Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HRP at “ethnic cleansing” of Kg Muniandy, PJS 1, Selangor (Malaysia’s richest state). PKR S’gor MB Tan Sri Khalid, DAP & PAS makes homeless even the wheelchair disabled, blind and poor Indians.

This morning, HRP & Hindraf’s P. Uthayakumar, S. Thiagarajan, C. F Mani, Manimaran, Magen, etc were at Kg Muniandy to stop the “ethnically cleansing” of Kg Muniandy, the last tin mining Indian village in Selangor.
53 years of oppression under the UMNO led Selangor State government and now over 3 years of PKR, DAP and PAS rule.
Where is the change PKR, DAP and PAS promised in the 8th March 2008 General Elections?P1010026
Especially when it comes to the Indian  poor, both UMNO/BN and PKR, DAP and PAS/PR bully the soft target politically and economically powerless Indian poor, led cruel and racist PKR Supremo Anwar Ibrahim and Selangor.
And Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid by the stroke of his pen could have ordered the developer Peter’s Brickworks Sdn Bhd to build, reconstruct and preserve the 100 over year old Kg Muniandy, the last tin mining Indian village in Malay-sia, in recognition of their scarifiesP1010040 and contributions in the making of modern Malaysia with the world’s tallest Twin Towers as it grandly stands today.
But PKR, DAP and PAS supposedly “Negeri  Kebajikan Welfare state has even got an Eviction Court Order against Mahalingam a/l Veeriah (60) who is wheelchair bound and his partially blind wife Tamil Selvi (59) and 287 other Indian poor houses, to be demolished today the 25th of April 2011. And to make way for the development of higher end condominiums and shopping complex.
(see Court Order and a photo belP1010102 ow and the majestic Wisma Peters at the nearby Old Klang Road.
And to add insult to injury PKR, DAP and PAS even refused to build low cost flats these Indian poor.
“Heartless Negeri Kebajikan”!
Pemaju didahulukan, Indian miskin dipinggirkan!
Where does this wheelchair bound Mahalingam (60) go to? As it stands the racist UMNO only  grants him a mere RM 110 per month welfare help for him and his partially blind wife Tamil Selvi (59). Why are Indian poor doomed to be on the streets? In One malay-sia’s richest state?
P1010035 All because PKR, DAP and PAS benefitted from the developer  Peter’s Brickworks Sdn Bhd.
At any time from now onwards this Kg Muniandy may be destroyed for good as they did not demolish the same this morning.
HRP’s Project 15/38 is the only way forward.
pjs 1pjs 2

Padang Jawa Hindu temple the last straw that caused 25th Nov Hindraf Rally, “rewarded” by Anwar Ibrahim with hazardous under telecoms tower 0.37 acre wasteland.

Copy of Copy of najib
And that too the title is refused to be issued, which means yet another temporary solution by the ex UMNO or the worst UMNO guys are now in PKR led by the two Ibrahims and one Ali.
And via the Indian EXCO mandore, maximum Tamil media kosong wayang kulit and propaganda.
(see  Makkal Osai 23/4/2011 at page 15)
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice
padang jawa1