refused to carry these news unlike for the muslim cemetery herein above.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the desecration of Hindu cemetaries in Malay-sia. This continues because both UMNO and also PKR, PAS and DAP has refused to grant state land and the same gazetted accordingly to the hundreds of Hindu cemeteries nationwide as had been done for the muslim and other cemeteries.
Almost all Hindu cemeteries are on wasteland looking conditions. The local UMNO Majlis Perbandaran which are collecting quit rent have a legal statutory duty to maintain these Hindu cemeteries but are refusing to do so.
Instead the various UMNO and ably continued by the PAS, PKR and DAP state governments have outsourced their responsibilities by dishing out some peanuts cash allocations to the MIC and now PKR, PAS and DAP mandores to be in charge of these Hindu cemeteries.
Any change in the PKR, PAS and DAP state governments that they had promised?
When we raise these injustices Anwar Ibrahim, PKR, DAP and PAS says it is Hindraf’s racist agenda. But by refusing to speak out against these gross injustices, because they may lose the 60% Malay votes, does not become or qualify as a racist agenda.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

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More PKR Exco & other Indian mandores in Hulu Selangor wayang kulit

url pkr excoThe state govt gives land to temples and schools (NST 13/4/2010 at page 13). This statement should have rightly come from the Chairman of Land Affairs cum PKR Menteri Besar of Selangor. But it came from the PKR Indian Exco mandore whose portfolio has nothing to do with land, schools or religious matters. For a handsome salary for himself, perks and possible Datukship, etc., he has now assumed the Chief Indian mandore role in Selangor a la MIC.
But still then the land titles to these Hindu temples and Tamil schools was and has never been made public. At the very least even the State Government’s letter using their letterhead was never made public at least for the press to report on the same.
With the denial of this evidence, as the previous UMNO and now PKR, PAS and DAP strategy, the Hindu temples, Tamil schools and Hindu cemeteries will only know that the land does not belong to them when the bulldozers come to tear them down.
This UMNO strategy of cheating the Indians has somehow been perfected by the PKR, PAS and DAP state governments in Selangor, Kedah and Penang.
This PKR Indian Exco mandore like his UMNO’s MIC mandore predecessor, also does his theatrics wayang kulit in the three Tamil newspapers (MO 13/4/10 front page and in colour).
But ever wandered why we do not read of peanuts of between RM 2,500 and RM 3,000 is hardly given to any Malay, Chinese or Islamic schools? These peanuts RM 2,500 has never got to or does not qualify for the front pages or any of the pages of the Malay and Chinese newspapers! That’s why.
PKR, DAP and PAS should stop using their Indian mandores to continuously insult the Indians with this wayang kulit. End mandores and mandorism.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

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In the last 30 days Hindraf has been called a racist organisation by none other than Anwar Ibrahim and his erstwhile buddy Raja Petra Kamarudin. This is a very serious and misleading allegation and warrants some clarification to put things in their correct perspective.

It is true that the focus of Hindraf’s struggle is the Indian poor and marginalized. This segment of our population has been badly mauled and flung aside as a result of the workings of the racist system that continued from where the British left off, slow at the beginning and accelerating in the 80s to what it is today. 53 years of racism is the burden of history that the Indian poor carry.

There has been no effective representation for their welfare in this entire period. We had representatives in their names, but who never truly represented their interests and rights. Hindraf has now stepped into that shoe to provide representation for the Indian poor and marginalised. We ask for remedial actions for the past neglect, we ask for equal opportunities for their development, we ask for equal rights as citizens of this country, our motherland.

We do not champion Indian issues out of a blind pride for “the bangsa” as RPK shallowly puts it. We champion these issues, because for far too long, no one has bothered to champion them. The time has come for the educated elite among these poor to stand up and speak up for them. Hindraf is now a seamless group of the Indian educated and the poor. Does that make the Hindraf or its leaders or its supporters Indian racists? We do not bar anyone of any race from partaking in our struggle, as long as they understand the basis for our focus.

