Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PAS, DAP.PKR stop fooling around with mandorism. UMNO stop creating more Indian parties, it just will not work. Come clean with equitable policies and

For any discerning citizen it will be immediately apparent that the only political party in Malaysia that represents the Indians and is in clear opposition to UMNO is the Human Rights Party(HRP). All the other parties ( nine of them -MIC, PPP, IPF, Punjabi Peoples Party, Kimma, Mindraf, MMSP, MCC and MUIP) are just falling over one another fighting to get a lick at the honey. They represent the narrow and selfish interests of those few who will fight to deliver the Indian votes to UMNO in return for a lick at the honey. They are part of the ongoing treachery against the Indians in Malaysia. It is only when the true interests of the working class Indians are represented in the halls of power that the Indians in this country will get to really move on.

Then look at DAP and PKR who also vie for the Indian votes. Yes that is all they are interested in – the Indian votes. And they want the votes cheaply. They will throw maybe two peanuts at their Mandores, not one like UMNO and hope their dues are paid for the votes. They will create an illusion of representation more treacherous than UMNO by saying we have a Deputy Chief Minister II, we have a Speaker of the Assembly who are Indians, did you have that under UMNO. But what is the point of having impotent representatives like that. They make no difference any way. The differences they proudly and shamelessly speak about is like the naming of roads in Penang in Tamil or of giving land to one or two Tamil Schools which anyway gets mired in the mud because of the passing of the buck between PR and UMNO. It is time these politicians understood that there is a price for the votes – they are not going to come cheap anymore. Who is willing to pay the price will get the votes and not any one else. The price is a clear change to policies vis-à-vis the Indians - to solve the endemic problem of poverty among the Indians, to put in place equal rights in all sense, to create equal opportunities in all sense.

This is the price –PAS, DAP.PKR stop fooling around with mandorism, it is not going to work. UMNO stop creating more Indian parties, it just will not work. Come clean with equitable policies and you will see the magic..


It is not Kugan or whoever it is that killed him that is no trial here. It is the entire system of governance in this country that is on trial!

Kugan died while in police custody. He was arrested on Jan 15th 2009. He died six days later on the 20th of Jan 2009. Constable Navindran is charged with causing grievous hurt to Kugan on the 16th at 7.00am and 4.00pm . Kugan died 4 days later on the 20th of January. ASP Rodney Pasla Haris to whom Navindran reported saw none of the injuries which have been so well documented on the last occasion he saw him alive. We will see such facts unfold in the media and the media will not fail to report these insignificant facts and take attention off a very fundamental failure of the system in our country. The Illusions will continue to pour out from this jug of hubris.

It is not Kugan or whoever it is that killed him that is no trial here. It is the entire system of governance in this country that is on trial. The system of governance in general and the system of justice in our country has deteriorated to an extent that the police have become a law unto themselves. This is what is on trial here. Zimbabwe had a system very close to this that the music from the fiddles were more important than burning Rome. The police have become the prosecutor, the judge, the jury and the executioner – all in one, especially when it comes to the lives of defenceless Indians. The Malay-sian police have no right to take the life of any Malaysian, in particular ethnic minority Malaysian Indians.

Indians have become soft targets in the country. There are so many ways in which the system is killing off Indians. The police killing is just one of the ways. The systematic neglect by the UMNO government of the Indians leaving them in an endemic condition of poverty and all the incumbent ills constitute other surreptitious ways of the killing. The average life span of Indians in the country is lowest among the 3 major ethnic groups and there really is no other reason for this than the systematic neglect by the system.

Such Killing of Indians do not even do not get the attention of the supposed “multi racial” Opposition parties top leadership, their 82 Opposition MPs’ including their 11 Indian members of Parliament. Perhaps because names like Kugan or Muruges do not sound anything like Teoh Beng Hock or Anwar Ibrahim! And so the above and thousands of other atrocities against the Indians goes on unabated and with impunity.

There is only one way out, Indians have to win political power on the strength of their numbers and send to the halls of power those who will truly represent the Indians to change the destiny of Indians in this country. We have had 50 years with UMNO and now 2 years with PR and there is absolutely no difference. They cannot take care of Indian interests. We have to learn to stand on our strengths ourselves. Many say this is not possible. We in HRP believe it is possible and we will show the way to get it done.

