Saturday, October 16, 2010

DAP’s Lim Guan Eng now wants to demolish 280 year old Batu Kawan estate Hindu cemetery after Kg. Buah Pala

url dap The DAP Penang state government led by it’s towkay Lim Guan Eng has refused to grant state land to this since 1726 Hindu grave with 752 tomb stones.

It was this very same DAP towkay Lim Guan Eng and his father twenty years ago has gone on a strenuous campaign and stopped the Malacca State government from demolishing the Bukit China Chinese cemetery.

But this rule or standards of justice does not apply when it is this and hundreds of other Hindu cemeteries. So much for DAP’s Malaysian “Chinese” Malaysia.

On the Hindraf people power swing about 90% of the Penang Indians had voted for DAP, PKR and PAS which led to DAP forming the Penang State government and towkay Kapitan Lim Guan Eng ascending the powerful Chief Ministers post which comes with 100% powers of all land in Penang.

But this Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce influenced towkay Kapitan will not alienate land for this ancient Batu Kawan Hindu cemetery or any other Hindu cemeteries, Hindu temples, Tamil schools or Indian villages and settlements.

He will do what he did to Kg Buah Pala within months of coming to power.

Now how is this DAP, PKR or PAS any different from the UMNO/BN regime in so far or vis a vis the poor Indians are concerned?

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice


RM 214 Billion Budget 2011: UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak yet again segregates and excludes poor Indians from mainstream development. Offers mere peanuts temporary solutions and wayang kulit. Never permanent solutions.

For the 53rd year running the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government has yet again excluded and segregated especially the poor Indians from the national mainstream development of Malaysia. The reason offered by UMNO is the policy was good but it’s implementation was bad. To give effect to this racist UMNO strategy, the latest UMNO Prime Minister’s strategy of appointing the powerless MIC Mandore Minister as the Implementation Chairman of the Cabinet Committee (who even the government service office boy would not listen to him) on the Indians. But Najib Razak claims to be the Chairman of this Committee. Such is the shrewd UMNO racist agenda.

In the said 2011 Budget there are no specific financial allocations and implementation mechanisms in place to place in particular the Indians back into the national mainstream development of Malaysia:-

1. No provision has been made to implement the minimum RM 1,300.00 per month monthly salary with effect from 1/1/2011.

2. No specific allocation has been made for the establishment of kindergardens in all the 523 Tamil schools. But najib today announced an allocation of RM 5 billion for a mega skyscraper tower in K.L to be called Warisan Merdeka but zero allocation for even one kindergarden each in all the 523 Tamil schools. But RM 111 Million could be allocated to the malay muslim Permata Kindergardens alone.

3. No financial allocations has been made to grant full financial assistance to all 523 Tamil schools. But again RM 40 Billion for Mass Rapid System. RM 49.2 Billion was allocated for development but zero allocation to rebuild for example the world’s only:-

1. Basement Assad (Tamil) school;

2. Upstairs shophouse (Lukut Tamil) school;

3. Fully in shipping cabins lading Jermal Kuantan (Tamil) school

4. And the dozens of especially pre colonial wooden dilapidated of Tamil schools falling apart being eaten by white ants and being burnt down because of electrical fault.

But RM 29.3 Billion had been allocated to the Education Ministry alone. (Note : RM 100 Million allocation was made under the 2009 first and second economic stimulas packages but zero funds from this RM 100 Million ever went to any of the said 523 Tamil schools (Refer to The Star 30/09/2009 and our aforesaid letter to Prime Minister Najib dated 13/10/2009). And now even the next two budget has been announced but each and every of these 523 Tamil schools which should have been granted RM 120 Million each like how the said MRSM Trolak but did not even get a single cent from the RM 100 Million allocation that was announced again and again repeatedly especially in the Tamil dailies under the UMNO wayang kulit propaganda.

4. No financial allocations has been made to alienate land to all 523 Tamil schools, all Hindu temples, all Hindu cemeteries, all Indian villages and all Indian settlements with the view to give it a permanent as opposed to the present temporary and ad hoc existence which is contrary to the One Malay-sia policy.

5. No allocations has been made to ensure that all 2,237 top and high achieving Malaysian Indian students are granted scholarships, universities and matriculation places and PTPTN study loans to all local and foreign Institutions of Higher learning especially studying Medicine even in AIMST University and Institutions of Higher Learning at Ukraine, Russia, India, Romania, Indonesia etc. But RM 10.2 Billion was allocated to the Higher Education Ministry alone.

6. An 1.593 Billion allocation was made for the five Development Corridors but there was zero allocation for the eradication of poverty among the Indian poor who in real effect are even than the poorer poor Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban or Malay who are all blessed with their traditional villages and ancestral land.

7. An allocation had been made for 375 native English speakers from United Kingdom and Australia to teach English in Malay muslim schools. But Najib Razak has forgotten that it was the pre colonian and immediately post colonial Malaysian born Indian teachers who had thought Najib and his father English. But under UMNOs 53 years of racist and supremacist policies these dedicated and Prime Minister producing quality Indian English teachers have become extinct. Such is the height of UMNO racism and supremacy that is never mind the white man teaching English in Malay-sia but never the Malaysian Indian teachers.

8. The increase to RM 700.00 per month for (mostly Indian) security guards is an insult to Najib’s per capita income of RM 28,000.00. But 90 days mertanity leave up from 60 days for the almost 98% muslim civil servants.

9. RM 500 Million for the 1 Malaysia Training Programme but the Indian poor in reality are segregated and excluded.

10. RM 1.2 Billion Welfare but 95% of the Indian poor denied welfare help.

11. RM 1.9 Billion for River of Life but never food shelter and clothing for the 70% poor and hardcore poor Indians.

12. We laud the government’s launch of the Private Pension Fund.

(HRP’s Note: But UMNO refuses to allocate RM 1 Billion to keep especially Indian youths out of crime for example by giving them the licences, loans and training as given by PNS, MARA, Bank Rakyat and Entrepreneur Development Ministry and the Agriculture and Agro based Industry Ministry to Malay youths to open up and operate Petronas, Shell, Mobil and Esso petrol stations, KFC, Mc Donalds, A&W, Ayamas and scores of other franchise outlets, food shops and tid bit outlets at the scores of low rental and high income Highway rest areas, government buildings, government build food courts etc and thousands of other government supported businesses.


As there has been zero allocation from the RM 214Billion to uplift the socio-economic status of especially the working class Indians we also propose serious implementation mechanisms to place the Indians into the national mainstream development of Malaysia. The only way to give effect to this is and we call upon Prime Minister Najib Razak to over and above being the Chairman of the Cabinet Committee on the Indians to also assume and take over from the MIC Indian Minister mandore the position of the Chairman of the Implementation Commiitee of this Cabinet Committee.

We now propose that RM 10 Billion is allocated under the 2011 Budget to put the Indians into the national mainstream development of Malaysia especially to undo the 53 years of injustices to this poor Indian community.

UMNO has not been and is not transparent and has refused to publish all the details aforesaid in the Prime Minster Website.

We hereby once again ask the UMNO controlled Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak to stop all it’s racist, religious extremist and supremacist UMNO agenda and policies and their implementation thereto and especially not to exclude the Malaysian Indians from the National Budget 2011 and thereafter, future budgets and the future National Development Plans as UMNO has been doing for over all the last 53 years but segregating and excluding the Indians from the national mainstream development of Malaysia.

P. Uthayakumar

Secretary General (pro-tem)