On another major consideration which blows the myth that Hindraf is racist, is Hindraf’s unequivocal commitment to article 8 of the constitution which provides for equality for all citizens.

Article of the Federal Constitution reads:


8. (1) All persons are equal before the law and entitled to the equal protection of the law.

(2) Except as expressly authorized by this Constitution, there shall be no discrimination against citizens on the ground only of religion, race, descent, place of birth or gender in any law or in the appointment to any office or employment under a public authority or in the administration of any law relating to the acquisition, holding or disposition of property or the establishing or carrying on of any trade, business, profession, vocation or employment.

We are totally committed to this Clause in the Federal Constitution on equality. As we understand, a racist is one who subscribes to the belief that a particular race is superior to all other races. So when we make this claim, how can anyone call Hindraf racists. What is their basis. I challenge RPK or Anwar Ibrahim to quote one incident, just one, where we have said or implied that the Indians are superior to any other ethnic group in the country. I, for my part can recount numerous instances in the past where Anwar has been guilty of blatant racism in the heydays of the racist state in the 80s and the 90s.

RPK equates Hindraf with Perkasa, an organisation that is committed to violating just this Article 8 on equality, with their loud theme of “Ketuanan Melayu”. Their position is the complete reverse of ours. They are by any definition racists and yet, RPK, in all his supreme wisdom, equates Hindraf with Perkasa. I can only see mischief in this.

How about RPK and Anwar, can both of them come out clear in the open and say they are committed to Article 8 and openly declare that they would dismantle any race based policies that benefit any particular race in Malaysia? If they both can say this openly and begin operationalising it in their policies then we will dismantle Hindraf, the raison d’etre for Hindraf as it is, will be no more. I challenge them both to come out in the open and declare their commitment to Article 8.

If they cannot or will not do this, then the facts will speak for themselves. What that will imply is that they cannot and will not unequivocally commit to equality of all the ethnic groups in the country. By definition they then are the ones who are racists, not Hindraf.

And RPK in particular is already a racist not by commission but by omission. What specific issue has he championed of the marginalised Indians per se. The Indian poor are the dreg of our society. He sees them, yet he does not. Four days ago two Indians were shot dead in cold blood by the police – does he know or does he care, where is his outrage? Where man? They are Malaysians shot dead, but where is the outrage for the murder of fellow Malaysians. All we have is a dead silence, only because these deaths are of two lowly Indians, not worth his attention. Yet he is the loudest blogger in the country. The kind of racism that he embodies is the most pernicious form where it has internalized so deeply into the psyche of a people that they do not even know they are committing it. It is quite OK in this most pernicious form of racism, to let things like that just go by. He is a racist of this kind as are so many others like him.

And this is not a lament. Hindraf has gone beyond that point, to a position that invites labels of racism from the likes of these more pernicious racists, who cannot do anything about these serious social problems yet will cast stones on those like Hindraf that dare.

Then there are thousands of religious organisations and race-based organisations in Malaysia, each taking care of their ethnic and religious group interests. Why doesn’t RPK and Anwar complain about them? How about PAS which is a religion based party which champions the concept of an Islamic Malaysian state against the wishes of the majority of the community? What is unique about Hindraf in comparison with all these organisations that Hindraf should be singled out for the label of racism?

The truth is just this. They know full well, Hindraf is not a racist organisation. But Hindraf stands in their way of getting the votes of the Indian poor. Because of that and that alone, they brand Hindraf as a racist organisation, partly out of their frustration, exasperation, whatever, and partly in an attempt to denigrate and isolate Hindraf in the public domain.

Their mischief extends further. RPK and his supremo Anwar claim they do not know which or who is the true Hindraf. In that case we will just all wait until they figure that out. In any case, Anwar has on two occasions, the latest at the Hulu Selangor launch of PR’s by-election campaign, endorsed the Special Branch plant as the true Hindraf leader. So, it looks like he has figured that out already. He should just work on him to get himself the votes he needs and the rest of us in Hindraf, we will find our own way. And by the way, we do not see our own way as a dead end, we see new possibilities ahead. We are not in a hurry. We are set for the long haul.

