Monday, May 2, 2011

British Foreign Secretary to Malay-sia: Withdraw criminal charges against Hindraf 54.

The British Home and Equality Minister The Rt Hon Lynne Featherstone  MP has written to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary (Minister) Rt Hon. Mr William Hague M.P., to the Malaysian Government through the Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail.
(see communications and the Minister letter below.)
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Gift of sight for 161 poor Tamil school children not by racist UMNO but luckily by good hearted Indians.

Imagine if this gracious young lady had not bothered, 161 poor Indian children would be suffering on a  day to day basis, unable to read the white board, headache, irritability, etc. Tens of thousands of other poor Indian children are suffering on a day to day basis.
In any country it is the duty and responsibility of the (UMNO) government to care for these poor children except in racist UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia.
Ever wondered why the Malay poor children are almost never reported in the media?
Because it is a basic human need and UMNO rightly cares for them. And the Chinese who control 60% of the Malaysian economy  care for the odd Chinese poor.
And if you lose your  sight and if you are an Indian poor child you are doomed only in One Malay-sia.
(see Starmetro 28/4/2011 at page M 32)

54th unhappy Labour Day for 70% or 1.75 Million Indian poor and hardcore poor denied at least RM1,400.00 p.m. minimum wages if not self employment opportunities under neo colonialist and racist UMNO regime and Chinese capitalist. marks the 54th year of Umno denying especially the poor and hardcore poor Indians their long overdue RM1,400.00 minimum monthly wages if not non self employment opportunities.The Indian poor are despite 54 years of independence still viewed as a source of cheap labour to be exploited in pari materia with the Indonesian,Myanmar, Bangladeshi etc workers also by the racist Chinese capitalist.

The British colonial masters set the daily wages for especially the unskilled Indian plantation and general workers and their successor neo colonialist and racist UMNO led One Malay-sian government through for example their giant Sime Darby,IOI,Guthrie etc and many other government and government linked companies (GLCs’) and the racist Chinese capitalist are still implementing near slavery like working conditions.

Even as late as at the Teluk Intan Chitra Powrnami festival on 24/4/11 we were in receipt of public feedback and were personally told by some Indian factory workers and plantation workers that they are paid a mere RM10.00 and RM12.00 per day respectively even by the mostly UMNO and UMNO linked companies.

And last night (30/4/11) at the Parit Buntar Hindraf and HRP dinner in recognition of the 54 Hindraf activists maliciously prosecuted by the racist Umno Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail,we were informed by many Indian lorry drivers that they were exploited by the mostly racist Chinese capitalist businesses,companies,SMEs’ etc who keep them as mere daily and monthly wage earners and denied them lorry transport jobs ,contracts and projects.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of especially the Malay-sian state sponsored,UMNO and capitalist Chinese racism to continue segregating the Indian poor from the National mainstream development of what is otherwise the One Malaysia propaganda.

To compound matters and to further depress the Indian poor wages,some 3 million foreign workers have been allowed into Malaysia(NST 28/12/2008 at page 3) by the Umno government.Most of the petty trading and food stall operating self employment opportunies which would have otherwise gone to the Indian poor have been taken up by the Illegal Indonesian,Myanmar,Bangladeshi muslins.

On this 54th Labour day we once again call upon the government of Malaysia to legislate and outlaw racism by way of an Anti Racial Discrimination Act 2011 and the creation of the UK and US model of an independent and impartial Anti Race Discrimination and Equality Commission and halt the”import” of all foreign workers and the provision of equal self employment opportunities as made available to the Malays and Chinese and which is the norm in the Western Civil Societies like in the US,UK,Australia,New Zealand,Canada, Europe etc.

Karunai Nithi@Compassionate Justice

Indian schoolboy critically attacked by Malay students in racially motivated case. Loss of one eye! Neglect by headmaster, ignored by police. After effects of INTERLOK & UMNO Racism.



R.Thaneswaran, Form two student from SMK Bandar Baru Sg Buloh, was bullied and attacked by Malay students using the metal “buku lima” on the face, until he might lose his left eye sight, and a bone was cracked, but no action has been taken by the police or the school headmaster.

The school’s Headmaster had refused to give first aid treatment to the injured 14 years old boy. Why did the headmaster who supposedly to be a headmaster for all was seen to be racially biased in this poor boy’s case.
Why police did not investigate this matter for assault and battery, and applying double standards when the victim’s are poor, politically powerless Indians, and where the crime could have lead to attempted murder, if not criminal assault case carrying a seven (7) years sentence.

We (Hindraf/HRP) urge the school Headmaster to immediately investigate these atrocities and not maintain pin drop silence when the victim’s are Indians.

We also urged the CPO of Selangor to immediately look into this matter seriously without favoritism or being racially biased. We fear such racially motivated cases are increasing, would increase even further, and it would be only a matter of time that victims retaliate if justice is not seen to be done. Such victims would be natural recruits for gangsterism.

We (Hindraf & HRP) will always fight against any injustice in this country.
HRP Vice President
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