Thursday, December 24, 2009

S. Ponny 33, 3 children, RM 300.00 p.m. welfare help, poor single parent.

This single parent in addition to her three step children also has to bring up a two year old handicapped child (since birth) (Utusan Malaysia 7/12/09 at page 16).

Earnings below RM 478.00 per month has been capped as the cut off point for the hardcore poor in the Ninth Malaysia Plan. But Ponny’s welfare aid is about 40% below the hardcore poverty rate.

To make matters worse there is no way this single parent could go to work with these four very young children.

Her husband left her. We assess it was because of poverty related problems. Unlike a Malay muslim, an Iban, Kadazan, orang asli or even a Chinese who would have village or Chinese New Village to go to or to fall back on, this poor Indian lady would have to end up paying at least about RM 200.00 per month in rentals alone. Now what does Ponny do with the balance of the RM 100.00 per month and with five mouths to feed. What’s the future of her four children? Especially the handicapped child whose pampers alone would cost about RM 300.00 per mouth that the Welfare Department is giving her.

Malaysia which can afford to build the tallest twin towers in the world and Petronas’ profit for the first six months of 2009 alone being RM 22 Billion (NST 9/12/09 front page) and the RM 191.5 Billion 2010 budget (NST, Star 24/10/2009 headlines) can certainly give Ponny a government flat/house and RM 900.00 per month as state welfare financial assistance and thereby keeping her above the hardcore poverty level and alleviating her day to day mysery.

Ponny would get no extra help from Baitumal, JAIS, JAKIM, Tabung Haji, Perkim etc. Had Ponny been a Malay muslim, she would have received this help if not the ten acre land ownership scheme in Felda, Felcra, Risda, FAMA, Agropolition etc or the scores of land schemes for livestock and the government’s One District One Industry plan. At the very least S.Ponny and her four children could keep afloat above the hardcore poverty level in these land ownerships schemes with the assistance of her three children. But there is no history in the last forty years or so of UMNO giving the poor Indians land in these aforesaid land ownership schemes.

Ponny is a classical example of a potential committing suicide case which is 600% higher than for the Malays. (Refer Malaysian Indian Minority & Human Rights Violations Annual Report 2008 to Pravasi Bharathiya Divas International Conference at Chennai, India 7th – 9th January 2009)

UMNO must give Ponny and thousands of other Indians the right to a decent livelihood and not these peanuts welfare help of RM 100.00 to RM 300.00 per month. We want a permanent solutions and not piecemeal UMNO politics. UMNO has to leach Ponny how to catch fish and not by giving her one fish every month.

P. Uthayakumar.


One Dollar to create one Indian “entrepreneur” in One

But UMNO gets their Indian Businessman mandores to make media statements otherwise. So this Indian mandore now sings a song that the Indians do not know of these government loans and grants and that very few apply and their application forms were not in order etc etc. (The Star 17/12/2009 at page N31)

But the fact remains that the UMNOs’ racist civil servants Biro Tata Negara “graduates” who are specially trained at a Malay-sian budget of RM 55 Million per year reject these Indian applicant’s applications even at the counter level.

While the 2010 National Budget is RM 191.5 Billion UMNO allocates this RM 2 Million loans to the 2 Million Indians to develop Indian entrepreneurs @ RM 1.00 per head.

We do not want these 52 year old “peanuts paper politics” of RM 1.00 per Indian but want to be part and “parcel of the RM 191.5” Billion 2010 national 2010 Budget vis a vis the national mainstream development of Malaysia.

P. Uthayakumar



There handicapped in one family, house sealed by UMNO govt.

The UMNO Port Dickson Municipal Council has yesterday sealed off the house and locked out this poor Indian family whose father Micheal Susai (53) and two other children are handicapped as they could not afford to pay their housing installments. They have earlier paid for 15th year and have a balance of only a mere RM 8, 000.00 to settle. They have been denied even their very basic Welfare help by UMNO but which boasts of the world’s tallest Twin Tower.

