Thursday, July 10, 2008



The idea of a Think Tank originated from Thomas Clarkson, an Englishman who founded the Society for the Abolition of The African Slave Trade in 1782.

Today HINDRAF seeks a Think Tank for the Malaysian Indian who are in a way indirectly enslaved and discriminated with the oppressive law and system in Malaysia where there a lack of equal education, business, economic and religion opportunity.

There are about 1.8 million Indian population in Malaysia and probably a few hundred thousand more who have left the country permanently or on a temporary basis. Whichever way, you look at it, they are all of Malaysian Indian origin.

HINDRAF call upon all the Malaysian Indian domestically and abroad to participate in this Think Tank process and act independently in a collective manner to achieve the goals of HINDRAF for the Malaysian Indian to be treated equally and fairly in Malaysia.

HINDRAF is not a political party, nor works on financial gains or political recognition but solely to protect and enhance the quality of life for Malaysian Indian and for its future generation in equality with the other Malaysians.

In order for this to be progressive, Malaysian Indian need to come up with ideas and their participation to embark in this long struggle to create a better Malaysia and this can only happen if we seek the truthness in HINDRAF's quest for equality and fairness on humanity basis.

Just thinking of an idea is not sufficient but the ability to mobilize it collectively for the society to achieve the goal is pertinent. Therefore HINDRAF welcomes ideas and suggestions from Malaysian from all walk of life to contribute in this struggle.

Domestically, we have conducted many public activities in highlighting our plight to pressure the government. HINDRAF would like suggestion from the public how they can contribute and participate to enhance these events and provide their expertise and skills. Such examples as providing transport, logistics, research, organizing awareness campaign, temple prayers, civil disobedience, sponsorship of an event and so forth can be an idea with equal participation from the contributors.

Although internationally, HINDRAF has obtained prominence in the plight for the Malaysian Indian plight, we need to up the tempo to continue our pressure reform the government in relation to the Malaysian Indians.

Malaysian Diaspora can contribute by activating their expertise and skills in their own areas such media, research, legal, technology, public relation, contact in their respective countries to propaganda the Malaysian Indian cause internationally to achieve the goals.

HINDRAF believe with a concerted effort from all of us, we will be able to achieve our goals for our society as we the People rule not the government. All ideas are welcome but the idea alone would not suffice unless and until the public is also interested in participating in achieving the goals of HINDRAF for the Malaysian Indians.

It took 20 years from the time Clarkson started his think tank until Britain passed the first anti-slavery law and 26 more years after that until slavery was finally abolished throughout the realm.

HINDRAF has just started the crusade and your ideas and participation is important to create a truly fair and livable society for Malaysian Indian in Malaysia.

Please email your ideas at and how you can participate and provide your expertise for us to bring it to a higher awareness domestically and internationally to create the change that HINDRAF seeks for the Malaysian Indian in Malaysia.

Please understand that this Think Tank is voluntary, without any monetary benefits but only with the hope and believe that your participation and act can advance the goal of HINDRAF to protect and enhance the position of Malaysian Indian in par with the other Malaysians in the basis of humanity for a nation building. Yes!! Your contribution will awaken and create the awareness what is just and fair amongst other Malaysians.

Waytha Moorthy