Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jln Kapar Temle temple demolish- another example of systematic marginalization

Klang , 1/6/2008. Peaceful demonstration was held by some 500 residents along Jalan Kapar (2nd mile) in protest on Demolishment of Sri Nagamuthu Karumariamman Temple. Police had blocked both entrance towards Jalan Kapar some 1 km away along with presence of FRU personnel’s.

This time the temple was not been touched by any Authorities but some individuals believed to be hired by developer . Residents claim the developer closely associated with Sementa ADUN (MLA), who is form the rulling party, UMNO.

It is believed caretaker of the land and temple had lost their court case and was given until 9th June 2008 to relocate. The compound with fully gated with Zinc and guarded. A signboard showing Private Property and Trespassers with be prosecuted also erected.

Cronological events that lead to the incident :

Location of the land : Geran Mukin 2166/ Lot 266 Mukim Kapar, Klang
Current Estimated land value : RM 2.4 million

Police reports dated 08/03/2006, Klang Station (by Caretaker) that he had been residising on the said land since 50years. The land belongs to Mr Harbhajan Singh whom handed over to caretakers father and migrated to India in 1973. It is understood Mr Singh had expired during the year 1980. Caretaker found out that in 1996 Mr Harbhajan had transfer the land to Mr Lin Chee Yong whom later take court order to vacate the land . Suspecting foulplay , caretaker had made search on the IC no on land transfer form where he found the it’s fake.

25/3/2006 – a police report was launched by caretaker that a man identified as police ask his children why they didn’t vacate the land.

3/4/2006 – a police report was made that a security hut was build with a man placed, while Court case still in process.

11/4/2006 – a police report was launched on possible trespass since a Signboard was erected while a court case in process.

28/4/2006 – a police report was made as caretaker found that water meter was drown in process of land clearing despite the court case still in process.

3/7/2006 – A tractor and a lorry trespass the land for clearing purpose on instruction of “new owner” despite court case in process. A police report was made

26/8/2006 – “New owner” had locked the main entrance despite court case in process. A police report was made.

14/9/2006 - A police report was made as “ new owner” locked the entrance while requesting police to take action to allow caretaker , family to enter as usual. The case still in process.

18/9/2006 – A police report was made as “ new owner” locked the entrance while requesting police to take action to allow caretaker , family and devotees to enter. The case still in process.

28/8/2007 – A police report was launched to the safety of caretaker and his family as “new owner” and unidentified man accompanied him informing that earthworks will start soon. The caretaker are not allowed to be there.

01/09/2007 – Caretaker wife made police report. That a man had trespass the land with a motorcycle and a lorry which damaged the temple main gate. The Case still pending.

12/09/2007 – Developer had send 2 man with tools to make Zinc gate. Caretaker didn’t allow it. Police report was made to enable referred it to court.

15/09/2007 – a police report was made against trespassed by 2 unidentified man into the caretakers kitchen while he is away. The had uttered ” Kalau nak repot ,repotlah” If you want to made report, doing it.

01/10/2007 – a police report was made against developer whom treating the life of caretaker, and his family. Developer also had cut water connection. The company had used fake documents to transfer the said land. Police had not made any investigation on this matter despite numerous report lodged. He requested Police help to safe guard them until a court case over.

23/10/2007 - A policeman accompanied Developer and allowed Developer to place Container Cabin on the site despite protest by caretaker . The said police had uttered harsh words when he tried to explain. A police report was lodged on this effect.

26/10/2007 – 4 man had informed caretaker that they wanted to cover the area with zinc gate. This will obstructed caretaker from entering. A police report was launched.

15/1/2008 - the developer had entered into the site despite court case in process. Caretaker made police report on trespass.

11/5/2008 – Caretaker had lodged police report after he found that Developer had entered into the temple compound by breaking the gate. The developer also had erected Zinc gate. They doesn’t allow anyone to enter despite Court Case still in pending. Caretaker worried they might touch temple and it’s belonging.

It made us to wonder, why police had not taken any action on the FAKE DOCUMENT complain at first place. How can a land been transferred when the owner no longer reside in Malaysia.

– How can a individual businessman had so much authority whom was not been queried despite numerous police report lodged.

Who is behind this person , that able to obstruct investigations. Who is the person behind that can instruct to demolish a temple ????

Today after much negotiation with so called "the guardman" and the police, about 7 people were allowed to go inside the area including YB Manikavasagam, Hindraf Kannan, the Caretaker Mr and Mrs Muthu and some reporters.

It was a horrifying condition to look at a temple whom had serve a community centre area for many year, today been partly demolished (statues removed). There is a big bayan tree at the temple showing how long the temple is been there, it is definately more than the age of Malaysia. Overall the temple are is covered almost one acre of the area. I was told that during the court case on this temple recent, the "new owner" showed the court the small "Sivan Sullam" temple to show that the temple is a small temple but the actual fact it is a big compound temple with a "Naga"(Snake) puttu there where it was famous prayers spot for every Paurnami (full moon).

Hindraf against all activity of demolition of temple in Malaysia. We hope that the police and ACA will do their duty in giving justice to the people around and protect the temple. Why after many reports on the abuse and violence against the caretaker went to deaf ear. This is another classic example of systematic marginalization on Malaysian Indians where a worship place which stood there for more than 50 years finally taken away and demolished. Police did nothing against the businessman whom had link with UMNO and the thugs who beat the caretaker.

Hindraf seek prompt action and support for State Govt to solve this.
Vaalge HINDRAF Makkal Sakthi.

-Kannan R-
Hindraf National Event Coordinator.