P. Uthayakumar


Hindu Temple demolish: PKR & MIC Indian mandore Perak State Speakers’ wayang kulit.

Almost every day especially in the three Tamil dailies there are reports about some hindu temple, crematorium, Tamil schools or Indian settlements that is being demolished, given notice and/or threatened to be demolished or given notice to be relocated to another “dubious piece of land” which in turn would face demolishment anyway in a few years time to come. The latest being the Batu Gajah Hindu Temple (refer The Star 11/12/09 at page N56).

But here both the PKR and MIC Indian Perak State Speaker mandores are playing “wayang kulit”. When DAP, PKR and PAS were in power after March 8th 2008 general elections, this DAP State Speaker Indian mandore could not secure his PAS “Tuan” Menteri Besar to grant Perak State Government land to this Batu Gajah Hindu temple. But within one month of coming to power the DAP, PKR and PAS state government granted land to 110,000 (almost all malay muslims) Rancangan Kampong Tersusun, 102,000 Chinese New Villagers, 3.3 hectres (about 10 acres) for each and every Orang Asli, 30 hectres for the Premier International University and with an option of another 20 additional hectres (The Selangor PKR led State government similarly granted 1,000 hectres for pig farmers in Sepang and an accompanying RM 100 Million grant).

But similarly land was refused to be granted for all Hindu temples, crematoriums and Tamil schools in Perak all of which are for the general public purposes. This could have been done by merely the stroke of the PAS Perak Menteri Besar’s pen. And this DAP Indian mandore Speaker never uttered a word then. Now that he is out of power only now he wants to champion this hindu temple and other Indian causes etc.

Similarly the MIC mandore speaker is now in power but he too cannot get his “Tuan” Menteri Besar to grant Perak State government land to this Batu Gajah hindu temple and all hindu temples, crematoriums and to all the 138 Tamil schools in Perak. Thus the wayang kulit tale of the two Indian DAP and MIC mandore Speakers in Perak.

P. Uthayakumar.

HRP Secretary General


Elite MCKK not for Indians under Najib’s 1 Malaysia!


After 52 years of independence, it is about time the UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malaysia elite Malay College Kuala Kangsar opened it’s doors to all Malaysians in particular the Malaysian Indians who have been the most sidelined in the national mainstream development of Malaysia.

After all this merely complies with Article 12 of the Federal Constitution which stipulates that there shall be no religious or racial discrimination in any educational institution which is funded by and the Malay-sian government. Similarly UITM which has 120,000 malay muslim only students should also open up to in particular the Malaysian Indians.

But UMNO plays wayang kulit obsolete politics by reporting in their media that “the perception that racism rules the daily lives of Malaysians” does not exist and is not a reality (refer NST 14/12/09 at page 11). No more after 25th November 2007 though!

P. Utahayakumar.

HRP Secretary General


Banggarma sues to declare conversion unlawful

The Sun
Himanshu Bhatt

GEORGE TOWN (Dec 23, 2009) : S. Banggarma, 27, who claims to have been illegally converted to Islam while at a government welfare home about 20 years ago, today took legal action to declare her conversion unlawful.

Banggarma, whose identity card carries the name Siti Hasnah Vangarama binti Abdullah, is seeking a court declaration that the conversion process was unlawful as she was then a child, and that the conversion certificate is "ineffective, null and void ab initio".

In a civil suit filed at the Penang High Court today, she is also seeking to have the name on her IC changed to her Hindu one, and for the designation 'Islam' to be deleted from the card.

Named as defendants in her suit were former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his capacity as president of the Muslim Welfare Organisation Malaysia (Perkim), then Perkim official Raimi Abdullah, the Penang Islamic Council (MAIPP) and the Penang City Kadi (Islamic judge).

The suit does not seek any monetary compensation.

Banggarma who was accompanied by her husband, fisherman S. Sockalingam, 31, and their two children S. Kanagaraj, 8, and S. Hisyanthini, 2, and some supporters, later performed a Hindu ritual of smashing a coconut in front of the court house, to invoke blessings.

