Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hina OKU: Pesuruhjaya SPRM didesak letak jawatan

Penang DCM II mandore’s peanuts politics but no land for all 28 Tamil schools.

Yet again this MIC style politics but this time by the Penang DAP DCM II Indian mandore on his Towkay Kapitan Lim Guan Eng’s instructions (refer Makkal Osai 18/1/10 at page 6). This Penang DCM II Indian mandore makes pledges of peanuts RM 1.75 Million for the year 2010 for all the 28 Tamil schools in Penang and said he would go around dishing out this RM 1.75 Million to the respective schools and would probably get 28 bites at this the “wayang kulit” cherry. This is if this RM 1.75 Million actually filters down to these Tamil schools. As for the year 2009 budget of RM 1.5 was promised Million for these 28 Tamil schools. We doubt even 30% of the same reached these 28 Tamil schools in Penang. If Kapitan Lim Guan Eng had been transparent we would have known the truth. But he and the other PKR Indian Exco mandores in Selangor, PAS Indian Exco mandore in Kedah and the earlier DAP Indian Exco mandore in Perak all sidestep the real issues befalling on the Tamil schools ie land for all 28 Tamil schools in Penang, 98 in Selangor and 58 in Kedah is being denied by the Tuans and Towkay leadership of Penang, Selangor and Kedah

As they are powerless to get their Tuans and Towkay to alienate land to all these Tamil schools (which is 100% in their powers to alienate further to Section 76 of the National Land Code) so they end up playing these sort of MIC style wayang kulit peanut politics.

We see very little difference between this PR and the UMNO government ie no permanent solution but only temporary and piecemeal “showmanship by these the showcase Indian DCM II and Exco mandores.

P. Uthayakumar


UMNO: Basic life necessities denied to Indian poor. In Sentul and nationwide.

UMNO: Basic life necessities denied to Indian poor. In Sentul and nationwide.

When the UMNO Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin visited Sentul on 16/1/2010 it is most shameful that even after 52 years of Independence from colonialism the Indians there have to beg for even the very basic life necessities from the neo colonialist UMNO as following:-

1) A room to conduct the final rites for deceased in especially low cost flats. (Note : In almost all of the low cost flats inhabited by the Indians nationwide a hall to conduct even their final rights have been denied to the poor Indians).

2) The Sentul crematorium be made into a modern one.

3) St. Joseph and Thambosamy Pillai Tamil Schools are to be made fully government aided Tamil schools.

4) Permanent land for hindu temples built before 2000.

5) That Kampong Tanah Lapang, the last traditional Indian village in Sentul and in fact in Kuala Lumpur be retained as the last Indian traditional village. This village was inhabitated by the Indian minority Railway workers who then dominated in the Malayan Railways and built the Railway network in Malaysia. This is the reward they get after 52 years.

(Note : There are scores of Malay and Chinese villages in Sentul and K.L but have been left alone and never demolished and their problems attended to because they both have the political power and the economic clout )

6) It is a shame that despite 52 years of independence from the British colonial masters and UMNO being able to built the world’s tallest Twin Towers which happens to be within sight of Sentul, the Indians in Sentul however have to suffer from even these very basic and elementary necessities of life.

And neither does the supposed multi-racial PKR, DAP and PAS top leaders and their 82 Opposition MPs’ bother to raise these critical Indian issues or seriously champion them especially when the victims’ misery, pain and sufferings are“merely felt by the Indians/Hindus”.

P. Uthayakumar




PKR Selangor chasing Indian squatters away. (Sinar 5/1/10 page S5)

Many families will lose their jobs, cannot afford the increased cost of living in the proposed temporary relocation away at Lembah Subang and the other inconveniences.

They have been “temporarily” relocated into these longhouses for a good 20 years or so. And why do they now have to move to yet another temporary flats. Why can’t the PKR Selangor state government which has a moral duty to properly house it’s poor, landless and homeless give these Indian poor a permanent solution as opposed to trying to push through another UMNO style temporary solution and never ending story.

The state government can pay their rentals for these Indians to stay in and around their present area vide an agreement until their flats are built. Why chase them away and offer temporary solutions which either is to drag on for may be another 20 years if not being denied the flats at all like what UMNO had been doing for the previous 50 years.

How is PKR, DAP and PAS any different from UMNO vis a vis the Indians?




PKR Selangor MB destroys hindu cemetery, human bones strewn about.

After the Hindu cemetery at Ladang Batu Pekaka at Kuala Ketil was discriminately demolished last month by the Pakatan Rakyat led PAS Kedah state government, it is now the turn of the PKR Selangor government to demolish the Kampong Sungai Bakau, Rawang hindu cemetery in the 80 over year old rubber estate which has buried 200 over former rubber tappers (Sinar 7/1/10 at page S14).

There is zero respect for this hindu cemetery. Why doesn’t PKR DAP or PAS try demolishing a Muslim, Chinese or Christian cemetery. The economically and politically weak Indians are seen as soft targets by both PKR, DAP and PAS and also by UMNO.

Why these atrocities?

So what: “after all they are the poor Indians” seems to be the stand of PKR, DAP and PAS! In collaboration with UMNO!

P. Uthayakumar



Church attacks : 17 Muslim & 13 Christian NGOs refused to condemn hindu temple arson

ndiscriminate demolishments or relocated next to sewerage ponds which has been going on with impunity at an accelerated rate in especially last ten years. And neither has the PKR, DAP and PAS top leadership any history of defending any of these hindu temples. In fact last month the PAS Kedah state government demolished the Hindu Crematorium at Ladang Batu Pekaka in Kuala Ketil. Whereas the Selangor PKR state governments demolished the Ampang and Shah Alam hindu temples and also the Kg. Sg Bakau, Rawang hindu crematorium.

In One Malay-sia there is one rule for the Indians/ Hindus and another rule for the rest of the people of Malaysia. Caring and Civil society in Malaysia?

P. Uthayakumar