Friday, June 13, 2008

PS from WMP - HINDRAF supports anti-fuel hike rally on 5th July 2008.

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HINDRAF supports anti-fuel hike rally on 5th July 2008.

HINDRAF calls upon the Indian community in Malaysia to rally together with our fellow Malaysians on July 5, 2008 on the anti-fuel hike.

Although Petronas is estimated to have earned RM2.trillion over the last 34 years yet its accounts are not accessible to public nor by the people elected representative in Parliament as the Petroleum Development Act in 1974 does not oblige it.

Petronas is a nationalist oil company thus why even such a law could be enacted seems unwarranted.

A nationalist company is one for the benefit of its people and citizens in equal with full transparency and accountability rather than hiding under the veil by the operation of the law, and continuously being used in guise by the ruling administration UMNO led Government to oppress and suppress the Malaysian public what is rightfully belonging to them.

Although Petronas is well managed, its revenue has always piggybank the ruling “elite UMNO” administration through corrupt, nepotism and cronyism practices that are of public awareness such as purchase of a Boeing 747 and then leased out to MAS in the 80's and of course the infamous bail out of KPM in the 90's.

Today, the ruling government is again trying to hoodwink the Malaysian public again by raising the petrol price by an unprecedented 40% increase on various pretext.

Malaysian public cannot continue to ignore these tyrannical acts of the ruling administration but we need to come together to show unity and strength to voice our dissent and act in uniformity by attending this rally in support for a true and fair Malaysia.

HINDRAF also proposes that the elected representative should raise a bill to revoke the section in the act that does not require Petronas to produce its accounts to the public or Parliament to ensure there are transparency and accountability on how the national wealth is channelled for the public's awareness and the well being of the society.

HINDRAF is in full support of the rally on July 5, 2008 to protest against the fuel hike as the public intervention is needed to right the wrong and achieve an objective to create a just and fair Malaysia for our society. PM Abdullah should remind himself of the downfall of the great Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher for imposing the infamous poll tax on the people. We believe if one million people could congregate to voice their objections then the downfall of this oppressive Government is imminent.

Waytha Moorthy