Wednesday, January 9, 2008

War of Roses

Dear HINDRAF Supporters,

You may all have heard about the “War of Roses” declared by HINDRAF yesterday. Now the Government would understand that I have not accepted defeat and HINDRAF’S struggle would continue.

We would continue to peacefully fight for the release our 5 Leaders and demand that the Government meet our 18 demands submitted to the Prime Minister in July 2007.

I promise you that 16th Feb 2007 would be an eye opener to the Government that Indians will never give up their struggle. We have remained silent for far too long. The Government finds it difficult to digest the fact that Indians have found strength to voice out their grievances.

So please send the message to all your friends by whatever means possible. We do not have the support of the media so we have to be independent and find our own way to spread the news. SMS are powerful tool at this time and age.

If you have friends overseas I suggest you ask them to organize one at their respective embassies and consulate offices as well. Never mind if it falls on Saturday. They can write to the embassy/consulate office to accept on a Saturday. They will oblige. After all the Roses are meant for the PM How can they disrespect the PM?

Kindly also take note that as policewatchmalaysia website is not available currently you could log on to to find out latest news on Malaysia.

Thank you.

Waytha Moorthy