Monday, August 25, 2008

Police double Standard towards Hindraf.. letter from bloggers

The arrest of the 8 is unwarranted; similarly, they did not arrest those who barge into the bar council forum recently on the spot, why arrest only when it involves Indians, after all the protest was among Indians not involving other races, means that the police on the instruction of the ruling govt have a hidden hand behind the scene. The sleepy head PM's suspicious stop at the temple to receive a memo on the 18 points demand is evident to BN's interference and the plot the to crush Hindraf.
. Out of the thousands of letters sent to the PM/BN govt. non was acknowledged; why only now the PM showing interest? Samy Velu the liar is behind the scene too. Hindraf should not give in to such demands and fight for their rights. PKR MP's should take this double standard matter to the parliament. This is total disregard to the rule of law and playing with fire by the govt. and the police. The police and the govt is trying to instill fear among the Indian communityin this country.
The Indians must therefore stand brave and fight all odds. I appeal to all Indians in P/Pauh to stand united to defeat BN and crush them. We have to put a full stop to all these nonsence and political hegemony by race based BN. We have to unite under one banner and sent the corrupt govt to hell. Pass this message to all Indians and Hindraf members...

Eight held over Hindraf protest at Chinese templePolice intervening in the dispute between Hindrafsupporters and Hindus carrying out special prayers at a Chinese templein Butterworth yesterday.

BUTTERWORTH: A shouting match arose when supporters of the Hindu RightsAction Force (Hindraf) confronted a group of Hindus praying at aChinese temple in Seberang Jaya yesterday. Police detained eight Hindraf supporters, including two women.The group of about 50 supporters had gathered outside the Kuan Yintemple in Jalan Todak here to protest the event organised by Hin-duSevai Sangam.
Trouble started when the group, led by HindrafPenang coordinator M.N. Anbalagan, gate crashed a press conference inthe temple about 4pm.
The press conference was being held byformer Hindraf secretary V.K. Regu, who is now with Sewai Sangam, toexplain the purpose of the prayers at the temple.
Anbalagan had scolded Regu for holding a Hindu event at a Chinese temple and questioned Regu's authority to do so. A shouting match took place between the two and worsened when a PartiKeadilan Rakyat leader, K. Kalaivanar from Sungai Petani, advised thecrowd not to fight.Police stepped in to calm things and theevent, led by Swami Bramanandha Saraswathi from Ku-lim, continued.
However, the quarrel did not end there.Anbalagan and Hindrafsupporters protested outside the Chinese temple for another half anhour, causing a jam in Jalan Todak. They demanded that Regu and organisers of the event vacate the Chinese temple immediately. Some supporters lodged a police report at the Seberang Jaya stationagainst the organisers of the event.
Police appealed to the group todisperse but later light strike force personnel detained eight people.Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had earlier stopped at the temple for a visit.
Superintendent Hamzah Ismail, the supervisor for the election zone,said police picked up the eight to defuse the situation and wouldrelease them after recording their details.

A report of what happened in Karu Mariamman Temple in Seb Jaya

How Permatang Pauh is spilling over on to all of us - a report of what happened at the Karu Mariamman Temple in Butterworth
Sun, 24/08/2008 - 10:40 — naragan

Permatang Pauh is spilling all over in Penang.
First, the Prime Minister wanted to create a sort of a coup by upstaging Hindraf in appearing at one of their functions impromptu in Butterworth yesterday.
Just, what we did not know yesterday, but do know today is that this is another one of those staged events. The event was organised by two renegade Indians who go by the names of Ramaji and Regu. Ramaji was a founding member of HINDRAF but who has since strayed into treacherous territory. It looks like these two have been in contact with the PM on this matter before the event. Even though this is a bit of speculation on my part, events do definitely suggest it.
But boy, was the PM in for a surprise. The people who were there at the place gave Pak Lah a treatment he is not going to easily forget. Remember what Samy Vellu got just prior to the general elections in March.
I was not personally there but I did see two clips on the phone camera on a friends phone, which we will try to upload soon. The crowd that had gathered there quickly polarised on Pk Lah's entrance to the scene. The people immediately who felt violated by Pak lah's presence began a spontaneous protest . Pak Lah was booed. This was what was captured in the video clip. Quite some booing I must say. Pak Lah left soon afterwards after receiveing this rather unwelcome treatment.
Video: PM's unwelcome:

Then a little later, after further protestation by the group, as the crowd was dispersing the National Hindraf Coordinator, the Penang State Hindraf Coordinator and several other Hindraf activists and supporters were arrested by the police.
While all this was happening there was a Jalur Gemilang launching event going on in the Island by Hindraf. The participants of that event were notified and many of them headed for the Bandar Perda Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah on the mainland. There were already many supporters gathered at the Police station by about 10 pm when they were joined from those on the Island. There were around 200-250 supporters outside the police station. Some senior PKR politicians were there - at least 4 of them. The press was abundantly present too, the people were milling about outside the police station, waiting for word about the release of those remanded. Finally at around 3.00 am word came out definitively that they could at best be released the following day. The group made a decision to disperse and reconvene at today to continue to show support for those remanded.
All of this is just the personal side of the how the system in our contry really operates.The people are increasingly become aware of the reality of the system. All these days the people have been cheated and lied to and made to feel as if the problems they faced were all of their own making. The reality is that a coterie has taken hold of the reins of power in our country and through treachery want to continue their control with brazen acts of power.
The people at times like this are directly confronted with the truth and awareness is growing. The Indian people of Penang are awakening with every such event to a better understanding of what this system really is like. The people of Permatang Pauh are recently getting a strong dose of this reality too daily, which spills over to all the rest of us in incidents like what happened at the KaruMariamman temple in Butterworth yesterday
But the people will ultimately and surely prevail.United we standUnited we act.