In summary, Hindraf is not racist. It only stands up for the people who are victims of racism. People like RPK and Anwar Ibrahim who go about labeling others as racists now have a job to do show they are not racists. They should now state their unequivocal stand on Article 8 and commit themselves to the equality of all the ethnic groups in the country.

I challenge them to do that and come clean, otherwise the conclusion is a foregone one..


Shan's reply to RPK's 'The great Hindraf debate'

Dear RPK, your sincerity is the last thing in my mind. Never have doubted it nor is there a reason for it. I wrote this piece because I felt that somehow, someway, you are swayed and what you say doesn't seem to be one that is of conviction, at least for me seeing what you have done so far for Malaysians as a whole.

Politics is cancerous and sometimes it can cloud our minds. Like you stated in your rebuttal, this is your personal experience with the grassroots and your see how sincere they are and not a tinge of racist. In the same instance, Pakatan MPs have been courting people like Vasanthakumar and Rao for their own political need and vice versa. Look at Genga and Manoharan. They have stood neutral and did not engage in a war of words with Uthaya or Waytha that the opposition embarked in whenever they questioned their inability to carry out their task for the Indians that is within their means. They are not asking for the sky, they are asking for what is humanely possible by the opposition.

I am not here for character assassination but to put into perspective that you have the luxury of communicating with decision-makers in opposition as well as Moorthy and see why and how you can play a part like how you have been with other issues in striking the balance to achieve the Malaysian goal. I am sure you have dealt with Moorthy and you know he is very level-headed bloke without losing sight of the objective. Then again, the objective should be one that is practical and real for those who deserve and not one that is dictated by the political will of the opposition through media power and false propaganda. We have enough of that through the ruling government.

Logically, if you see it, HINDRAF is not racist but a movement that needs to fend for themselves as nobody is going to do it for them nor are too concerned with it. So all I ask is be fair to them, not to seek a preference. See their predicament, their inability even to convince the opposition of their plight. They are not asking for the whole cake. They just want a share of the cake like any other Malaysians and if this termed as racist,

I am lost for words.

Frankly, do you think there is a problem in engaging HINDRAF when nobody even wants to deal with them although their cry is for the reality and truth on the ground for the masses that had embraced and treated you like a king. Do you suspect the intention of the real HINDRAF leaders when this are the people that they fight for and antagonise everyone including you for them to be labelled as racist.

You are far more experienced and well-versed than I am. But in all sincerity, when it is the truth and reality, we need to sow the seeds of truth to our audience even if they cannot accept it and deal with it. If not, it would make no difference who is in power but how a true notion can be manipulated similar to the position you are in now in exile.

As much as I have respect for you, the truth and reality is the higher authority and it should not blight me or you for the true state of the Malaysian Indians nor any Malaysian for the matter. It has to start somewhere and somehow, and in your heart you know it is not a racist agenda.

R. Shan

Indians bear the brunt of neglect

By Stephanie Sta Maria - Free Malaysia Today

HULU SELANGOR WATCH Raman Nagiah is a relieved man. After numerous applications to get his red identity card (IC) replaced by a blue one, he has finally received a letter summoning him to the National Registration Department (NRD) in Shah Alam to sit for a Bahasa Malaysia written exam.

However, his relief is tinged with anxiety. This is the second time he will be taking the exam and the memory of his first experience is still fresh in his mind.

“I was so happy when I was called to Putrajaya to collect my IC,” Raman recalled. “When I got there, they gave me a red IC instead of a blue one. I told them that they had made a mistake but they told me I had to reapply if I wanted a blue one.”

