Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photo Gallery: Police Report & PC on Murder in Air Molek Prison. JB.

A 22-year-old J Saravanan was found dead in his cell at the Air Molek prison in Johor.

According to the authorities, J Saravanan hanged himself using a pillow cover tied to a bar of his cell door.

However, his family, refused to believe that Saravanan would have taken his own life and suspect foul play.

HRP Johor Chief Y.Mohan said deceased uncle Selvaraj and his brother Chandran went to the mortuary around noon. “They saw the body covered with bruises and blue-black marks. So the family thinks that Saravanan could have been beaten and this could have led to his death.

Y.Mohan also said that the uncles were barred from taking photographs of the injuries by a doctor, who told them that it was against procedures.

Human Rights Party (HRP) Johor Chief Y.Mohan and also HRP Johor Secretary S.Mayilvaganam accompanied Selvaraj on lodging the police report.

Selvaraj had also mentioned the bruises in his police report.