Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interlok: Thousand ready to sue government

GEORGE TOWN: At least 1,000 people will file a joint civil action against the federal government if the controversial Interlok novel is not withdrawn from the Form Five syllabus by this week.

Breaking his silence over the issue, Hindraf Makkal Sakti supremo P Waythamoorthy issued the stern ultimatum to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“Withdraw the fictitious and seditious Interlok from the education curriculum immediately or face a people’s civil action,” he said.

Waythamoorthy said Hindraf had some 1,000 people ready to file the suit to seek the withdrawal of the novel written by national laureate Abdullah Hussain.

He said the civil action would also seek a court declaration condemning the novel for allegedly sowing the seeds of racial hatred.

In view of this, Waythamoorthy said the Cabinet must make a decision, during its weekly meeting tomorrow, to revoke the book.

He warned that Hindraf would carry out a cohesive campaign to mobilise thousands of its supporters, both here and abroad, to force the issue if the Cabinet decided against the withdrawal.

He also claimed that the government’s sanction of a flawed, fictional and racially slanted novel as a compulsory study material underlined Umno’s “racist” agenda.

Why is Pakatan silent?

Waythamoorthy pointed out that no rational government would sanction a novel containing demeaning and degrading elements about a certain community for study in schools.

“The novel will only create disunity and misunderstanding among students but will also plant seeds of hatred, contempt, mistrust, ill will and hostility among students,” he said.

He also chided the government for dragging its feet even though there had been an uproar against the novel.

“Yet all the Umno government does is hold endless dialogue sessions with its Indian mandores and suggest various assuaging formulas, instead of making a straightforward decision to withdraw the novel. It’s a typical Umno delay tactic,” he said.

In the interim, he said, students would be compelled to read this racially tainted book for exam while Umno hoped to ultimately sweep the issue under the carpet.

He reminded the government that a curriculum philosophy was to contribute to an individual’s holistic development of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth by imparting knowledge and skills, fostering healthy attitudes and instilling accepted moral values.

“But, in contrary, this fictitious and seditious Interlok novel will contribute to producing bigoted attitudes among the young,” added the London-based activist.

Waythamoorthy also took a swipe at Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and other Pakatan Rakyat leaders over the issue.

He said Hindraf was equally disappointed and upset with Anwar for claiming that Interlok did not contain any racial elements.

He also questioned other “multiracial” Pakatan leaders for being absolutely mute over the issue.

“Their deafening silence over such an important issue does not augur well for our multiracial nation and ethnic Indian community,” he said. - Free Malaysia Today

Anwar Ibrahim plays to Malay muslim gallery, supports Interlok and use of word pariah against Malaysian Indians.

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As was reported in December 2010 in Malaysiakini and Freemalaysiatoday that he thinks that there is nothing wrong with Interlok.

In today’s MN 24/1/11 at page 3 the ex 16 year UMNO up to No. 2 skirts around the issue refuses to condemn Interlok and the use of the word Pariah for fear of losing the 60% Malay muslim votes but pushing the buck to the Education Ministry.

Note the row of his PKR Indian cari makan mandores a la MIC he prefers to do wayang kulit with, in the photo below.

Res Ipsa Loquiteour – the facts speak for itself.
(see Malaysian nanban 24/1/2011 at page 3)
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice.

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PKR, DAP & PAS excludes HRP in seat negotiation. Even evil UMNO gives MIC 9 parliament & 20 state seats. HRP & Hindraf to go on solo with Project 15/38 irrespective.

