Sunday, March 13, 2011

Apologies made, but Interlok unresolved

'As usual, whenever non-Malays are insulted and bullied, it is a 'misunderstanding'. Had it been the other way around, all hell would have had to be paid.'

Book closed on KKB school Interlok issue

Keturunan Malaysia: What nonsense is this? Why should the Indian boys and their parents apologise? To save the 'masters' faces'? Never mind if the latter are the ones who screwed up the issue first? That's the trouble with us, we are quick to settle for crumbs.

Anonymous_3f74: One cannot fault the students and parents as they did the right thing; all Indian students should rightly return the book or just dump it. The headmaster, discipline teacher, PTA (Parent and Teacher Association) head and police are clearly in the wrong as all of them have exceeded their line of authority and should be dealt with accordingly.

Of course, that will never happen. So to now claim that "they have apologised to one another" is absurd and it is obvious that the students and parents were intimidated and forced to withdraw their reports and offer apologies.

This is a good lesson to those Indians who voted for MIC representative P Kamalanathan. When this hand-kissing stooge won the Hulu Selangor seat, the Indians who voted for him sold their soul to the devil. The irony is that few expected it to boomerang this fast.

JBGuy: The discipline teacher should be charged with sedition and her lies pertaining to the student's brother bringing 100 gangsters is a reflection of her dishonesty. Clearly, she has no moral values. She is a disgrace to Malays and Muslims in Malaysia.

Vijay47: Yes, as usual, whenever non-Malays are insulted and bullied, it is a 'misunderstanding'. Had it been the other way around, all hell would have had to be paid.

Even here, the victims were taken to the police station by one who was clearly abusing his position. Most probably he would be given a promotion for the heroic way he defended his race and religion.

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: Come GE13 if the Indians in Hulu Selangor have any self-respect left they should kick out Kamalanathan out for good. The man is nothing but an apologist for Umno and his servile attitude towards the Malays means that he has no pride in his own race, religion and culture.

If the students don't want to read 'Interlok', that is their right. Of course, that will cause them problems when it comes to their Malay literature exam paper but that is something for the students to reconcile with.
But that does not give the racist discipline teacher and her bigoted PTA chairman who misused his police powers to abuse, denigrate and detain these students using derogatory words like "pariah" and "keling". The parents should sue the police for false imprisonment/unlawful detention and the teacher for slander.

Artchan: Reports withdrawn and everybody is happy. Meanwhile, the book 'Interlok' is still in use and the Indians are still called 'pariah', and this is considered solved? Kamalanathan has sold out the Indians again.