Tuesday, September 23, 2008

27 Sept, 7pm - Candle Vigil to release Hindraf 5 and all other detainee of ISA

Hi all Malaysians,

Hindraf Makkal Sakthi calls upon all Malaysians to stand in unity in peace thru Candle Vigil to seek the immediate release of Hindraf 5 leaders, RPK and all other detainees of ISA.

The event will be held as below :-

Date / Time : 27th Sept 2008 ( Saturday ) at 7.00 pm

Venue : Dataran Merdeka, KL
Let us show our solidarity and unity in demanding the repeal of draconian ISA.
Pls bring along a candle and the Hindraf small flag (if have).
Any queries pls do email admin.hindraf@gmail.com or call 012 636 2287

Say NO to ISA !!

Mkini - Comments on Samy Vellu on Release Hindraf 5

JK: Samy, we know you have been trying hard to get the Hindraf 5 out. But we also know that you kept silent when the order for their detention under the ISA was given out. All this would not have happened if you had done your job.
Seeing DAP leaders going all out to secure the release of Teresa Kok would have struck a chord with you. Are you now feeling guilty for not doing all you could to secure the release of the Hindraf 5?
You can’t run away from the fact that the majority of Indians in the country have not had a fair chance in life, all because of your weak leadership.
There is no use shouting yourself hoarse now. No one is listening to you. If they didn’t listen when u had a position in cabinet, do you think they will listen now that you have no position and was rejected by voters?
You have missed the boat Samy, it's too late.

Rocky: Really Samy you need to face reality. The government will not do what you say or ask of them, more so after you failed to deliver the Indian vote during the last general election. You claim that Indians are returning to MIC. Really? Just look at the Permatang Pauh by-election, who did the Indians vote for? I don’t think it was BN.
It is really time for you to make way for another leader and even then the Indians may not come back to MIC. In your mind, you are the only leader who can lead and make the changes which you have not been able to do for the last 20 odd years.
Releasing the Hindarf 5 will also not win MIC any support because the Indians have woken up. They know that they are better of not having an Indian party representing them. As you can see, there are more Indian MPs after March 8 and this is possible thanks to multiracial parties like PKR and DAP.
What has MIC done for the Indians? Nothing! You have failed as a leader. MIC doesn't need rebranding, it needs an overhaul. So please leave the Hindraf 5 alone because you were nowhere when they needed help, in fact you were against them. You say MIC cares, but the question is for whom?

GV: Samy Vellu was recently quoted as saying,"Hundreds throng MIC offices daily". What does he mean by hundreds? 100, 200 or 900? As an ex-minister, he should be able to provide facts and figures.
He also said many want to return to the party. How many exactly?
Only MIC can help the Indians? Of course, because only MIC is being given the funds by the government. So, obviously the Indians will go to MIC hoping to get some help. But how many people actually end up getting the help? One out of 100? 5 out of 100?
He also admitted to not using the Internet and electronic media to reach out to the Indian community. Since when do we depend on these two methods to reach out? Doing the right things for the Indian community is itself reaching out to the community. Why was it not done prior to the March 2008 elections?
Finally, MIC does not need re-branding. MIC is not a brand to be sold. It is a representation of the Indian community in this country. It needs to re-engineer itself and become part of society, instead of being an organisation which strives to manage the Indian community.
It is time the MIC leadership takes accountability of their failure and stop acting as though the community has understood them wrongly. It is not the Indian community that failed MIC in the recent election, it is MIC that has failed the Indians. MIC leadership must understand one thing: the Indians are out of the estates.


Here’s a very good excerpt adopted from Tzarina’s blog:
Now why is the Hindraf 5 so different? THEY WERE THERE when the poor were being trodden upon (estate workers). THEY WERE THERE when the basic rights to have a place of worship was being demolished (temples). And THEY WERE THERE when the marginalized were being chopped up (Kg. Medan). Just because they were fighting for the rights of Indians doesn’t mean that they deserve any less empathy, or which Malay or Chinese leaders are brave enough to stand for the rights of the marginalized Indians? Heck, which other Indian leader(s) had such a bold and fearless stand against those who oppress?
Don’t complain when the downtrodden had enough and tried to present their plight to the nation through a rally. And if these guys HAD NOT BEEN HERE, the rally would have happened anyway, perhaps in a more aggressive manner, maybe next year, or 5 years from now. The Indian community is an explosive keg of dynamite, brewing for decades. Indians need a unifying factor that will keep them in check, which I believe these guys genuinely are. They need a voice to channel their woes, which the government had effectively silenced. Let the HINDRAF leadership fight for the marginalized with posters of Gandhi and bouquets of roses.
The HINDRAF leaders are not terrorists. They are HUMAN RIGHT ACTIVISTS. Recognize them as they are, and not as the bogeymen of the government.


22nd Sept 2008

HINDRAF welcomes the calls made by various political parties to abolish the ISA including those from the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional.

Various component parties within the coalition have been making repetitive calls to the UMNO controlled Government to implement corrective methods for the Malaysian society to regain its confidence of the electorate in the aftermath of the March 8th General Elections.

These calls seem to fall in deaf ears as it appears the arrogance and culture of fiefdom rule of UMNO have settled well within their blood streams that UMNO finds it difficult to give up its "Master and Slave" policies to cling on to the "powers" of being the Master for all races.

