Friday, September 10, 2010

Malay-sian police aid Malay mob in beating up Indian youths-HINDRAF & HRP

Goodbye Musa Hassan. Welcome Tan Sri Ismail Omar to continue UMNO brute police racism and religious supremacy against Inds. Almost zero action against Malay policemen and Malay criminals.

image By Human Right Party

For 53 years UMNO has been using the brute police force against the Indians.Just two weeks ago a mob of 15-20 malay muslims attacked Nithananthan a few Indian youths who were at the compound of their Vista Damansara flats after accusing them of trying to steal motorcycles. The police patrol car unit which arrived arrested instead the injured youths and let off the hook the Malay mob despite police reports against the said mob and the police for the inaction. The Indian victims were prosecuted for rioting and the Malay muslim mob gets away scot free.
Even as late as two months ago a Malay muslim mob of about 100 attacked an Indian family in Nilai, N. Sembilan. In broad daylight they beat up an Indian youth, seriously injuring him right before the eyes of the Malay muslim policemen. Three car windscreens of the Indians were smashed up. Instead nine Indian victims of the Malay muslim mob were arrested. One of them was actually beaten up by the police right in the centre of the Nilai police station.mugilan
Two months ago, Mugilan, a 16 year old youth and his friends were accused of disturbing an 8 year old Malay girl at a swimming pool in Pantai Hill. The police which was called in slapped Mugilan straight away and arrested him and his 5 friends, one of whom was dangerously handcuffed to the police motorcycle rear seat bar and taken to the police station. Mugilan was again beaten up in the police station by the very same policeman.
kuganIn another case, A. Kugan was brutally beaten up and killed in police custody. The rest of the 10 Malay policemen who were suspended after 3,000 Indian rallied at a  mass funeral procession. but was eventually let off the hook. When police reports were lodged one policeman and that too an Indian policeman was prosecuted to make it appear as an Indian and Indian problem. The rest of the 10 suspended Malay policemen were let off the hook.
In the 2001 Kg Medan racial attacks against the working class Indians where a Malay muslim mob from outside Kg. Medan killed five Indians and grievously injuring 100 over Indians.It is 10 years now and zero action has been taken against the malay muslim mob despite scores of police reports against the police for their medan
95% of the Malaysian victims killed in police lock-ups and shot dead by the police for merely being “suspects” are the Indians.
80% of the detainees without trial for alleged gangsteriem at Simpang Rengam are Indians when they form only 8% of the population. Police summary justice, arbitrary action and expediency. Why not prosecute them in a court of law.
In fact almost every day we receive phone calls from nationwide of Indians being unlawfully arrested, beaten up, maliciously prosecuted by Attorney General Gani Patail. 99% of them being forced to plead guilty as they cannot afford to raise the bail or pay their lawyer legal fees.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the racial and religious supremacist agenda and police enforcement of the law led by Tan Sri Musa Hassan of the Malay-sian police brute force, abuse of powers, high handedness, above the law mindset and police crime against in particular the most vulnerable and soft target poor Indian community who are politically powerless against the racist and religious supremacist.
And now the baton of command is passed on to Tan Sri Ismail Omar. Old wine in new bottle.
Only with a four star army general assuming the top leadership of the police force will we see some significant changes.
Selamat Hari Raya PRDM. Eat well!
P. Uthayakumar
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Malay-sian Police even shoot dead and murder a deformed and visually impaired and five others in their shoot to kill Indian policy.

No police gunshot wound on legs of suspects. Almost all gunshot wounds on the head and chest of six Indians shot dead by the police.

And their Inquest begins only 15 months later.

HRP and Hindraf has way back in 2006 stopped attending and in fact have boycotted any of these Inquests because the police, attorney general, judiciary chemist and the hospital all work hand in glove in a full scale cover up of all cases of death by police shooting dead and death in police custody.

And the outcome is so predictable, ie “Open Verdict” and the police criminals get away scot free from their police murders.

95% or some 8,000% of the victims of these police killings are disproportionately the Indians when they only form 8% of the Malaysian population.
All these possible only in One Malay-sian.
Selamat Hari Raya.
P. Uthayakumar
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