In her affidavit, Banggarma said she was taken by Raimi and Muballigh officials from the MAIPP, to the Kadi to be converted into a Muslim on Dec 28, 1989 where she was then instructed by the Kadi to take the affirmation of faith, the 'Kalimah Syahadah’ in their presence.

She stressed that she did not and could not have, at that time, understood the contents and meaning of the words in the Declaration to Convert into Islam certificate which she was asked to recite, utter and execute.

"As a child of merely seven years of age, I did not have any choice except to obey the directions given by the defendants to take the affirmation of oath," she said.

She said she was ignorant that her conversion process was defective and bad in law, and that she could legally challenge it, until she had been advised about it by her solicitor.

"Banggarma is seeking the court’s assistance to solve her predicament of having been unlawfully converted into Islam when she was seven years old, so that she may be able to live her life and practise her Hindu faith freely and openly," said her lawyer Gooi Hsiao Leung in a statement.

Gooi said the decision was made after the MAIPP had been unhelpful when approached.

"Even more worrying is that the fact that after Banggarma’s case was highlighted, the police went to Banggarma’s home looking for her without giving any reasons whatsoever," he added.

"We are concerned about Banggarma’s safety and we call upon the authorities to show restraint and not to harass our client, pending this legal action," he added.

Kg.Buah Pala Muruga who went to UNESCO to Save Kg.Buah Pala pass away


The man know as Muruga and called as London Boy of Kampung Buah Pala was laid to rest this evening at Batu Lanchang crematorium. He passed away on 23rd December 2009 @ 3.30am and was cremated the same day at 4.00pm at Penang Indian cemetary at Batu Lancang.

Muruga was the representative of Kampong Buah Pala who was sent to the UNESCO office in Paris at the height of the Kampung Buah Pala Demolition episode to seek UNESCO’s assistances to stop the demolition of the Indian heritage village Kampung Buah Pala.

Of late he was disturbed by the agony of the enforcement agency under Lim Guan Eng. His cattle , forced off from Kampung Buah Pala and without proper alternative land were seized on grounds that they were roaming at residental area. In fact they were seized at the top of an adjacent uninhabited hill by the enforcement agency. A police report was made to the effect by Muruga that Lim Guan Eng was the man responsible for the the act.

Eventually the enforcement agency agreed to settle the issue without compounding for the offence (which was not commited by the cows or the owners) if Muruga was willing to withdraw the police report made against the enforcement agency and Lim Guan Eng. On the 21st of December 2009 Muruga withdrew the police report as instructed by the enforcement agency. However the enfrocement agency did not keep to their word. After viewing the withdrawal of the police report the enforcement agency head conveniently told Muruga that the settlement offer was withdrawn and requested Muruga to pay the compound of about RM480.00 in order to get his cattle back.

This act of the enforcement agency has upset Muruga very much and his health deteriorated further. The enforcement Agency did not give a damn that Muruga was a heart patient. This has now resulted in the death of Muruga.

This is what the Indians of Peneng have effectively got with the DAP Government of Penang. They hound the Indians who dare stand up to their nonsense and in cases like Muruga, where there is already an ailment, just kills them off. Yes, this is DAP for the prosperity of Indians in all of Malaysia.

HRP and HINDRAF prays that may Muruga’s soul rest in peace


HRP Penang Chief


HINDRAF and HRP gave last respect



CAP:Increase in Indians declared bankrupts, properties seized for auction.

So says the Consumer Association of Penangs’ N.V. Subbarow (ref The Star 7/12/09 page N43).

This has to do with UMNO’s blatant policy of excluding the Indians from the national mainstream development of Malaysia. The UMNO government has been systematically denying Indians licences to trade, to do business denying them the preferential low interest loans, if not the outright business grants that is offered to the Bumiputra businessmen.

This kind of direct and blatant discrimination does not happen in any other part of the world except in racist UMNO Malay-sian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia.

P. Uthayakumar