HINDRAF wishes to remind all component parties that their duty and loyalty is first and foremost to the rakyat whom they serve and not UMNO as their Master.
From the time Malaysia achieved independence UMNO has played the role of "Master" over all other coalition parties though legally all coalition parties have equal status to play a part for the enhancement of the rakyat.
UMNO dictates and rules only for the benefit of the chosen few in UMNO and all component partners are compelled to be subservient to its bullying tactics and authority.

With the current awakening of the Malaysian society, it is high time coalition members free themselves from the clutch and claw of UMNO SUPREMACY RULE for Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians and not UMNO alone.

The majority of the coalition partners have expressed clear and strong views against the use of ISA to quell legitimate voice of democracy but the fascist and bullying UMNO doesn't seem to give a second thought about other coalition partners' views as they expect them to be as submissive as ever.

HINDRAF calls upon all coalition partners to immediately leave the obsolete coalition of BN so that the draconian law of ISA and all other repressive laws, which have oppressed and suppressed and punished innocent democracy loving citizens, would come to an end.
This act by the coalition would be their greatest dharma ie spiritual and moral truth, they could render to the Malaysian society for the sins of being part of the fascist regime all along and end the fiefdom of UMNO.

P.Waytha Moorthy

Candle Vigil to release Hindraf 5 and all other detainee of ISA

My dear brothers and sisters....Vanakam

It's time now for us to get united again !!

This time to free our Hindraf heroes , blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin and the rest who were denied their rights to defend themselves and detained without trial under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA).

Leaving no options ,upon failing numerous “proper channels” to highlight the necessity of the ruling government to seriously consider an 18 demand remedy, the oppressed and suppressed Indian Malaysians under the leadership of Mr.P.Waythamoorthy and the Hindraf Heroes who currently detained under ISA , took the struggle to the streets in an Ahimsa manner.

On 25th November 2007, Hundreds of thousands of Indian Malaysians for the first time in the history of independent Malaysia , demanded for their denied fundamental socio economic rights as citizens of this country. And for that our Hindraf heroes are suffering and forgoing their freedom, family and rights!!

Ever since they were detained under ISA, various legal approaches has failed to free them. So much is our Malaysian judiciary capability and capacity.

Realizing the fact that these Hindraf heroes are spending their life behind barbed wires and iron bars for a simple reason of demanding Indian Malaysians constitutional rights, it is indeed now every Indian Malaysians responsibility to fight for their freedom.

Therefore My dear brothers and sisters, I plead every responsible Indian Malaysian to once again stand united beyond all our ideological, political, religious and socio economical differences.

In accordance to our Rukun Negara principles of being the citizens who ‘Believe In God’ and practicing ‘Loyalty To The King And Country’, who always believed in ‘Upholding The Constitution’ and respect the ‘Rule Of Law’ which eventually results in ‘Good Behavior and Morality’, Hindraf urge all Malaysians to gather in peace at Dataran Merdeka , Kuala Lumpur on 27th September 2008 at 7.00pm, for a candle vigil sending strong messages to the ruling Barisan Nasional government to immediately release unconditionally the Hindraf Heroes and also blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin and the rest who have been unlawfully detained under ISA .

Incase the Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has forgotten , it is my pleasure to remind him what he felt about ISA in 1988. He was quoted in Wikipedia :-

"If we want to save Malaysia and Umno, Dr Mahathir (then Prime Minister) must be removed. He uses draconian laws such as the Internal Security Act to silence his critics." The year before, he had also stated "Laws such as the Internal Security Act have no place in modern Malaysia . It is a draconian and barbaric law."

If it is so Mr. Prime Minister, why are you going against your own stand? This Holy Ramadhan month is the best time for you to seek forgiveness from the Almighty for your unintentional mistakes and release those innocent souls suffering for no reasons.

Lately the custodian of civil liberties and justice in Malaysia , the Bar Council, in their recent EGM unanimously stood united against the Internal Security Act and want the draconian legislation out of the way. The DAP , PKR, PAS , MIC , MCA , GERAKAN and even some rational UMNO leaders are urging the ruling Barisan Nasional government to immediately repeal the ISA.

With regards to such latest developments we seek the Bar council of Malaysia , the various political party leaders , elected MPs , ADUNs, NGOs and every concerned citizens of all races and status who sincerely believe for a judiciary reform with regards to ISA to come and support us at large.

All these recent developments reflects the feeling of those wish to uphold and respect the “Rule Of Law”. Therefore Mr.Prime Minister, please order the police to welcome and protect us allowing the Malaysians to practice Article 10 of the federal constitution which allows the citizens of Malaysia to gather peacefully. Chemical laced water , tear gasses and unnecessary arrest will only turn a peaceful gathering into an ugly situation which will definitely look bad in the eyes of local and international community.

My dear brothers and sisters , there is this beautiful Malay Pantun

Pisang Emas dibawa belayar

Masak sebiji di atas peti

Hutang emas boleh dibayar

Hutang budi dibawa mati

To free the Hindraf Heroes is exactly how each and every responsible Indian Malaysian, immaterial of their ideological, political, religious and socio economical differences should do in return to “bayar budi” the sacrifices they have done to us.

Therefore please mark your calendars to gather peacefully on 27th September 2008 in Dataran Merdeka , Kuala Lumpur at 7.00pm .

Once again failing this beautiful peaceful candle vigil is “NOT AN OPTION!!!”

Bring along candles , Hindraf flag and love . Be Ahimsa and please excuse any of our police brothers in the event they have to carry out their duty.

Vaazhge Hindraf !!!

Sambulingam Wisvalingam

National Hindraf Coordination team.

21st September 2008.