Friday, October 9, 2009

Waytha on the future of Hindraf

No Extra Deepavali School Holiday on 19/10/09

On 24th September 2009 we have written to the Prime Minister and the Education Minister amongst others as follows:-

1) School and Public Examination date are even held one day after Deepavali but for Hari Raya and Chinese New Year it is school holidays for one whole week, every year.

2) Urgent Education and Higher Education Ministry Circular to direct a similar one week school holiday also for Deepavali from this year onwards and for all other public examinations not to be held during the week of the Deepavali celebrations.

3) This is a recurring problem year in and year out but only when it comes to Deepavali in One Malaysia?

In regards of the above we are disappointed with the Education Minister’s statement ( The Star 8/10/09 page N2) stating that the State education directors have been told to approve request from schools for an extra day off. The schools are to opt to take either event holidays (cuti peristiwa) which need not be replaced, or replacement holidays.

We question why when it comes to Deepavali it becomes a problem. Why during Chinese New Year and Hari Raya it is School holidays and why not Deepavali? For this year’s Hari Raya holiday we welcome this move. But when it comes to Deepavali, the schools have to write in to the State Education Directors for an extra day leave on Monday 19/10/09 as Deepavali holiday. We call upon the Education Minister to sent a directive to make Monday 19th of October 2009 as an official school holiday for all government schools and educational institutions. This would at least the first step towards One Malaysia.

Thank you,

Yours truly,



HRP Information Chief




UMNO only want’s Indian Voters

UMNO only want’s Indian Voters

In the Bagan Pinang by election UMNO once again only wants the Indian voters. After the election are over these Indians will be forgotten. These estate workers are still earning wages of RM300 per month. Till today the UMNO led government refuse to set a minimum wage for estate workers. The Indonesian Embassy set minimum wage of RM500 for Indonesian maids working in Malaysia or they would not be granted extention of their pasports. Even foreigners have better deal then Malaysians.

Not only that Malaysian did not get minimum wage but they also left out from the mainstream development of 1 Malaysia such as Felda, Felcra, FAMA, Risda so on and so forth. For instantce Berita Harian dated 8/10/09 on special report on RISDA, Prime Minister Najib holding a mock cheque for dividend in the sum of RM 202,248,566.67 for RTBB ( Rancangan Tanam Baru Berkolompok and TSK Risda ( Tanam Semula Komersial). These RTBB and TSK land settlers had been given 10 acres of land for planting largely Rubber and Palm tree purpose. Why have the Malaysian Indians to the contrary given this opportunity to prosper like the Malay Muslims.

We are disappointed the UMNO led government come with the slogan of 1 Malaysia but in realty it is not implemented especially for the Indians.


HRP Information Chief


No Birth Certificate so no school for Indian children

Statement (No.50) to the Government of Malaysia for which we expect a reply:

2,203 (almost all working class Indian) children “to get” their right to attend school after they are issued with their birth certificates. So says Home Minister Hishammuddin (UM 08/10/09 at page 4) Primary school education is as of right and there is no compromise on this. So while processing their birth certificates with the target date of year end we ask the Home Minister for:-

1) The list of children who have been issued birth certificates from today onwards to be updated on a weekly basis in the Home Minister’s website to show sincerity that this UMNO Minister means what he said and is not a racist and that it is not merely the usual “UMNO paper politics”

2) What about the balance from the 93,360 applications for late birth registration at the latest by the end of the year that the National Registration Department has been ordered to clear? (The Sun 08/10/09 front page). Why is there no deadline to clear this Mr. Home Minister Hishammuddin. Because 98% of them are “merely” the poor working class and helpless Indian children? We urge your goodself to set a three month deadline and put up the names of those issued with their rightful birth certificates in the Home Minister’s Website within one week from today.

3) And finally issue an urgent Directive to all Primary and Secondary schools to with effect form 01/01/2010 to take in all Malaysian Indian children into all Tamil and National schools and Institutions of Higher learning even if they have been denied their birth certificates.

4) UMNO’s Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin should cancel the earlier Education Minister’s circular for 2008 onwards prohibiting Indian children from being admitted into Tamil schools and sacking existing Indian children from Tamil schools if they do not have birth certificates (actually denied their birth right to be issued their birth certificates) (P. Uthayakumar)



PKR Selangor government refuses to grant proper land for Indian cattle farmers

Statement (No.49) to the Govenment of Malaysia for which we expect a reply:

PKR Selangor government refuses to grant proper land for Indian cattle farmers. The land given is too rocky and hilly (NST 07/10/09 at page 23). It is about two years since the Selangor state government is governed by PKR and PR but hundreds of deserving Indian farmers, lifestock farmers have been denied land to even earn a decent living. The Selangor Agricultural and Development Corporation and Selangor Land Development Authority has thus far given almost zero land schemes to the Indians in Selangor under even the PKR/PR led state government. Just like how UMNO had denied hundreds of thousands of deserving Indians land in their Felda, Felcra, Risda, Fama and Agropolitan land schemes. By doing this UMNO has excluded these deserving Indians from the national mainstream development of Malaysia. These Indians especially the plantation workers are 52 years behind time or remain in almost the same state as they were during the British colonial days. How then is this PKR, DAP and PAS state government any different from the UMNO government which has for 52 years excluded the working class Indians form the national mainstream development of Selangor vis a vis Malaysia.


Bangsar Shan kidnapped by UMNO police UTK (suspected) Zero reply from Home Minister Hishamuddin

Statement (No.48) to the Government of Malaysia for which we expect a reply:

Bangsar Shan kidnapped by UMNO police UTK (suspected) Zero reply from Home Minister Hishamuddin. Shan was on 29/08/09 at a nursey with his family when he was kidnapped. How can this be allowed to happen in broad daylight in Malaysia. Three police reports have been lodged thus far. Even an official legal letter to Home Minister dated 02/09/09 has not been replied to even after 5 weeks the letter was sent to him. UMNO does not care. The crime rate in Malaysia has passed the alarming rate and is now In the critical rate. We need a new Inspector General of police and also a new Attorney General for Malaysia who can effect a corrupt free and crime free police force. Because what happened to Bangsar Shan can happen to any one of us. We are living in fear on a day to day basis especially when many of the police personnell themselves are suspected to be involved in crime or work hand in glove with criminals. (P. Uthayakumar).