Update:Video : 2 Out of 9 Hindraf member remanded were released at BM police station at 2.00pm 24th Aug - .


Hindraf claims ISA detainee a government plant


Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leader P. Waytha Moorthy last night accused ISA detainee T. Vasanthakumar and two others of being government plants after several movement members met the prime minister in the Permatang Pauh by-election.

The London-based Waytha Moorthy claimed the trio were trying to break up the movement and turn it into a pro-Barisan Nasional outfit."It came to my attention in January 2008 that Vasanthakumar has been planted by the Police Special Branch to infiltrate Hindraf," said Waytha Moorthy in a statement, adding two top government officials had confirmed it.

Vasanthakumar is one of five Hindraf leaders being detained at the Kamunting camp in Perak after the movement held a mammoth protest claiming the government had sidelined Indians. Their arrests and detentions swung the traditional Indian vote to the opposition and helped deny BN's customary two-thirds parliamentary majority.

The latest claims could split the group further as it remains leaderless locally with Waytha Moorthy's self-imposed exile and detention of the other leaders.

Waytha Moorthy named the other two collaborators as V.K. Regu and Ramachandran Meyappan @ Ramaji who is Hindraf spiritual advisor."V.K.Regu though was a pro tem secretary of Hindraf but was removed personally by me in October 2008 for undertaking activities against the interests of Hindraf," Waytha Moorthy said.

He added Ramaji was made spiritual advisor after the five were detained under the Internal Security Act but recent events had shown that both Ramaji and Regu have met Vasanthakumar secretly in the detention camp."

They had colluded to break up HINDRAF and take over the registration of Hindraf as anorganisation.He also alleged that Ramaji and Regu had various secret and unauthorised meetings with thePrime Ministers Department, the PM's private secretary and top MICleaders over the last five months."

Today's events now clear that all their activities thus far is to break up Hindraf and take over the leadership of Hindraf together withVasanthakumar upon his release from ISA.He said he would not be surprised if the authorities approve the movement but it would be led by the trio and MIC proxies "so that the unity and power that Hindraf has displayed under the Makkal Sakti would be permanently be damaged and shattered"."

As the Chairman of this organisation I take full responsibility for the damage caused to the divine struggle of this organisation and extend my sincere apologies to all our supporters," Waytha Moorthy said.

He also called the gathering in Seberang Jaya an insult, saying the the splinter group planned it in a Chinese temple without authorisationPolice arrested eight Hindraf leaders who staged a protest against the a splinter group which had attracted some 200 people for a bonfire prayer.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi met the members briefly and shook their hands as he was in the vicinity for the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign.

Latest news on Seberang Jaya's arrest of Hindraf leaders and supporters

Two female Hindraf activists released
Athi Veeranggan Aug 24, 08 6:05pm

Two women, who were among the nine Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) activists detained in yesterday’s protest in Seberang Jaya, were released at 2pm today after being held in police custody for nearly 20 hours.

The remaining seven, including Hindraf national coordinator TS Thanenthiran, have been shifted from the Central Seberang Perai district police headquarters to the North Seberang Perai district police headquarters this morning.
KR Santhi, 30, and K Saratha, 34, were released on police bail after Hindraf Perak coordinator A Vethamurthy signed the documents as their guarantor.
When contacted, Santhi said the police recorded statements from all nine activists following their arrest over a protest against a splinter group, which also claimed to represent Hindraf, outside a Chinese temple.

She said the nine were questioned for nearly 12 hours before the women were locked up in a cell until their release.

The activists led by Thanenthiran protested against the splinter group, led by VK Regu and the saffron-clad M. Ramachandran, also known as Ramaji, for organising a Hindu religious prayer under Hindraf’s name at a Chinese temple in Seberang Jaya, which is under the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency.

Regu said the event was organised by a Makkal Sakthi movement in collaboration with an NGO to seek divine intervention to secure the release of the five Hindraf leaders detained under the Internal Security Act.
It was also done to urge Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat to fulfil Hindraf’s 18-point memorandum on Indian affairs submitted to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi last year.
Candlelight vigil

Hindraf’s self-exiled chairperson P Waythamoorthy told Malaysiakini via telephone that Regu and Ramaji were no longer involved in Hindraf activities for working against the minority rights group interests.

Hindraf legal advisor P Uthayakumar, T Vasantha Kumar and lawyers M Manoharan, R Kenghadharan and V Ganabatirau have been detained for two years under the ISA.
During the protest, the activists called on Regu and Ramaji not to use Hindraf for their own interests.

Meanwhile, some 50 activists held a candlelight vigil against the arrest outside the SPT police headquarters in Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam for nearly eight hours.

PKR parliamentarians Sivarasa Rasiah, Tian Chua and N. Gobalakrishnan, and Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jeyakumar were present to give support.
They said that the arrest was uncalled for and could have been avoided.