Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prayer nationwide for Waythamoorthy speed recovery

Hi All Malaysians and all Human Right Supporters,

As most of us knew, our Hindraf Chairman, P. Waythamoorthy whom is self exile in London and been continuously voicing the marginalization of Malaysian Indians in the international forum is currently ill and warded in a hospital at London.

The latest information as of 2nd March, he need to go thru some treatment as his heart beat were irregular and not stable. He is currently bed ridden.

As all of aware, Mr P. Waythamoorthy is all alone there struggling for his life to give a better life to all Malaysians. His sacrification have no words to describe. His thoughts and actions were always about the justice for the community and service for the marginalised.

Let us all pray for his fast recovery.

To all Hindus, let light up an "agal vilaku" daily in your prayers room from today and pray for his recovery.

Vaalga Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

Vaalge Waythamoorthy

ps. pass this to all and hope the mass prayers and well wish helps for speed recovery.