Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hishamuddin Hussein a fascist Home Minister.

HINDRAF is not surprised that the Home Minister is in full support of
the group that paraded in public carrying a severed cow’s head and
issuing seditious statements to incite and inflame racial discord.

The Home minister condones to the residents’ action and rather plays
politics by passing the buck to the Selangor government for their
inability to resolve this matter.

Quote “If we don't give them room to voice their opinions, they have
no choice but to protest” he says.

HINDRAF have been voicing and sending thousands of memorandums to the
UMNO led BN government for resolutions, yet when we conduct peaceful
rallies carrying posters, flowers and candles, our supporters are
assaulted, charged and even detained under ISA.

Such double standard and fascist attitude by the Home Minister only
ascertains the fact that UMNO will never change its way or attempts to
change for the betterment of the public but is rather more interested
in maintaining its hegemony for those elite UMNO leaders and their
“mandores” in their alliance against the public’s interest.

The continuous fascist attitude taken by the UMNO leaders as seen by
the Home Minister’s endorsement of the inflammatory protest that took
place on August 28, 2009 will only further aggravate and alienate the
public further.

This kind of fascist act clearly will lead to an authoritarian
government leaning towards a totalitarian state as oppose to the false
democracy that is supposedly practiced in Malaysia.

HINDRAF urges MPs, their parties, NGO movements and the general public
to come together and act in unity in ensuring that such provocative
and inciting actions should not go undeterred for the fascist stand
that the UMNO government had taken in this incident.

Thank you.

HINDRAF - Chairman