Saturday, March 22, 2008


1. HINDRAF through its MAKKAL SAKTI power has sent a clear message to the Government of the 50 years of marginalisation, suppression and oppression of the Indian community in Malaysia and calls upon the Government to adopt and implement all 18 demands made via a memorandum sent to the Prime Minister on 12th August 2007.

2. THIS FORUM does not believe that the 5 linked to HINDRAF detained under the ISA are a threat to National Security. The Government have maliciously linked them to terrorist organisation in December 2007, being extremist ect to justify their arrest under ISA.

THIS FORUM recognises that the Government felt threatened of losing the traditional Indian voters support as a result of the mass gathering organized by HINDRAF and show of MAKKAL SAKTI (PEOPLE POWER) ON 25TH November 2007 and hence the decision to detain under ISA.

THIS FORUM calls upon the Government to immediately release all 5 detained persons unconditionally and compensate them for their unlawful incarceration.

3. THIS FORUM reminds DAP, KEADILAN and PAS that the spirit of multi racial politics shown and advocated by HINDRAF during the General Elections are a commitment given by HINDRAF on behalf of the Malaysian Indians which is a total shift from previous voting trends. HINDRAF now calls upon the above mentioned political parties to recognize the contributions of HINDRAF by appointing a minimum of 5 HINDRAF leaders in the Senate (DEWAN NEGARA), a Deputy Menteri Besar position in each of the states in Penang, Perak and Selangor and equitable numbers of Timbalan Yang Dipertua’s and councillors from amongst HINDRAF.

4. THIS FORUM calls on the Government to recognize the legitimate existence and contributions of HINDRAF to the country and calls upon the Government to immediately approve the registration of HINDRAF as a Civil Rights and Political Pressure group/organization.

5. THIS FORUM recognises that the ISA is an obsolete act of Parliament and the detention under ISA is cruel, inhumane and against all International Human Rights standards.

THIS FORUM calls on the Prime Minister to table as the first act of Parliament, an act to repeal the ISA in the forthcoming new Parliamentary session.

6. THIS FORUM calls on the Government to heed calls made by all concerned citizens and Human Rights organisations to immediately release all detained persons unlawfully held under the ISA and compensate each individual for the loss of years and sufferings they and their families underwent.

7. THIS FORUM urges all Political Parties and the Government to accept the reality that HINDRAF IS THE NEW VOICE OF MALAYSIAN INDIANS.

8. HINDRAF declares and vows to vigorously campaign for the repeal of INTERNAL SECURITY ACT even upon the release of the 5 linked to HINDRAF.