We believe in the power of the people. When they become aware their strength is formidable. You will see.

Finally Dharshini readmitted to school But who puts UMNO in jail for denying Dharsini a place in the first place

Dharsini a/l Ponnuthurai (14) was finally readmitted into her Secondary school today after her father Ponnuthurai Manickam had reported the matter to HRP about one month ago. We do not view this as an achievement at all as Dharsini should not have been denied entry into school in the first place. This is despite our P. Uthayakumar personally speaking to Puan Zaini the headmistress of SMK Taman Tasik, En Abdul Ghafur the Headmaster of Dharsini’s present school and En. Shamsuri Jamil, the Special Officer to the Education Minister in charge of Teachers and pupils and other personell.

This matter was also highlighted at a Press Conference by HRP Information Chief S. Jayathas and publicized by the media.

Despite all these efforts Dharsini was forced out of school for two months.

Dharsini’s 62 year old aged adopted father on his part had to shuttle from one school to another from the District Education Department to the State Education Department to the Federal Education Department on scores of occasions for his daughter’s basic and fundamental right to education.

Article 8 of the Federal Constitution provides for Equality before the law.

But UMNOs’ 1,016.799 graduates of the Biro Tatanegara programmes implements UMNOs’ racist, religious extremist and supremacist policies.

Such a simple straight forward matter deliberately made thus difficult by UMNO.

Even at the Welfare home earlier. Dharsini was believed to have been converted to Islam with the word binti after her name in her birth certificate which may pose a problem as what had happened to Banggarama of Penang. Her citizenship though she and her mother were born in Malaysia is now causing her this problem of being excluded from Form Two in her Secondary school.

But Article 12 (4) read with the Second Schedule of the Federal Constitution states that the religion of a person under the age of eighteen years shall be decided by his parent or guardian and the Second Scheduled 1 (1) (c) states “every person born within the Federation after September, 1962, of whose parents one at least was at the time of the birth either a citizen or permanently resident in the Federation, or who was not born a citizen of any other country is a citizen by operation of law.

Article 12 provides that there shall be no discrimination against any citizen on the grounds only of religion, race, descent or place of birth.

But all these laws are not abided to by UMNO and are violated with impunity.

Dharsini was forced to miss school by UMNO for almost two months now. The law in Malaysia as in most other countries is a jail sentence for parents who do not send their children to school. But here we have a dedicated pair of adoptive parents who had the heart to adopt baby Dharsini at four years of age from the Welfare Department to give love and life to this young child. But cruel UMNO denies her two months of her precious school life, the unnecessary agony she and her parents had to undergo, the embarrassment, pain, indignity etc.

Event: HRP Fundraising Dinner & Mega Show Anbu Kalaiviza for Human Rights Service Centre

HRP Fundraising Dinner & Mega Show Anbu Kalaiviza for Human Rights Service Centre will be held on 6th March 2010 at 8.00pm at the Hokkien Hall, Klang.

Special Guest P.Uthayakumar.

Donation for table for 10 persons are at RM500.00 and RM1,000.00

For more information please call S.Jayathas at

03-2282 5241 or 012 6362287

Thank you,


HRP Information Chief


HRP visits activist Raja Sentosa.

P.Uthayakumar, S.Jayathas and others visited Raja Sentosa (M.Rajasegaran) at his home in Sentosa Klang. Raja is a hardcore HINDRAF/HRP activist and Selangor HRP’s Bereau of Eduacation Chief recovering from a 40 feet fall and had sustained head injuries. We wish Raja a speedy recovery.


Sentosa Raja next to P.Uthayakumar


Raja Sentosa next to S.Jayathas at Bukit Jalil Estate issue


Raja Sentosa Thaipusam carrying 18 milk pot (HINDRAF 18point demand) for Lord Muruga at Batu Caves


Raja Sentosa with HINDRAF/HRP at Save Kampung Buah Pala Carnival


Raja Sentosa climbs slipery pole at Kampung Buah Pala Carnival


Raja Sentosa carrying P.Uthayakumar after beard shaving ceremony, Batu Caves


Raja Sentosa at Pournami Pooja, Rawang


Raja Sentosa at HINDRAF’s 24 hours Maha Yagam, Mantin.