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Without even lifting a finger or even opening their mouth even the evil  UMNO grants at least 9 Parliament  and 20 state seats to the MIC mandores.  And P.R. are having their seat distribution  meeting among PKR, DAP and PAS, and is not prepared to make way for HRP and Hindraf  (see BH 24/1/11 at page 9).
PKR, DAP & PAS P.R fairer to the Indians than UMNO/BN?
Just because HRP and Hindraf are not prepared  to assume the PR Indian mandores  role, PKR, DAP and PAS has even refused to talk to HRP and Hindraf. Our official letters asking to meet Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang have never been replied to.
HRP and Hindraf has even written in and asked PKR, DAP and PAS to make way in HRP’s targeted 15/38 Parliament and State seats to make way for a straight fight between HRP and BN and so as not to split the Opposition votes and to end our common enemy UMNO/BN’s 53 year rule without a break of the chain of Putrajaya. We are even prepared to get Indians to support PKR, DAP and PAS/PR in the rest of the 207 Parliament and 538 state seats as is the arrangements between UMNO/BN and MIC. Also to support PR form the next Federal government in Putrajaya and even for Anwar Ibrahim to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Yet, PKR, DAP and PAS as it stands appear even more evil cruel and greedy than UMNO/BN.
Irrespective, pushed to the wall and out of no other choice, HRP and Hindraf would proceed with it’s Project 15/38. And if BN wins as a result of a three concerned fight and a split in the opposition votes and BN gets to continue to rule Putrajaya by just a slim majority of these 15 seats, then PKR, DAP and PAS’ responsibility for the continued injustices by the evil UMNO/BN is going to continue to be meted out to in particular the Indian poor.
Note:     1)    That Julia Gillard party is now ruling Australia by a two seat majority.
    2)    PR got to rule Perak in the March 2008 General elections also by a two seat majority.
    3)    In the March 2008 General Elections the popular votes was 51%  for BN and 49% for the Opposition.
    4)    PKR, DAP and PAS are again accepting for free Indian votes as what swept them to power in Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor (and Wilayah Persekutuan K.L) and denying  UMNO/BN their two thirds majority all for the first time in the history of Malaysia because of Hindraf’s political directions to vote en block for PKR, DAP and PAS. But this time around in the General Elections 13, PKR, DAP and PAS are no longer going to get the free Indian votes.
If they don’t make way for HRP in its Project 15/38 HRP, then Hindraf’s political directions would be to abstain from voting PR or BN in the rest of the said 207 Parliament  and 538 state seats!
The ball is in PKR, DAP and PAS’ court on ending the evil UMNO/BN regime’s rule of Putrajaya.
P. Uthayakumar

Std One pupil slapped for not lining up

KUALA LUMPUR : A parent of a seven-year-old pupil in SRK Sri Delima in Jalan Ipoh has lodged a report against a teacher who beat her daughter for not lining up in the correct row after recess.

L Savatharaja, a journalist from Tamil daily, Malaysian Nanban, said his daughter Shanya had come home last Wednesday crying after a teacher known as Virda, hit her on the head, pinched her ears and slapped her hands.

“The incident frightened my daughter. Now she is too scared to go to school and is crying everyday,” he said, adding that he decided to lodge a police report against the teacher and the school authorties after failing to get a proper explanation from the school.

Recalling his visit to the school to inquire about what happened, Sarvantharaja said: “On Friday, I went to school to find out what had happened. But when I approached the teacher, I was shocked by her action.

“She told me off with ‘kalau encik tidak suka anak belajar disini, tukar sahajalah! Encik hendak pergi polis atau media, tiada masalah. Lebih baik tukar sahaja ke sekolah lain!’ (If you don’t like your child studying here then change lah! You can go to the police or the media, no problem. Better you change school.”)

“It was a irresponsible response to my question which was why she hit my daughter.

“I was angry and tried to take her photograph. But she covered her face and ran a few steps before stopping to turn back and say ‘janganlah ambil gambar saya belum solek lagi! bawa cermin dulu.(do not take my picture yet. I have no make-up. Bring me a mirror first!)

“I then went to see the afternoon session supervisor Rohizan Ibrahim. She promised to look into the matter. But there has been no reply from the school,” he said.

He pointed out that teachers handling Standard One pupils should be more understanding of the situation as the children were barely out of kindergarden.

“This is not a racial issue… it is not about a Malay teacher hitting an Indian student. This is about a teacher’s lack of patience and understanding of the situation. How can you beat a child who is just two weeks into her first school year? What kind of training are these teachers getting?” he asked.

As for his daughter, Sarvantharaj said the family had decided to find her another school with hopefully better teachers.