Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Police Murder Mahalingam (35) in Nibong Tebal lockup. But Indian detainees charged for murder & sent to Simpang Renggam/EO to cover up police murder. (See Makkal Osai 7/12/10 page 7)

1161193_370 WHO’S WHO:

1) Mahalingam (Murdered)

Age: 35

From Pokok Asam Taiping

Case: Caught for “Samun”.

2) Veeran a/l Veeraiyah (Suspect of murdering Mahalingam)

Age: 28

From Simpang Empat

Case: Caught for fighting with working college.

3) Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah

Age: 31

From Simpang Ampat

Sister of Veeran a/l Veeraiyah


Balai Polis Nibong Tebal



22/11/2010 1300 Veeran a/l Veeraiyah was taken to Nibong Tebal police station by his sister

Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah upon request by one Insp. Helmi from Nibong Tebal police station regarding investigation on a police report lodged by a lady. The report was related to a fight at his working place. Insp. Helmi is the Investigation Officer for this case. At the police station Veeran a/l Veeraiyah was arrested by Insp. Helmi

23/11/2010 1000 Veeran a/l Veeraiyah along with few others was brought to Court for

remand. Among them was Mahalingam. Mahalingam was caught

together with another person. His identity not known.

27/11/2010 1000 Sivagami went to Nibong Tebal police station to enquire about her brother’s

case from Insp. Helmi. There she saw the victim Mahalingam being taken by ambulance from the Nibong Tebal police station to Sungai Bakap hospital.

27/11/2010 2330 Insp. Helmi called Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah to come to Nibong Tebal

Police station on 28/11/2010 morning to bail out Veera a/l Veeraiyah

28/11/2010 0830 Sivagami went to Nibong Tebal police station to meet up with Insp. Helmi

on her brother’s release. There she was informed by Insp. Helmi that Veeran

a/l Veeraiyah will be detained further for a murder case of a cell

mate that is Mahalingam.

Mahalingam body was cremated on 4/12/2010 @ 3.00 pm at Taiping. The information was revealed by his friends from Butterworth.

Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah remember that her brother Veeran a/l Veeraiyah telling her about the police beating up Mahalingam in the lock-up and bashing his head against the well. There were blood stain on the lock-up wall and later the police clean up the stain.

ASP Govind is in charge of the murder case. He informed Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah that he has the CCTV recording of the incident and will be sending to Penang IPK for further action. It was also informed that the police is preparing a 60 day remand on Veeran a/l Veeraiyah.

Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah will be lodging a police report tomorrow on the incident and the police cover up on the incident and victimizing her brother as a scape goat for the murder which he did not commit.

This is the report at the moment and will update further upon any development.

Rights not Mercy


HRP Penang State

Information Chief

2 year old Tinash Mahendran forced to convert to Islam against both hindu parents wishes by UMNOs’ NRD department. Happy Maal Hijrah.

tinash Yesterday 06/12/2010, HRP Central Executive Committee Member S. Thiagarajan led the victims of forced conversation Ranjina a/p Krishan to collect her son Tinash a/l Mahendran’s birth certificate which denied the hindu fathers name to be included in his birth certificate upon birth by the UMNO National Registration Department NRD simply because Rajina who has lived all her life as a hindu but her father carries a muslim name.

Rajina’s two-year-old son Tinesh has been denied his proper birth certificate, As the NRD office in Johor had at the birth of her son refused to include the name of his natural father Mahendran a/l Habimanan and his religion as Hindu in his birth certificate.

HRP had accompanied the family with another seven (7) forced conversation to Islam victims to apply for their birth rights on 22/09/2010.But the racist UMNO NRD Director of Birth Deaths and Adoptions Mohd Azmin Hassan had on 13/08/2010 in the presence of his ten various heads of departments,legal officers promised to approve all such cases

This application was submitted by the family but the UMNO NRD top Director abused his powers and violated Section 6 of the Registration of Births and Deaths (Special Provisions) Act 1975 which provides“A registrar (of births) shall record such particulars as may be prescribed in a report book in the prescribed form concerning any birth or death given to him by any person qualified to do so.This NRD Director’s job is only to register and not to determine the religion of the baby against his parents wish .Article 11 of the Federal Constitution provides “Every person has the rights to profess and practice his religion “and the religion of a child below the age of 18,his or her religion shall be determined by his or her parents/guardians

The NRD Director’s job is only to record the birth of the child.Instead he determines the religion of the child which is not his job and makes miserable Rajina and Mahendran’s peaceful lives by implementing UMNOs’ racist and religious extremist policies.

HRP encountered resistance from the officer in charge who handled the application who after perusal of the documents, rejected the applications on the grounds that these three cases should be brought to the Syariah Court for the change of name and religion to Hindu.Why must a practising Hindu be forced to go to a syariah court?Where they will never get Justice anyway!The NRD officer said that only after obtaining the Syariah Court order, only then can they apply for changes in their identity cards and birth certificates at the NRD.

The NRD is meant to be an independent government authority. But from what we experience, the NRD officers are actually abusing their powers and purposely denying the rights of the child and violating the Federal Constitution by making things so difficult and pushing the buck back to the victim to appealed to the Muslim authorities (Syariah Court,Jakim,etc)before proceeding with the application. This is not the duty of the NRD.It is up to the Islamic authorities if they want to initiate any action.

Upon questioning by Thiagarajan to the officer Syukri bin Abdul Rahman(counter 8). explained that any marriage relating Muslim and other religion, than the marriage is determined by the Mufti.And he did say that in this Regina’s case the NRD will always follow the status based on the mother ‘s religion because the the child’s religion is based on the mother.

Thiagarajan then asked another question where he switched the scenario ie where if the father is a muslim and the mother is hindu than who will the NRD follow to determine the child’s religion.The officer was speechless and immediately replied that he is just following the instructions (of UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak)as per the script given.He applied the supremacy and racist agenda by UMNO and for further details, he requested HRP to appeal to the higher authorities.

We left the NRD office without accepting the birth certificate under protest as it has Islam as the status and disappointed with the cruelty by the UMNO NRD who even forced the 2 year old baby to forcefully convert into Islam.

Happy Maal Hijrah


Top 10 facts from the PDRM fatal shootings statistics (2000 – 2009)

By Lawyers for Liberty

1. Lowest number of deaths: 5 (2001);

2. Second lowest number of deaths: 9 (2000);

3. Highest number of deaths: 88 (2009);

4. Second highest number of deaths: 82 (2008);
5. Total number of deaths from 2000 to 2009: 279 victims;

6. The increase from the lowest number of deaths at 5 (2001) to 88 (2009) is 17-fold;

7. Fatality percentages/numbers according to race/nationality: Indonesians: 40.5% (113 deaths); Indians: 21.8% (61 deaths); Chinese: 18.6% (52 deaths); and Malays: 15% (42 deaths);

8. So Uthayakumar was right to say that Indians are disproportionate victims of fatal police shootings;

9. The number of deaths without proper identification: 80 victims;
10. A Liberian UNHCR registered refugee/ asylum seeker was killed in 2008, and classified under “Negro”!