So Raman did, and he was called in for an exam at the Jerantut branch in 2003. Once there, he was asked to sing the 'Negaraku'. The then 50-year-old faltered halfway and his application was subsequently rejected.

“I hope the exam will be easier this time,” he said earnestly. “I want to be a proper Malaysian citizen.”

According to Pertubuhan Sosial dan Kebajikan Masyarakat Daerah Hulu Selangor (Persekomas), Raman is among more than 100 Indians without a blue IC. Some don't even have a birth certificate.

“These are uneducated people whose own parents never thought of registering their birth,” said its chairman Krishnan Maruthan. “So they don't think of registering their children's births either.”

“It's only when the child reaches school age that the parents realise they don't have their own birth certificates. By this time the father has abandoned the family and without his presence, no birth certificate can be issued. Which also means that many Indian children can't receive an education.”

Krishnan explained that the red IC poses its own set of problems as children cannot be registered as Malaysian citizens if their father doesn't hold a blue IC. Neither can those with a red IC enjoy any government benefits.

Intimidated by officers

On March 15, Persekomas held a registration campaign in Kerling to help people apply for a blue IC. Representatives from the home ministry and the NRD were invited to see the problem for themselves.

About 150 people turned up but only 30 were able to be registered by the end of the day. Unfortunately, no . progress was made with the government officials.

“The NRD officer told us that all they could do is help register these people,” Krishnan said in frustration. “They instructed us to call (Home Minister) Hishammudin Hussein himself if we
wanted more done.”

Raman's 58-year-old brother, Subramaniam, meanwhile has a different story. When he applied for his blue IC, he was told that he would have no problems getting one if he only converted to Islam. Ever since then, he has been afraid to go back to the office.

Subbammah Papayah, 65, and Letchmy Bhalan, 56, are also unwilling to try their luck with the district NRD office. Being illiterate, they say they are intimidated by the officers who merely hand them forms and are impatient when they are unable to understand instructions or produce the necessary documents.

“At least the foreign Indian workers get benefits,” Krishnan said bitterly. “The Indian Malaysians who have toiled in Hulu Selangor factories and estates get nothing.”

But red ICs are only the tip of the iceberg. Persekomas claimed that the Indians in Hulu Selangor are also deprived of a community hall, employment opportunities and even cemetery space.

Krishnan explained that Indians share a cemetery with Christians in Ulu Yam Baru and with the Chinese in Kalumpang where they are given one of the 15 acres.

The Indian cemetery in Rasa is on non-gazetted land, Kerling shares its cemetery with those from Lembah Berinin and only six acres have been allocated for a cemetery in Kuala Kubu Baru. Only Serendah has a gazetted land for its cemetery.

No help from state reps

Hulu Bernam, meanwhile, has no cemetery at all and Indian residents there are forced to perform cremation ceremonies in open shacks, which has caused outrage among the other communities.

To further complicate matters, only Indians born in Hulu Selangor are permitted to be buried there. The rest are herded to the Hindu crematorium in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

“It costs the poor RM500 for the cremation alone,” Krishnan said. “And they have to make an appointment first. There are countless plots of empty land around here but the district office has refused all our applications to use it.”

Krishnan also lamented the fact that 10 of 14 estates were taken over by the government for housing projects, many of which were later abandoned.

“Many people lost their job,” he said. “At least if the government had built factories there, they would still have a place to work. Abandoned housing projects are useless to the economy.”

When asked if the Indian community was in favour of any particular candidate, he openly said the community believed that only another Indian would understand their plight.

Krishnan explained that despite losing the seat, MIC's G Palanivel was more often seen on the ground than PKR's late Zainal Abidin Ahmad. In fact, since taking over the seat Zainal was almost never seen in public due to his illness.

Having said that, he also noted that none of the three state reps (all from BN) lifted a finger to assist the community of Hulu Selangor.

“Hulu Selangor as a whole hasn't made much progress in the last two years,” he said. “But it's the Indian and Orang Asli communities that have borne the brunt of it.”