Thursday, August 5, 2010

No way out for Bukit Jalil residents

HRP and Hindraf full force to stop ethnic cleansing of Bukit Jalil esatate homes temple, cemetary and Tamil school by neo colonialist UMNO.


Kuala Lumpur 4/0/08/2010. Since 6.30 this morning HRP and Hindraf supporters started gathering at the Ladang Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur to put up a peaceful resistance to stop the “ethnic cleansing” of the Bukit Jalil estate workers homes, their Hindu temples, Hindu crematary and their Tamil school build by the British colonialist over 200 years ago. And now after 53 years of independence the same is now to be “ethinically cleansed” by the neo coloialist, racial and religious supremacist and extremist UMNO.
P. Uthayakumar, S. Thiagarajan and S. Tinakaran arrived at about 8.30 a.m and were warmly greeted by the ex-plantation workers of Bukit Jalil estate Music was played with the trademark Hindraf song Tholvi Nilai yena nivaithal. About 30 Hindraf and HRP supporters in their traditional orange shirts and the residents of Ladang Bukit Jalil sang along with full of emotions.
Captain Bala of Bukit Jalil estate then started with the anti UMNO slogans and “Satu Malaysia Dua Sistem” chanting. A group of Bukit Jalil residents then started chanting Hindraf and which was responded with Valga which still remains magical and sent vibrations till to day since the 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally. Also heard were slogans of “Polis Kejam” DBKL kejam, “Jangan nyaya masyarakat India, satu Malaysia and the response “dua sistem”, “UMNO” and the response “dua system”.
Addressing the media P. Uthayakumar said that the strangers to the 200 year old Bukit Jalil estate ie DBKL formed only some 30 years ago and the Federal Territories Ministry are now declaring these native Indian ex rubber tappers of Bukit Jalil estate as squatters. UMNO’s DBKL “tuans” are now abusing the law by using the Emergency Ordinance to forcibly “ethnically cleanse” the Bukit Jalil estate workers homes, their Hindu temple, Hindu cemetary and Tamil school. UMNO has refused to get a Court Order and are now abusing their powers by using the Emergency Ordinance.
The Bukit Jalil residents were repeatedly invited to discuss the settlement away from the Hindraf & HRP gathering but they had refused. Typical UMNO divide and rule strategy!
Finally about 10.00 a.m one UMNO “tuan” Mohamed Amiruddin, Deputy Director of Operations and read “ethnic cleansing” of UMNO’s DBKL (black and white). This UMNO “tuan” used a loud hailer and announced that all the said residents would be isuued letters of offer to purchase the nearby low cost flats to which the crowd started chanting that they wanted surat hitam putih. This Director went away promising to come back and that the “ethnic cleansing” would be deferred for three days.
Another UMNO temporary solution for Bukit Jalil estate workers homes, their Hindu temple, Hinkdu ceremtary and Tamil school.
After a few hours UMNO’s DBKL come back and handed them an offer letter given to them earlier much to the disappointment of the residents.
HRP’s W. Sambulingam then organised a meeting with the residents at Bukit Jalil at 7.00 p.m today to plan thier next plan of action to also secure land for Hindu temple, cemetary and Tamil school.
Another “Multi-racial” PSM party leaders were seen negotiating with the said DBKL “tuan” and then briefed the gathering about the meeting. But these “comrades” as usual had refused to even ask about the fate of the Hindu temple, Hindu cemetary and the Tamil school. Maybe, because their “Socialist principles” says so or more likely that they may lose Malay voters if they are seen to be also championing justice for the Hindu temples, Hindu cemetery and Tamil schools.
When a member of the gathering had asked this PSM leader about the Hindu temple, Hindu cemetary and the Tamil school he merely had kosong replied “later”.
Two MIC Youth mandores were also seen among the gathering. But they had refused to sing along the Hindraf Tholvi song as there may not be Tholvi in their mandore roles as they are making some peanuts money in the name and by shortchanging the Indian community.
Karunai Nithi @ Compensative Justice.